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Some news, tips and tricks from the world of marketing that caught the attention of the team at Napier. Our marketing blog is where we share some of the things that have inspired, impressed or amused us.

Personalized Emails are the Way Forward according to Experian Marketing Services

At Napier, we were recently talking about how things in marketing seem to be changing rapidly. But when we took a moment and began discussing...

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How HubSpot Cookies Work and Custom Opt-Out Systems

With the impending GDPR regulations, marketers need to review their cookie policies and ensure that they are compliant. There are many articles on the...

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How Can Video have Positive Effects on your SEO?

Video has rapidly grown in popularity, proving itself as a vitally important tool for marketers, that also has a positive effect on SEO. With some...

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Electronics Weekly Guide Digital Galaxy

Electronics Weekly launches guide to digital advertising

Electronics Weekly has created a white paper titled The EW Guide to the Digital Galaxy, which aims to answer questions such as:How do I get better...

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Google to Stop Scanning Gmail for Targeted Ads

Google have announced a surprising change to their services, choosing to end a practise which they have embraced since 2005, as they revealed that...

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video content marketing

Tip Sheet Explains the Facts and Figures of Video Content Marketing

Video content has been growing steadily over the last years, and has quickly become a must for B2B businesses. A massive 93% of marketers now use...

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Social Media and French Journalists Study

A study conducted with 290 French journalists on social media in 2016, between March 1st and April 15th has been released, revealing that a high...

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What Does HubSpot’s Annual State of Inbound Report 2017 tell Marketers?

As an agency who work closely with HubSpot, we waited patiently for their annual State of Inbound Report for 2017. Each year HubSpot tracks shifts in...

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internet trends report 2017

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report Revealed

On May 31st, the long awaited annual Mary Meeker Internet Trends report was unveiled (we also blogged about last year’s Internet Trends report)....

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Electronics Weekly Present Real World Insights for A Virtual Universe

A few times a year at Napier we host a lunch for our client’s, and on the 25th April, we invited Electronics Weekly along to show us their...

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