Google Analytics Link Generator

If you are using Google Analytics, then it’s important that you tag all your adverts, emails and other digital campaigns with the correct coding to ensure that GA can track results accurately. Napier’s Google Analytics Link Generator ensures you create a link that is in the correct format to transfer data accurately.

Simply enter the details of your campaign below to get your Google Analytics coded link.

Napier Google Analytics UTM Codes
Your Campaign Information
Your Website URL
Campaign Name (be consistent with the name you use for each campaign)
Campaign Source (the referrer - i.e. the site that the advert will be placed on - e.g. EETimes)
Campaign Medium (what is being used to drive the traffic - e.g. CPC, email, banner)
Campaign Content (what are you promoting - typically a product or an advert name)
Campaign Term (only used for paid search/AdWords, otherwise leave blank)
Your URL

Would you like your own version, where you simply need to select from a drop-down, rather than typing in the details? Contact Napier and we will be happy to develop a customised version for you.