What are the Best ABM Tactics?

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This isn’t a Good ABM Campaign

From what you have told us, you don’t have a very clear view of either the companies or the people you are targeting with this campaign. You’re also not targeting a very large market. We would recommend booking a session with Napier so that you can define your targets more clearly before starting the ABM campaign.

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Postal Mailings

Yes, postal mailings still work, particularly if you have a clearly defined audience that isn’t too large. Talk to us about how to develop creative postal campaigns that will grab the attention of your audience more effectively than electronic communications.

Website Customization

Although website customisation can be used for many different campaigns, we find it particularly effective if you have a small target audience. Try creating landing pages that are designed specifically for certain companies, and consider using the visitors’ IP addresses to route the most important companies to dedicated pages.

CRM Retargeting

CRM retargeting allows adverts to be shown based upon peoples’ email addresses. As you have a significant number of email addresses for your target accounts already, CRM retargeting is likely to be an effective tactic as it will generate targeted advert impressions and clicks at costs that are well below those for trade media.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for ABM. We find the best results happen when you have a very clear view of the companies and job titles you are targeting. It’s great for lead generation, which is appropriate as you don’t have a large number of emails at the target companies.

Sales and CRM Systems

You are targeting a small number of companies and have a good idea of the contacts you need to reach, many of which are in your database. This sounds like it’s more of a sales campaign.

Email Campaigns using CRM or Marketing Automation

As you have a significant number of contacts in your database, you should make use of them in an outbound email marketing campaign.

Landing Pages and Nurturing

Almost all ABM campaigns will benefit from the use of dedicated landing pages and email nurturing. It’s particularly important to build contacts if you don’t already have a comprehensive database.

Programmatic ABM Platforms

You have a significant number of people to reach and in many cases you don’t have the contacts already in your database. Programmatic ABM platforms will target advertising directly at people in the companies you want to reach and are a highly cost-effective way to get those target companies to engage with your website.