Elektronik magazine has revealed the plans for their new magazine Elektronik neo, which will be launched in November 2018.

Elektronik neo will target the younger generation in the electronics industry. From start-up founders and employees, young professionals and electronics and information technology students; Elektronik neo will be a platform for them to learn from.

The Elektronik team are positioning Elektronik neo as ‘new, young, different’, whilst also being unusual and revolutionary. As the first magazine in the German market to write about electronic industry topics specifically for a young professional audience, Elektronik has stood out as one of the first magazines to truly think about the future professionals in the electronics industry.

Content for Elektronik neo will include trends in the electronics industry, fundamentals and overviews of technical developments, profiles of companies and start-ups who are of interest as employers, and information on building a career within electronics.

Elektronik neo will also include interviews, reports,  technical contributions, as well as the promise of “witty columns”.

By providing a platform for the younger generation within electronics, the Elektronik editorial team are working hard to encourage graduates and young professionals alike to advance within the electronics industry career ladder.

Companies have sometimes found it hard to make a career in electronics appealing to the younger generation. Elektronik neo will provide encouragementto this generation, as it focuses on engaging topics such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Energy Harvesting and Cyber Security.

I am sure that Elektronik neo will be important in shaping the next generation of engineers, as the editorial team encourages their readers to attend conferences, career start-up shows and learn everything they need to know to advance with an electronics career.