Electronics Weekly has been tweaking its home page for a while and we’re liking the new look and feel. But how did they decide on what changes to make? Electronics Weekly kindly told us the five main areas that they tried to improve, based upon user comments:

  • “Homepage too full and busy, needs to be clearer”
  • “Too many items on the Navigation Bar”
  • “The quality of search on Electronics Weekly”
  • “A greater visibility of Social Media links”
  • “Too many adverts”

Of course publishers are limited in what they can do to address users’ concerns: for example Electronics Weekly was quick to point out that adverts are a crucial element of the site, as they pay the wages! However they have refined the number and placement of advertisements on the homepage: I’ll be interested to see how the new layout is viewed by the readers, and whether it has any impact on advertising click-through rates.
It was fascinating to hear what drove the EW redesign, and I’d love to hear similar stories from other publishers.