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Read our thoughts and opinions about PR and marketing in the world of B2B technology marketing. What’s new? What works? What’s next? Alternatively find out more about the latest changes in the European electronics media with Napier News – the best source of information for marketing managers in the electronics component industry since 2004.

Seven Things That Make B2B Tech PR Amazing

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘public relations’? Promoting a band’s latest tour or album? Arranging a viewing of a big fashion…

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22 Things Marketers Need to Consider in 2022

As we enter a New Year, it’s always a good idea to look at what might change. As I write this, the world is being pummelled by the Omicron wave of…

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What is Mental Availability in Marketing?

One of the terms that can confuse marketers is “mental availability”. This is a really important concept that is different from brand awareness, but…

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Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Interview

Mike Maynard, Managing Director at Napier recently sat down with Mike Saunders, host of The Influential Entrepreneurs. In this episode, Mike…

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What is this Contentpass Thing on German Websites?

If you have been browsing some of the leading German electronics titles online, you may have seen a huge page take-over from a company called…

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A Mixed Outlook on the Future of Trade Shows

With SPS cancelled with just a week's notice before it was meant to go ahead, it's been a stark reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat…

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A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know Marketing Specialist Ivy Silverton

In our ‘Napier Nine’ video series, we’ve been taking the time to learn more about the team. In this instalment, we introduce you to Ivy Silverton,…

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5 Things To Consider Before Recording Podcasts

Over the last few years, customers have been spoilt for choice when it comes to ways of consuming content. No longer does the consumer have to wait…

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A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know Director Clive Over

Get to Know Clive Over, Director at Napier, in the latest instalment of our 'Napier Nine' video series. Watch the video below to find out about…

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A Napier Podcast: Interview with Kate Terry – Turtl

In this podcast episode, we interview Kate Terry, Head of Demand at Turtl, a content automation platform. Kate shares why she thinks content is…

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