Current Vacancies

Looking to develop your career and have fun at the same time? Join our award-winning team by applying for one of our current vacancies:

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Can’t see the role you want? Talent creates its own vacancy. We’ll always listen to engineers with a flair for communication, creatives bursting with sharp ideas, or advertising and direct mail gurus ready to swap stress in the City for chilling out in Chichester.

Experienced or just committed to learning, if you have the talent, we’ll create the vacancy. Interested? Send us your details.

Why Work for Napier?

The Napier team are great at helping and supporting one another. Challenges and curved balls can take you out your comfort zone but give you a real sense of achievement on completing these tasks, and there is always someone to help you learn to solve new problems. Rarely is one day the same as the last. So, if you like variety and thrive on pace, this is the place for you.

Napier is owned by its employees. Yes, really! Being employee-owned gives you a real say in how the business is run, and lets you share in the profits.

Great work is rewarded with competitive salaries and regular bonuses, along with ad hoc “treats” throughout the year.

Our Values

Everyone wants to do a great job, but our values set us apart as an agency and an employer. If you care about the same things as we do, you’ll fit right in. Our values are:

Trust & openness:  we’re open and honest, which means we trust and respect each other. And if there is a problem, we don’t hide it or look for people to blame, we just discuss the issue and fix it.

Quality:  we want to do work that makes us proud. Quality really matters to us, and its one of the reasons that clients love working with Napier too.

Improvement: the team is always looking for ways to do things better. Whether it’s finding the right training to improve our skills, or asking how a campaign could have gone better (even if we smashed it), you can see every person at Napier improve every single day.

Commercial awareness: clients trust us with their money, so we care about delivering results that give them measurable benefits. At the same time the agency is run professionally to make a profit – after all as an employee owned business we all get a share of the profits.

What's it Like to Work at Napier?

"Napier is a fast-paced, interesting place to work. Between short-term projects and long-term account goals, there’s never a dull moment and you’ll feel satisfied completing rewarding work." Rhianna Bull, Senior Account Manager
"The Napier team consists of a mixture of personalities and that means we complement each other in so many different ways. By supporting one another and sharing learning experiences, we encourage each other to go beyond our best!" Debbie McIntosh, PA and HR Manager
"Working within a motivated team of skilled individuals who support each other throughout their work truly defines our workplace culture, every one maintains a positive outlook which makes Napier a really great team to be a part of.” Callie Bingley, Account Manager

Looking for the Right People

Napier does not discriminate in any way: we just look for the best people to fill each and every role. Whatever your gender, race or background, if you’re the right candidate for Napier, we want to hear from you.


Napier offers internships to both students and graduates to help you build your knowledge and experience, as well as a portfolio of achievements. We value the contribution that interns make to the company, and pay all of them. For more information, send us an email.

Napier follows the PRCA Intern Guidelines.