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7 CRM and Marketing Automation Mistakes Marketers Need to Stop Making

We all know that the key to making sales is to first generate leads. But at Napier, we also understand that generating high-quality leads is harder…

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The End of the Tech Marketers Fascination with Makers?

Although I have always questioned the value of the maker market, I was really disappointed to hear the announcement that Maker Media is closing. Make…

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Goodbye ECN? Advantage Business Marketing Closes

I was really sad to see the news that Advantage Business Marketing has closed. Although this news has yet to be confirmed, the lack of a response…

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A Guide to Marketing Middleware

Is your first reaction to this post “Marketing middlewhat?” If so, you’re not alone: most marketers are unaware of what marketing middleware is, and…

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Electronics World Launches New Membership Platform

 Electronics World has launched a new membership platform, which will provide subscribers with more in-depth technical content. For many years,…

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Two New Additions to WNIE Live 2019

WNIE Live 2019, has announced two new additions to its 2019 event; including The Networking Zone, supported by the Coventry & Warwickshire…

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Breakout Session 7: Omnichannel Metrics: Can B2B Learn from B2C?

B2B marketers generally have an easier job of measuring omnichannel campaigns. This presentation explained some of the techniques used by leading…

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Breakout Session 6: How Marketo Uses Intent Data to Grow Sales

Working out when someone is ready to buy is one of the big challenges for marketers and sales teams. This session at the Adobe Summit explained how…

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Breakout Session 5: Using My Tokens to Save Time

This session was all about using tokens. A token is a variable that you can use across your emails, landing pages and smart campaigns to make your…

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Breakout Session 4: Diving Down the Funnel with ABM – Marketo Presentation at the Adobe EMEA Summit

This session was one I was really looking forward to attending. Hearing from Marketo about how it runs ABM campaigns. Who better to learn from?…

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