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Read our thoughts and opinions about PR and marketing in the world of B2B technology marketing. What’s new? What works? What’s next? Alternatively find out more about the latest changes in the European electronics media with Napier News – the best source of information for marketing managers in the electronics component industry since 2004.

Increase Sales With These Five ABM Campaigns

You may have heard a lot of mentions of account-based marketing (ABM), but not be entirely sure what it is, how to use it and what your campaign…

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Several Changes at UK Electronic Publications

It's been a busy month for the UK electronics industry, and we have several key stories to share from across the sector. Electronics Re-Launched as…

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ABM… A Sales Solution?

Account-based marketing (ABM) has always been considered to be a marketing tactic, but in recent years we are uncovering how it can be used as a…

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A Napier Webinar: The Secrets to a Successful PPC Campaign

As customers have worked from home, B2B marketers and PR specialists have increasingly incorporated digital activities into their traditional…

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Latest Updates From WEKA FACHMEDIEN: Lead Generation Tools and Virtual Trade Fairs

Publishing house WEKA FACHMEDIEN has shared several updates, including news of its virtual trade fair and events, as well as three new lead…

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Design Engineering Expo and Engineering Expo Announced

As part of the Manufacturing and Engineering Week, two new sector-specific events have been announced to support and celebrate the engineering and…

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Helping Organisations Thrive Podcast Interview: Developing Young People in Organisations

The Helping Organisations Thrive, hosted by Julian Roberts, aims to provide leaders with insights, discussions and robust strategies to help their…

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5 Ways We Help Our Clients Build Effective Graphic Design Campaigns

In the second blog of our Design series, Rob Furby, Creative Services Manager at Napier, shares how he works with clients to build effective graphic…

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A Napier Podcast: Interview with Cassandra Jowett – PathFactory

In this podcast episode, we interview Cassandra Jowett, Senior Director of Marketing at PathFactory, a B2B intelligent content platform. Cassandra…

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Elektra Awards 2021 Open for Entries

The Elektra awards 2021 is now open for entries. With 21 trophies up for grabs, the Elektra Awards invites companies and individuals to submit…

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