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Read our thoughts and opinions about PR and marketing in the world of B2B technology marketing. What’s new? What works? What’s next? Alternatively find out more about the latest changes in the European electronics media with Napier News – the best source of information for marketing managers in the electronics component industry since 2004.

CIM Lecture notes – Week 5 – Digital tools in the marketing mix

What did we cover? Today’s lesson was focused on describing the process and stages involved for digital adoption and evaluating platforms for…

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CIM Lecture notes – Week 4 – Digital tools strengths and weaknesses

What did we cover? In this lesson we learnt about digital tools in more detail, and how they can support and enhance your marketing strategy with…

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Napier’s Toolbox

As a marketer you are often faced with a combination of problems that are your responsibility to fix. The marketing world is filled with tips and…

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Understand the difference between MQL’s and SQL’s with Napier’s Definition Tool

In today’s world of modern marketing, it can be hard to understand what behaviour determines a lead as a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or a Sales…

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Buyer Persona’s – Why are They So Important?

It is clear to see that the marketing world has evolved over the years, with online platforms now playing a significant part in targeting customers.…

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PCIM Europe Call for Papers 2019 Now Open

PCIM Europe 2019 have officially opened their Call for Papers, as they invite all experts from the industry and academia to apply for a lecture or…

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A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know PA and HR Manager Debbie

In the latest installment of our ‘Napier Nine’ video series, we learn all about Debbie McIntosh, PA and HR Manager at Napier. Find out Debbie's first…

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Finalist’s Revealed for The Electronics Industry Awards!

Following the online vote within the industry, The Electronics Industry Awards has revealed the finalists for 2018, and we are happy to announce that…

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A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know Account Director Freya Ward

In our ‘Napier Nine’ video series, we’ve been taking the time to learn more about the team. In this installment we introduce you to Freya Ward,…

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CIM Lecture notes – Week 3 – Digital tools in the marketing mix

What did we cover? How digital tools can support and enhance marketing efforts, we also looked at role of digital marketing within the marketing and…

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