Working with Napier

What’s it like to be a Napier client? Well of course we’d say it’s the most wonderful experience. But perhaps the following information will help give you a better idea.

Your Team

You’ll be allocated an account team with a lead account manager. Some clients like to run all projects through the account manager, while others prefer to talk directly to the team members. Either approach is fine with us! Whatever approach you choose, you will be working with some of the brightest and best-trained marketing professionals in the industry. They’re also all lovely people who build strong relationships that make you confident to ask them to help you overcome your biggest challenges.

For every client we have a dashboard showing the status of each project and any outstanding work. This means that every member of the team is always up-to-date with your account and ready to help you create the next campaign.

Want to know more about your team? Find their individual profiles here.

Advice and Strategy

We have a unique four-step process that we use to analyse your needs and ensure we deliver great campaigns that just get better and better. By using a formal process, we ensure that we bring our best insight, together with the latest marketing tools and techniques, to help you achieve your goals. We’re great believers in looking beyond tactics and understanding your business when we craft our campaigns, guaranteeing that our work is designed help your company succeed.

We have a great video that explains our four-step process and how it benefits our clients.


We know pricing is important and so we aim to be as open as possible when discussing our fee. We take a flexible approach to charging for our work, and are happy to work on a retainer, project-by-project or a hybrid basis. We believe in being accountable for delivering results and often work with clients using a payment-by-results (PBR) approach.

Generally retainer clients are offered a discount of 10% to 15% compared with the rates we would charge clients who work with us on a project basis to reflect the benefit of having a secured income over a longer period of time.

Our fees are generally based around hourly rates. These rates vary, depending upon the level of experience and expertise of the person working on the project. Typically most clients use a range of members of the Napier team, and we account for each person’s hourly rate separately. Where we have developed internal IP, for example software that enables us to deliver more in less time, we may add a charge for the use of this IP. We do recharge external costs to clients and may add a margin (typically 20%) to allow for the time managing and the cost of paying the supplier. In many cases, however, external costs are recharged at cost, as the management cost is included in a project or retainer fee.

Most clients prefer that we work on a commission basis when buying advertising. The agency commission pays for our time planning and booking the schedule as well as managing the artwork for the insertions. We use the publisher’s standard commission rates unless the publisher pays less than 10% commission (e.g. in Sweden), when we would mark up the net price to provide us with 15% commission. In special cases – generally low-cost placements in complex regions such as Eastern Europe – we may add a small additional fee to enable us to cover the additional costs of payment, managing currencies and dealing with requirements of the publication.

We have a minimum monthly fee of £2,500, although we generally look for £3,000 per month.

Ready to Work with Napier?

If this all sounds good, please contact Mike Maynard, our managing director for more information.