Napier’s Marketing Tools

Napier’s Marketing Tools will help marketing professionals plan, execute and deliver successful B2B technology campaigns. From your website to your ROI, Google Analytics and even your MQL’s, we’ve got you covered. Our collection of marketing tools can help marketers plan and deliver campaigns for their success.

  • Napier’s Marketing ROI Calculator
    The ROI calculator allows you to calculate the potential increase in profit and ROI for a campaign where you can estimate its impact on the sales funnel.
  • Napier’s A/B Test Analyser
    If you are running A/B tests in your marketing, you must ensure differences are statistically significant. Our calculator tells you if you should act on your A/B test results, or if they could be due to randomness.
  • ABM Tactics Advisor
    Considering using account-based marketing (ABM) and wondering which of the many possible tactics would be most effective? Our ABM tactics advisor tool will identify the tactics most likely to be effective in your specific situation.
  • Marketing Automation Software Advisor
    Working out which marketing automation platform is best suited to your needs is a real challenge. Our advisor tool takes information about your database, features you need and things like the importance of ease-of-use to recommend the best platforms for you.
  • B2B Persona Creator Tool
    The B2B Persona Creator Tool allows you to develop B2B personas for a specific campaign, and truly understand your target audience from the beginning.
  • MQL and SQL Definition Tool
    The MQL and SQL definition tool allows you to identify what information and behaviour qualifies your leads for either marketing or sales.
  • Smart Objective Generator
    The Smart Objective Generator tool helps you write objectives that follow the SMART format to ensure your objectives are specific, measurable and time-bound.
  • Google Analytics Link Generator
    Napier’s Google Analytics Link Generator uses a simple format to ensure you create a link that is in the correct format to transfer data accurately.
  • Marketing Automation Naming Convention Tool 
    Napier’s Marketing Automation Naming Convention Tool provides a clear layout of what your naming convention could consist of, to help you decide on an internal naming convention that your whole team can use.