Partnership Expansion: Messe München And SEMI Strengthen Electronics Network In India

Messe München's electronics network, which encompasses top-tier trade fairs like electronica and productrionica, is strengthening ties with SEMI, the global semiconductor association in India.

The agreement, signed during productronica and SEMICON Europa 2023 in Munich, supports the Indian government's initiative to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem in India.

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, CEO of Messe München commented "The Indian market is becoming more and more important for global manufacturers who want to further diversify their supply chains. I am therefore all the more pleased that we are expanding our successful cooperation with the global industry association SEMI, which already successfully organizes SEMICON Europa in parallel with electronica and productronica in Munich, to include SEMICON India. This is the logical consequence of our strategic partnership."

SEMICON India will be running alongside productronica India and electronica India from September 18th-20th 2024, making it the largest meeting place for ideas and innovation in the electronics industry in Southeast Asia.

It's always fantastic to see the reach of the electronics industry continuing to grow globally, and we look forward to seeing the innovation and growth this collaboration will bring.

Electronic Product Design & Test To Launch New Showcase

Electronic Product Design & Test are launching an annual Products of the Year showcase, which will see the most notable product highlights from the previous 12 months featured in the magazine.

The first showcase will be featured in the December 2023 issue and will cover the top 20 products of 2023, which will span from digital ICs, communication chips, interconnects, board level hardware, power devices, electro-mechanical components, optoelectronic devices, and test instrumentation.

Selections for Products of the Year are based on key criteria, including the disruption the products have caused to the existing market, the ability they have to open new market opportunities and the positive impact they have provided society.

It’s great to see Electronic Design Product and Test celebrating products from across the sector, and we look forward to seeing what will feature in the first showcase this December.

Electronic Specifier First Women in Technology and Engineering Event a Huge Success

On November 2nd, 2023, Electronic Specifier hosted its first Women in Technology and Engineering event. The evening, which offered attendees networking opportunities and valuable discussions was a testament to those attending and nominated.

The event was led with a keynote by Ama Frimpong, the Head of Development at 52 North Health. She discussed professional resilience and personal fulfilment in the face of career challenges. Additionally, a panel was curated by Paige West, the editor of Electronic Specifier. The panel, which included tech leaders from diverse sectors, reflected the call for a more inclusive, diverse and versatile industry.

Paige West said: "It was a powerful gathering of shared aspirations and grounded expertise. We’ve ignited a dialogue that not only reflects the current state of women in tech but also paves the way for a more inclusive future. This is just the start, and we look forward to growing this community through our content and future events."

Electronic specifier hopes to carry on the energy from the event and is committed to ensuring STEM becomes more inclusive.

Electronic Specifier has also recently promoted a Data Science student, Beth Floyd to the position of Marketing Associate. In her new role, Beth will be the main point of contact for manufacturers who wish to be listed on EDS and EDI.

Here at Napier, it is great to see a fantastic celebration take place for Women in Technology and Engineering and we look forward to seeing future changes towards inclusivity in STEM.

Smart Cities Electronics Launches New Magazine

Currently just a website, Smart Cities Electronics is introducing an e-magazine, with the first issue due to go live in February/March 2024.

Published bi-monthly, the magazine will feature expert analyses, articles and product highlights, as well as providing a comprehensive overview of the path between electronics and smart city innovation.

Topics will focus on understanding the latest trends, breakthroughs and challenges around smart cities.

It's great to see a publication like Smart Cities continuing to grow and expanding its reach via an e-magazine. We look forward to reading the content featured in the magazines, and the positive impact this will have on the industry.

Happy 10th Birthday Vehicle Electronics!

Congratulations to Vehicle Electronics which celebrates its 10th anniversary with its 2023 December publication, marking the 120th issue of Vehicle Electronics.

Since its formation 10 years ago, Vehicle Electronics has developed a circulation above 12,000 and has gained a global readership, including countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan, and China.

Congratulations to Vehicle Electronics on 10 years, and we wish you continued success for the future.

Bodo’s Power returns with the Wide Bandgap Event in December 2023

Bodo’s Power SystemsWide Bandgap Event’ will be taking place in Munich from the 12th to the 13th of December 2023. It will bring together innovators and industry experts from all around the globe to discuss the potential of wide bandgap power semiconductors.

The two-day event will kick off with a keynote session alongside a roundtable, followed by an opportunity for attendees to network and learn from other professionals within the industry.

The second day will contain two parallel tracks, one for SiC and one for GaN. The event will also feature a tabletop exhibition in the foyer, where visitors can get up-to-date information and learn about the latest products and services.

It's great to see Bodo continuing to provide such a fantastic event on wide bandgap power semiconductors, and we looking forward to hearing what we are sure will be positive feedback from the industry.

Electronics Weekly Launches New Women in Electronics Award

Electronic Weekly has announced a new award for 2024, which will focus on celebrating and highlighting the achievements of women within the electronics industry.

The Women in Electronics Awards will take place on April 23rd 2024 and will recognise notable achievements of women across the industry from education, research and design excellence, as well as women entrepreneurs and innovators who are advancing technology.

There are 18 different categories to enter including: Women of the Year, Innovator of the Year and the Life Time Achievement Award.

The nomination process is free, and open until 29th November 2023.

It's great to see an event dedicated to supporting the fantastic work women achieve within the electronics industry, as well as providing companies, and professionals the opportunity to support and nominate their peers. We look forward to seeing the shortlisted nominations, and the celebrations which will take place.

For more information on the awards and how you can nominate, please click here.  

Media Sales Veteran Joins Team at TalkingIoT

TalkingIoT has recently taken on a new North America Sales Representative, Bob Dumas. Having started the role on November 1st, Bob Dumas is a long-time media sales veteran.

With a career which has spanned over three decades, Bob is well-known in the industry previously holding titles from Classified Sales Rep to Managing Director. He has worked at various companies, including: CMP Media-united Business Media and AspenCore Media.

We are delighted to see Bob take on this new role and we wish him all the best.

New Electronics to Launch New Brand in Europe

For over 50 years, New Electronics has been the source of news and information for many within the UK electronic design industry. Now, New Electronics will be expanding its brand, targeting the engineering community across Europe, with the creation of 'New Electronics Europe', which will launch in the new year.

The new branch of the brand will cover key markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Austria and many more.

With the aim to reach and engage electronic design engineers, electronic managers and buyers of electronic components, the magazine will provide content which keeps the industry up-to-date with the latest developments, innovations, tech and news.

Marc Young, Publishing Director, MA Business said: “Our aim of expanding our reach into Europe will move New Electronics onto another level and provide our advertisers with a large number of new business prospects while extending the reach of our existing UK clients.”

We look forward to seeing the success of New Electronic Europe and it's great to watch the brand grow and expand!

Hattrick of Awards for Napier This October!

It's been a busy but successful month for Napier, and we are delighted to share that we are an award-winning team.

We were privileged to be shortlisted as finalists for both the Electronics Industry Awards for 'Most Outstanding PR Agency', and the Instrumentation Excellence Awards for 'PR Agency of the Year'. With winners awarded directly by votes from the industry, we were thrilled to be awarded the trophy for 'Most Outstanding PR Agency' at the Electronics Industry Awards, and also take home a highly commended for 'PR Agency of the Year' at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards.

This isn’t our only good news. We were also excited to learn that we have been named winners of ‘Agency of the Year’ for the 2023 Public Relations and Marketing Excellence Award.

Commenting on our successful month, Napier's Managing Director Mike said "I'm so proud of the Napier team, and that their fantastic work is being recognized. Congratulations to the team, and thanks also to our clients for making this possible!".


Electronic Specifier Unveils New Magazine for the Procurement Industry

Electronic Specifier has announced the launch of a new print and digital magazine called Procurement Pro.

The first issue of the magazine will be released in February 2024 and distributed quarterly to 41,000 procurement professionals. The new magazine will be a resource for electronic procurement professionals, offering a targeted and insightful exploration of the complex landscape of electronic procurement.

Procurement Pro will feature in-depth coverage of topics such as Environmental Sustainability, Supply Chain Management, and Traceability and Automation.

It’s great to see the development of a new magazine within the electronics industry, and we look forward to reading the first copy of Procurement Pro in the new year!

How Can B2B Marketers Fill the Trust Gap?

In such a competitive industry, establishing trust between B2B marketers and B2B buying decision-makers is crucial.

Informa Tech recently undertook a study which saw 150 B2B tech-buying decision-makers in both the US and the UK take part in a survey which measured trust within marketing. The Informa Tech 2023 Trust in Marketing Index, which measures the state of the relationship between marketers and B2B technology buying decision markers, measured a score of 61 out of 100. Indicating that while there is a level of trust, there is still a significant amount of work which needs to be done to establish a high level between companies and buyers.

The Same Old Content

The survey uncovered that there is a need for improvements in several different areas; specifically, reinforcing the message that content which remains the same significantly reduces the trust among the target audiences. In fact, 42% of respondents found that content was too general, whilst 71% were often disappointed in the value of B2B gated content. Addressing these outcomes can reduce the chance of negative impacts and improve future trust amongst B2B audiences.

Quality not Quantity

But what makes B2B content trustworthy? Respondents were asked to select their top three qualities which contribute to the positive impact of content. Content which came from trusted publishers was the top chosen quality (61%), followed by content with a high level of detail (60%) and lastly content which is shared by others (46%). Creating content which aligns with these qualities can significantly enhance the impact and effectiveness of tactics such as lead generation and email marketing.

It's Personal

The survey also revealed that personalised content is another branch of trust and offers several key benefits. 45% of respondents felt more comfortable with the brand as personalisation offers a sense of trust and familiarity between the distributor and consumer. 38% felt that it makes them more aware of personally relevant trends, highlighting that personalised content can effectively serve their specific interests; therefore, creating a deeper level of engagement. And finally, 36% believed that personalised content saves them time when decision-making, emphasising the importance of time-saving when choosing a product/supplier. The survey also revealed that overall, 33% have a majority of trust in personalised content from marketers that they have already shared their data with. Although the emphasis on personalisation should be no surprise to marketers, it does reinforce the importance of using it throughout the journey, from initial contact to nurturing to encourage the conversion from MQL to SQL.

Relationship Woes: Positive and Negative Impacts on Buyer Relationships

Along with personalised content, buying relationships were significant to respondents. When asked if seeing certain marketing actions would impact their trust in a B2B brand, 70% of recipients said that seeing content about a brands DEI (Diversity Equality, and Inclusion) or ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts would likely lead to increased trust or slightly increased trust; suggesting that showcasing commitment to ethical standards and social responsibility could increase the trust among B2B audiences.

Throughout the B2B customer journey, it is important to have touchpoints between the brand and customer, but not irrelevant and spamming content. 41% of respondents who had been incorrectly targeted or spammed said they would not buy a product from the offending brand. This marketing behaviour ultimately has a negative impact on the buying relationship, with 24% going on to say they weren’t sure if the offending brand would have the opportunity to a future deal with them.

When executed correctly, touchpoints are essential for the enhancement of the customer experience, increasing engagement, building trust and credibility, and creating opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Truth Boosters VS Truth Busters

The survey asked respondents to select approaches that B2B marketers can take to build trust with them (trust boosters) as well as the approaches which would negatively affect their trust in a B2B brand (trust busters).

Among the truth busters, 42% of recipients respond well to the use of case studies, recognising the credibility and practical value they offer. Brands which provide current actionable data were the second most favourable trust-boosting action (35%), once again emphasising the importance of up-to-date information in the decision-making process. Access to experts, appreciated by another 35%, establishes the dedication to providing valuable insights and guidance as a trust booster. The final truth booster chosen by the respondents showed that 29% acknowledged the importance of modified content that directly addresses their individual challenges and concerns, highlighting the impact of personalised solutions.

Whilst there are truth boosters, the survey also demonstrated the truth busters. The first of which includes the dissemination of content which is either dated or often-repeated information, 33% highlighted that this leads to a lack of trust, with the risk of hindering the perception of a brands relevance and innovation. A further action which would reduce trust among 29% of respondents is the distribution of content which leads to a sales pitch.  Similarly, the continuous targeting of ads for the same product post-purchase is identified as a trust buster by 26% of respondents. This style of marketing may lead to a sense of intrusiveness, lack of respect for the customer and disregard for the customer’s needs, so it’s important to find the right balance when nurturing a lead pre and post-purchase.

Finally, 22% expressed the dislike of receiving phone calls after filling out a form to receive content, the intrusive outreach can destroy trust through initial interactions and lead to a negative impact on the brand.


It’s evident there is still a huge level of trust which needs to be established within the B2B industry, although there are some quick and easy fixes that marketers can implement to make a difference.

The study serves as a comprehensive guide for B2B marketers, emphasising the critical need for a distinctive approach that prioritises authentic engagement, value-driven content, and an ethical business ethos. Understanding the importance of both trust in marketing and the catalysts for negative impacts which dismantle trust is crucial for developing strong and enduring relationships in the competitive industry of B2B.

Success for MachineBuilding.Live's 2023 Exhibition

Exhibitors and visitors alike have recognised the exceptional success of the first-ever MachineBuilding.Live exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum this month.

Its launch saw a massive turnout of machine builders, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and system integrators; all of whom were eager to enhance their industry knowledge, get different viewpoints on specific issues, and evaluate a range of different products.

Workshops were run throughout the event and caused an equal amount of buzz. They focused on addressing real-life engineering challenges and delved into the current most pressing automation and safety concerns.

Following the success of the show, organizers The Engineering Network, has announced that the event will be taking place again next year in October 2024.

It's great to see new events within the industry being so successful and we look forward to watching MachineBuilding.Live continue to grow.

BrightSparks Returns for its 6th Year

Electronics Weekly’s highly anticipated BrightSparks programme is returning for its 6th year, as it seeks to find and highlight the brightest young engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators under 30 in the electronics industry.

Nominations are currently open to engineers 18-30 years of age, and who are studying or working in the UK. Entries are free, and the BrightSparks programme is looking for engineers who are already making a difference in the UK in the first years of their careers, or those who are still studying in the UK but show promise in becoming future innovators and leaders in electronics.

This year, the BrightSparks award ceremony will take place alongside the Elektra Awards, which will invite the 30 BrightSpark winners to mingle with the best amongst the electronics industry, providing a fantastic opportunity to network with industry leaders.

At Napier, we are firm supporters of celebrating success at any stage of a person’s career, and we look forward to celebrating with the BrightSparks winners at the Elektra Awards in November.


Electronic Specifier Introduces Women in Tech Event

Electronic Specifier has announced a new tech event for Women in Technology and Engineering, which will take place at the Curve Club in London on November 2nd 2023.

Inviting a select group of senior women in STEM, the event will feature a keynote from the winner of the IET Young Women Engineer of the Year, Ama Frimpong. This will be followed by a panel featuring a selection of accomplished women in technology and engineering.

The event will provide an opportunity for networking, with participants exchanging ideas, and experiences, with discussions on the growing importance women have in shaping the future of technology and engineering.

Paige West, Managing Editor at Electronic Specifier, said: "Our Women in Technology event aims to shed light on the incredible strides made by women and highlighting their invaluable contributions across various sectors within technology. Through this event, we aim to create a supportive community that encourages dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and mentorship.”

It’s great to see so many outstanding women being celebrated within the technology and engineering sectors, and we look forward to seeing how the event will push forward the conversation around the crucial role women play in shaping the future of the industry.

Exhibitors Announced for Electronics Live

Following our announcement in March of the launch of a new event Electronics Live, Datateam Business Media has announced that some of the biggest names in electronics will be showcasing their latest technology as part of the tabletop exhibition.

Taking place on 17th January 2024 from 10am to 4pm at the NCC in Birmingham, the event will provide visitors with the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the market, and network with market leaders and innovators.

Current exhibitors include companies such as Force Technologies, Midas, Lincoln, SE Semi, Tr Fastening, and Vision Engineering.

With a free entry badge, those attending Electronics Live will also gain entry to the National Motorcycle Museum.

Following the event, Datateam has launched the Electronics Live afterparty, to celebrate the 40th birthday of Components in Electronics magazine. With a three-course dinner and live music, the afterparty is open for all electronics professionals.

We look forward to hearing what we are sure will be fantastic feedback from the event.

Student Circuit Goes on the Road for UK Freshers’ Fairs

Student Circuit has gone back on the road, travelling around the UK to visit aspiring engineers at their freshers’ fairs across September and October. The University of Manchester and Sheffield are first up, with the University of Liverpool, Southampton and Imperial College London also on the tour list.

Students can expect to see the Student Circuit team promoting their free e-learning platform as well as sharing the latest news from the industry, and the potential opportunities students have for the future.

Student Circuit aims to get more young people involved in STEM and offers students a platform to write about topics which reflects their own interests.  Those visiting Student Circuit at their freshers’ fairs can expect to uncover the Student Circuit brand ambassador programme, a community of young engineers contributing to Student Circuit’s articles and DIY guides.

Alongside meeting the team, students will have the chance to partake in spin the wheel, to win an array of prizes, including a pair of Bose Headphones.

It’s always great to see a publication raising awareness of the industry amongst students, and sharing the fantastic reasons of why they should be considering a career in engineering. We hope the Student Circuit team has a great time, and we look forward to hearing the impact they will undoubtedly make on these students.

For more information on the Student Circuit tour, click here.

Napier's Managing Director Shortlisted for 2023 Top 100 Marketing Influencers

We are delighted to share that Napier’s very own Managing Director, Mike Maynard, has been shortlisted in Technology for Marketing’s Top 100 Marketing Influencers Index 2023.

Those on the shortlist are invited to a live ceremony at Technology for Marketing on September 27th. The event will reveal their exact spot on the list, and you can register for tickets here.

Commenting on the announcement, via LinkedIn, Mike said: "Thanks so much to the team at TFM for naming me in the top 100 shortlist. It's such an honour."

Congratulations to everyone shortlisted for the award, this is such a wonderful achievement!

For more information on the event, click here.