Microsoft introduces minimum 10 year product support

It's not just the telecom industry that demands long-term support. Microsoft has just announced a policy of 10 year support for business and developer products.

Colin Holland adds another job to his portfolio

Not content with being editor for Embedded Systems Europe and, as well as covering embedded products for Electronics Express Europe, and supporting Charlton Athletic, Colin is now editing news stories for Microwave Engineering Europe.

Online advertising hits $2.3Bn……in 1st quarter!

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) - who have been tracking online ad revenues since 1996 have announced that the first quarter of 2004 was a record-breaking year, with $2.3Bn of advertising revenues. Despite the dot-com crash, there's still money to be made by websites! We can't really draw any conclusions about the electronics industry, as this survey just looks at the top 15 sellers of online advertising and then extrapolates to produce a figure for the whole market. You can also read a bit more about this on CNET.

New editor for Microtechnology Europe

Nick Flaherty has been appointed as the editor of Micro Technology Europe, and will take over at the start of July. Although it is sad to see Paul Gregg step back to become Consultant Editor, we believe that this is a very positive move for the magazine. Micro Technology Europe was recently acquired by David Williams, and this is one of many changes he has made to strengthen the title. Recently it was announced that the magazine would no longer make "production charges" for editorial that appears in the product news section.

Electronics Weekly re-vamps website, the most popular UK electronics magazine site by far has been further improved with the launch of a completely new look, and several new features. Reed have made use of the underlying design and technology that they created for the Computer Weekly site, which should mean that the costs were kept under control. The improvements, coupled with the inherent advantages of being linked to a weekly title are sure to maintain Electronics Weekly's dominant position in the UK market.

April fooled Google?

Google, the search engine, has shown how difficult PR can be. They announced that they were to launch an email service, GMail, which offers an unprecidented 1GB of storage. the release came out on 1st April, journalists thought it was a joke! On the other hand, perhaps it was all cleverly planned to get more coverage?

Don't forget Embedded in Munich

If you want to present at the Embedded in Munich conference, which will be held alongside Electronica, you need to get working! The deadline for abstracts is 25th April.

Design und Verification gets new editor

Design & Verification has appointed Andreas Donner as the editor, but he will not be starting until June. He has a a technicla background in electronica, but most recently recently he was editing Computer Guide, a German newsstand publication. This appointment reflects the high level of commercial awareness at Publish Industry Verlag, who have successfully fought their way into the incredibly competitive German electronics publishing market, despite having to achieve most of their growth during a horrid down-cycle.

CIE Launches new website

CIE (Composants Instrumentation Electroniques) the French product book published by Reed have re-launched their website, with a new look and lots of new features. As well as the usual prodcut news, they offer application notes, an events calendar, a section on the distribution market and also a "people page" covering new appointments. With the launch of the Groupe Tests website for both Electronique and Electronique International Hebdo, CIE were no longer the only mainstream electronics title with a good online presence, and this upgrade should keep some readers coming back. Content is an issue with some new sections only having a small number of stories, but presumably this will grow steadily.

Electronique Online

Google goes local

More about Google! A new local search feature has been developed that aims to give search results that relevant to a particular geographical location. It's still in beta, and has problems, but could eventually be a threat to publications from local business directories to newspapers..

Boards and Solutions show planned for the UK

ICC Media, publishers of Embedded Control Europe, and Boards and Solutions, are planning to hold the first Boards and Solutions show in the UK on March 24. The programme has just been announced, and is on their website.

Power Systems Design Europe first issue

Congratulations to Bodo Arlt and everyone at AGSD Media Group for what must rate as one of the fastest launches of any magazine. Power Systems Design Europe has published its first issue only a couple of months after work began (Bodo Arlt was editor of PCIM Europe until the magazine closed at the end of 2003). The full issue can be found in pdf format on the website.

Dedicated Systems launches online stats

The great thing about the web is that you can get comprehensive stats showing how many people visit a site and what they read when they get there. The problem is that you have to wait until publishers release these figures (and let's be honest, they tend to only release them when the news is good!). This trend continues with Dedicated Systems who have launched their online media kit, but will only give you the figures for 2003. Not quite the immediacy of information we hoped the web would bring. It will be interesting to see whether any online publisher is confident enough to give access to stats in real time.

Electronics Weekly still looking for sponsors

Electronics Weekly are still looking for sponsors for the online edition. Already with over 7000 registered readers for the online version (some also recieve the print version, but circulation is growing quickly), you'd think that companies would be keen to get involved. But not yet.

Theo van Gelder signed by Bits and Chips

More news from Embedded World is that the well-respected freelance editor Theo van Gelder has started writing for Bits and Chips. Bits and Chips have continued to grow in a very tough market, and this move will further strengthen their editorial capabilities. Theo will continue to work for other titles in the Netherlands, including Electronica.

Electronic Design Europe launches Embedded Design newsletter

Electronic Design Europe have launched their second email newsletter - Embedded Design. Like the sister e-newsletter from ED Europe (Power Design) it offers short news snippets, but does not link to any other information (the ED Europe website is still very much a "work in progress"). Initial sponsors were Metrowerks, Green Hills, CML Microcircuits, Motorola and Radisys.

Huson Media now Selling Findlay Database

Findlay Publications - publishers of New Electronics - has signed a deal that allows Huson to sell the Findlay database. We believe this move is going to have the most effect in the USA, where Huson have a very successful sales office. online site announced for France

Groupe Tests, publishers of Electronique and Electronique International Hebdo have announced that they have developed, a website catering for French design engineers. Until now, there has been limited French-language content, with the main site being that of CIE France. With the capability to draw on editorial from both the monthly design title Electronique and the weekly news title, Electronique International Hebdo, this new site should dramatically improve the options available for French design engineers to find information online.

Power Systems Design Europe to launch in February

Out of the ashes of PCIM Europe, which closed at the end of last year comes Power Systems Design Europe. The editor of PCIM, Bodo Arlt, has teamed up with new publishers (AGS Media Group) to produce a magazine that we believe will have a very similar editorial focus to PCIM Europe. The magazine is likely to launch in February, and promises to have pdf versions of each issue posted to the website.