Electronics Weekly BrightSparks Winners Announced for 2019

Electronics Weekly BrightSparks young engineer programme winners were announced on the 2nd May at a awards ceremony held at the IET Maxwell Library in London.

In collaboration with RS Components, the Electronics Weekly BrightSparks programme recognizes and rewards young engineers for the impressive work they have already achieved at the beginning of their careers.

This years awards featured young engineers from a range of work fields; including industry, academia, entrepreneurs and cutting-edge researchers, with projects featuring topics such as; flexible sensors, GPU verification, FPGA architectures and bringing STEM to disadvantaged communities.

At Napier, we are firm supporters of celebrating success at any stage of your career and it is great to see the industry celebrating the successes of the younger generation. It's no secret that there is a need for more engineers in the UK, and by acknowledging all levels of experience within the industry,  Electronics Weekly will inspire other young people to make a career in electronics, as well as inspiring current engineers to be the best.

To learn the full list of winners for 2019, and details of the awards ceremony, please click here. 

productronica Innovation Awards 2019: Now Open for Entries

productronica 2019, the leading trade fair for development and production in the electronics industry, has announced that it will present the innovation awards in collaboration with trade fair organizers Messe Munchen and magazine productronic for the third year in a row.

Taking place in Munich from the 12th-15th November 2019, the show features six categories to celebrate the most innovative new products and manufacturing processes. These include:

  • PCB and EMS Cluster
  • SMT Cluster
  • Inspection and Quality
  • Semiconductor Cluster
  • Cables, Coils and Hybrids Cluster
  • Future Markets Cluster

The Innovation awards are free to enter, with entries being reviewed by an independent judging panel featuring experts from across the industry. The winners will be announced on the first day of productronica 2019.

To find out more information and how you can enter, please click here.

Elektra Awards 2019: Now Open for Entries

The Elektra awards 2019 are now open for entries.

In it's 17th year, the Elektra Awards recognizes excellence within the global electronics industry; welcoming entries from manufacturers, distributors, designers, individuals, research groups and start-ups. There are a total of 22 awards up for grabs, which are split into the following four categories:

  • Company
  • Products
  • People
  • Products/Research

Entries will be assessed by an independent panel of judges, and the winners will be announced on Wednesday 4th December, at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane.

To find out more about the awards and how you can enter, please click here. 



Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2019

Email marketing benchmark reports provide marketers with valuable information on how they compare to the industry norm; so I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across Campaign Monitor’s guide to the ultimate email marketing benchmarks for 2019.

With over 30 billion emails analysed set across 4.2 million campaigns sent through Campaign Monitor in 2018, the report provides readers with the opportunity to see how their campaigns compare to industry standards, and how they can improve the strategy of their email marketing.

After delving into the report, we’ve picked out some of the most interesting stats and tips to share with you:

Industry Averages Look Positive

At first look the industry averages for our sectors look positive, with an average open rate of 18.25% for the engineering industry, and 17.96% for the IT/tech/software services sector. This is reinforced with the average of 14.74% click through rate for engineering, and a slightly higher 15.02% click rate for IT/tech/software services.

With an overall average 17.92% open rate and 14.10% click through rate for all industries, these are impressive stats for both the engineering and IT/tech/software services sectors.

Thursday is the Best Day for Open Rates

The report revealed that Thursday features the best open rates for both sectors, with engineering featuring an open rate of 18.7% and IT tech/software services 18.2%.

However, for click to open rate, Tuesday is the best day for the engineering sector, whilst Sunday is the best for the IT/tech/software services. While there are no surprising stats for the engineering sector (Monday features the worst click to open rates), it has to be raised if the IT/tech/software services stats are real, or just due to randomness – as Sunday feels out of place in featuring the highest click to open rate.

Wednesday is the Worst Day for Unsubscribe Rates

Wednesday was shown to be the worst day overall for unsubscribe rates; however although unsubscribe rates were high on a Wednesday, for the engineering sector Monday was in fact the worst day. Whilst the IT tech/software services featured a steady 18% of unsubscribe rates across four days of the week.

Four Ways to Improve your Unsubscribe Rate

The unsubscribe rate is an important figure to study, as it is a key way to tell if certain topics or subject lines drive up your unsubscribe number. With the benchmark report finding an average 0.17% of unsubscribe rates, the report shared four ways you can improve:

  • Segment your audience to send more relevant emails
  • Re-engage your audience to maintain list hygiene
  • Use Automation to build long-term brand engagement
  • Remember that some list churn is normal and healthy

Improve your Email Click-to-Open Rate

An email click through rate is often used to measure the success or lack of, within a specific email campaign. With an overall average email click to open rate of 14.10%, Campaign Monitor revealed some keys ways you can improve your click-to-open rate:

  • A/B test each email element individually
  • Collect the right data to segment and personalize
  • Include an irresistible, easy to click call to action
  • Make sure your email renders well across devices


To find out more and read the full report, please click here.


Napier Partners with Market Analysis Experts Vantage Research

Napier recently started a partnership with Vantage Research, experts in market analysis, giving our clients access to invaluable information about the opportunity in countries around the world.

Vantage provides a detailed report of where the business opportunity is for your company in major international markets. Designed to pinpoint ‘serious contenders’ for international expansion the market entry reports include:

  • A breakdown of where Demand is likely to be concentrated for the client’s offer and why.
  • Analysis of key Economic and Regulatory factors, likely to impact the opportunity
  • An insightful Competitor Analysis giving a SWOT summary of the client vs competitor brands
  • Benchmarking – expert witness rankings of the key competitors, market gaps and entry options

Vantage can also offer more in-depth analysis of the markets that are most attractive, enabling our clients to plan market entry with more information and context. With Vantage’s extensive experience in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, this partnership supports Napier’s commitment to an insight-led approach, providing our clients with a great opportunity to optimise market entry plans.

If you’re interested in finding out more, why not drop me an email, and we can set up a discussion to identify potential target markets you could be missing.

Several Editor Moves at Datateam Business Media

Publisher Datateam Business Media has recently undergone several editor moves.

Carly Wills has been appointed as editor of Electrical Engineering at a Datateam Business Media, taking over from Niamh Marriott. Carly has also taken over as editor of Energy Management magazine from Michelle Winny.

Christian Lynn has been appointed as editor of Electronics magazine at a Datateam Business Media, taking over from Michelle Winny.

Niamh Marriott has been appointed editor of Components In Electronics (CIE) magazine published by Specialist Business Media.

We wish them all the best of luck in their new roles.

It's Time to Vote! Help Decide the Winners of the Electronics Industry Awards 2019

After receiving a flood of entries and nominations, the Electronics Industry Awards has announced that voting is now open for the industry to decide who will be successful at this year's event.

Votes can be cast via the Electronics Industry Awards website until 19th April 2019  and the event will take place at the Tower Hotel, London on Friday 21st June 2019.

How it Works

With all entrants and nominees having met the necessary criteria, the industry now has the chance to vote for the people, products and companies that they feel deserve to be recognised for their contributions to the industry.

Professionals from the sector will have the opportunity to vote in the product and individual categories, which will also be scored by a panel of expert judges. The online votes will be tallied alongside the judge’s scores to produce a shortlist of finalists and an ultimate winner, meaning that these categories go further than ever before to recognise the products and people that help to make the industry so successful.

The decision to crown a winner in each of the business categories, however, lies solely in the hands of industry professionals. Unlike anything else seen in sector before, votes will be tallied to determine a shortlist and an ultimate winner for each of the business awards.

Vote for Napier!

We are happy to announce that Napier has been shortlisted once again for the 'Outstanding PR Agency' category.

At Napier, we love the work we do for our clients, which is why we are spreading the word and asking you to vote for us as the Outstanding PR Agency.

Support from the industry and our clients is always appreciated so please take the time to cast your vote today!

Drives & Controls Exhibition Predicted to be Biggest Yet for 2020

The Drives & Controls exhibition announced it will return in 2020, taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from the 21st-23rd April.

As the UK's leading show for Automation, Power Transmission and Motion Engineering, the 2020 event is predicted to be the biggest yet, with over 400 exhibitors, and expecting over 13,000 visitors. The show will be co-located with five other industrial exhibitors, including Air-tech, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management and SMART Industry Expo; making it the largest manufacturing/industrial event in the UK.

Stand bookings are already up 40% compared to the 2018 show, and for the first-time visitors will be able to gain continued professional development hours (CPD) by attending the comprehensive and free seminar programs that will be hosted over the three days.

Gambica and EPTDA pavilions have now been confirmed and their retrospective members have been invited to take up residency in these areas. The show will also feature a dedicated Robotics Hub, which will be hosted alongside BARA.

For more information about exhibiting at the 2020 event or to find out how to attend please click here.

New Delhi Print Media Announces 4th Edition of ‘The Spotlight on Indian Electronics'

New Delhi Print Media has announced the 4th edition of its yearbook 'The Spotlight on Indian Electronics', which is due to be launched in May 2019.

As the electronics industry in India continues to rapidly grow and evolve, the 2019-20 edition of 'The Spotlight on Indian Electronics', delivers useful information to professionals about the state of the industry in India. The report provides a detailed study and SWOT analysis of the ecosystem for the high priority product markets, as well as identifying the future drivers of growth amongst various segments in the industry.

We think its great to see a media house providing such a useful piece of content, which allows professionals from across the globe to understand the complete picture of the Indian electronics sector.


WNIE Live Visitor Registration Now Open for 2019

'What's New in Electronics Live 2019' has now opened for visitor registration, and will be taking place from the 18th-19th September 2019 at NAEC Stoneleigh in Stoneleigh Park.

NAEC Stoneleigh is a new venue for WNIE Live, and recently provided potential WNIE Live exhibitors an opportunity to take a closer look at the facilities on offer at the venue, and to witness the business innovations and opportunities available in the thriving midlands area.

This year, the event will cover topics on Embedded, Engineering, Design and Manufacturing. WNIE Live will provide visitors with the chance to witness hundreds of new products and showcase the industry’s innovation in action.
Claire Saunders, Event Director commented, “Attendance at the event held in 2018 was up by 10% compared to the previous year. With free parking and a wider scope of exhibitors, we are confident this comprehensive event will be well attended by industry influencers and decision makers alike.”

For more information or to register for WNIE Live 2019, please click here. 





SMART Portfolio Announces it’s Inclusion of CPD Membership to Three Conferences for 2019

The SMART portfolio has announced the inclusion of CPD membership to three of its conferences for 2019.

Conferences that are now members of the CPD Certification Service include SMARTS' Food and Beverage Conference (to be held 22nd May 2019), Automotive Conference (to be held 12th September 2019) and the Aerospace Conference (to be held 6th November 2019).

With the Food and Beverage conference the first to take place, alongside the MCIA Awards meeting, conference organiser Stuart Humphrey commented " With so much uncertainty for SME’s within UK manufacturing right now when it comes to industry 4.0, any forum where real topics and agendas facing UK manufacturing that demonstrate increased efficiencies and profits can only be a good thing”.

We think its great to see events getting accredited as CPD for people in professional institutions. As a good thing to do to get better attendance, and also ensure the quality of the content, we hope this is something other events will consider and eventually follow suit.

For more information on the three conferences and how you can attend please click here. 

PSD Magazine Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Congratulations to Power Systems Design (PSD) which celebrates its 15th year in publishing for the global power electronic engineering community.

Publishers Jim and Julia Graham

Launched in 2004, the founders of PSD made the decision to create a magazine that would primarily serve the power community, and is now the single independently owned source of technical information for the power engineer, through a portfolio of global print & digital magazines, websites, daily newsletters and social media outlets.

We wish Power Systems Design the best of luck for its future, and may their success continue!


My Work Experience Week with Napier

Lily McIntosh, a Year 10 Durrington High School Student recently completed a week's work experience at Napier. Read her blog to find out what she learnt during her week at the Napier office:

My work experience at Napier gave me a chance to learn about what it’s like to be in the workplace and an idea into careers you could apply for in the future.

I am a Year 10 Durrington High school Student who is currently taking Business, Drama, BTEC Digital Information Technology and History as my GCSEs. Within my GCSE courses they have taught me how to set up a business, promote products and to target a certain audience. I decided to do my work experience at Napier Partnership in Chichester, because I thought it was suited to my GCSE’s and wanted to explore what working in a B2B marketing and PR company would be like.

Over the last week, I have learnt about researching and finding the right stories for the Directors' social media accounts, and how to publish and schedule Tweets using HubSpot. I also learnt about Inbound Marketing, and why it is so important for a modern marketer’s strategy.

Other opportunities I have had, include learning about ad design and video editing, with Napier’s graphic designer, Rob. Rob even showed me how a video is created through to the finished product. I have been shown how to use HTML coding for emails and websites, which is confusing at first but once you have your head wrapped round it all, it is not so difficult.

Overall, my experience here has been great, the Napier team has been very warm and welcoming during my time here. I have enjoyed learning new skills I could use in the future and in jobs that one day I might apply for.

Thank you to Napier for the insight into the world of work.

Electronics Notes now Exceeding a Million Page Views a Month

We recently wrote about Radio Electronics' incorporation into Electronics Notes, as editor and owner Ian Poole entered semi-retirement; and we are happy to announce that Electronics Notes is now exceeding a million page views a month.

We think it's great to see Radio Electronics incorporation into Electronics Notes being received so positively, with Electronics Notes a clearly popular source of information for the industry.


E&T Magazine Goes Environmentally Friendly

E&T Magazine has announced that from the 13th March, readers will notice a slight change in how their magazines are delivered.

From the next issue, the E&T magazine will arrive in a fully compostable wrapper, which will naturally break down in either the reader’s food waste or garden; ensuring that no E&T magazine wrappers will harm any wildlife.

Alongside its new ‘green’ initiative, E&T is also offering a sponsorship opportunity to companies who would like to share ads that have an environmental tie-in; and will be featured on the carrier sheet of paper with the IET members address label.

With a circulation of 144,000 copies, we think it's terrific to see a publication thinking of the environment, and being ‘green’ E&T magazine can offer companies a great sponsorship opportunity.

Five Tips We Learnt from Google’s Lead Gen UX Playbook

Google recently released its Lead Gen UX Playbook, a collection of best practices to win over potential customers.

With lead generation arguably one of the most important objectives for marketers, it’s even more vital that we create a ‘perfect’ lead generation landing page.  This page must convince your visitor that it’s OK to share their personal information with you.

I know what you’re thinking; how hard can it be? Well, with visitor expectations continuously on the rise, marketers are faced with the challenge of finding the right balance; providing visitors with just enough valuable information for them to be attracted to your proposition and engage with you, but at the same time provide them with a positive, beneficial and seamless customer journey.

So, here are five tips we learnt to ensure your lead generation page is hitting the right balance for success:

Avoid Generic Call-to-Actions (CTA)

CTA’s are possibly one of the most important things to feature on your landing page. Unfortunately, many fall into the trap of a generic, or somewhat ‘standard’ CTA such as ‘learn more’. A generic CTA allows your content to be interpreted in many ways, where a specific CTA increases the information sent by stating precisely what visitors should expect. This can include ‘Start a free trial’, or ‘Sign Up and Get the Best Daily Tips’.

Benefits of making your CTA more descriptive include;

  • Links being more enticing to users and potentially more persuasive
  • More keywords featured on the page which will help search-engine optimization
  • Providing a clear entry point into the process

Make Sure your Value Proposition is Clear

It’s vital to ensure your website or landing page immediately make your value proposition clear to visitor. They may feel they are spending valuable time looking at your site, and as such need to know instantly whether you are worth the effort! Here are some best-practices to make sure your value proposition is clear:

  • Use legible font sizes to ensure your proposition is eye catching
  • Position your value proposition at the top of the page, you want it to be the first thing your visitor will see
  • Use a clear CTA
  • Don’t use full page interstitials

Use Social Proof to Gain Trust

Social proof is considered to be a psychological phenomenon, stating that people reference the behaviour of others to guide their own behaviour. For example, visitors may use reviews or testimonials to find out how others perceive your content, services or products.

As such, having visitor ratings, testimonials or even several visitors using services/products on your page, will help increase credibility with the audience.

Establish your Credibility with Free Trials or Demos

Free trials and demos provide you with an opportunity to reassure the user that your product or service is worth the investment. Potential customers need reassurance that they can trust you to provide the results you promised.

Offering a demo on say a marketing automation platform, or a free assessment on their website will help you establish your credibility, as well as promoting the knowledge you have on these subjects.

Optimise your Form for Ease of Use

Picture this, you’ve convinced your visitor that your content is valuable and will provide great insight, so they click through to the page; yet when they arrive they never fill in the form. Could this be because they were faced with a large, and unnecessary number of fields to complete?

Optimising your form for ease of use is essential to ensuring that you receive the visitors contact information. Reducing the number of fields to only include the most important (e.g.: name, email and company) will go a long way in making sure your lead still finds it beneficial to download your content.


To read the full UX Playbook for Lead Gen, please click here.



Radio Electronics Now a Part of Electronics Notes

We were recently contacted by Ian Poole, editor and owner of  Radio Electronics and Electronics Notes. He informed us of the news that Radio Electronics is now being incorporated into Electronics Notes, as Ian enters semi-retirement.

Electronics Notes is a platform that has been set up to provide resources required by engineers and has been built on the success of Radio-Electronics, which ensures information provided is easy to read and in a variety of forms including diagrams, images, and videos. The site covers a wide range of topics relevant to engineers, makers and students. Basic concepts such as voltage and current will be covered, as well as the IoT and latest component and manufacturing technologies and techniques.

Redirects will be put into place to direct traffic from Radio-Electronics.com to Electronics Notes, with an expected million-page views to be received each month.

Interestingly, Electronic Notes will also provide advertising opportunities via Google Ads. This is different to other publications, who aim to sell their site direct to advertisers. This approach requires that display network campaigns are set up in Google advertising and are targeted specifically at the Electronics Notes website.

Using Google Ads is a strategy that reduces the need for sales – there is no need for a sales team – which hopefully will allow Ian some well-deserved time off. Advertisers also benefit from having more control as they can directly set up and manage their own ads on the site. The approach is also much more efficient and offers the prospect of CPMs that could be an order of magnitude lower.

We look forward to the success of Electronic Notes and will be interested to see how the Google Ads approach is received by advertisers in the electronics industry.

AUTOMOBIL-ELEKTRONIK to Increase Number of Issues

As the automotive industry continues to grow and with an increasing amount of topics to cover, German publisher Huthig has decided to increase its number of AUTOMOBIL-ELEKTRONIK print issues from six to eight times a year; in order to keep up with the growth of the industry.

Alfred Vollmer, editor in chief of AUTOMOBIL-ELEKTRONIK, says “The automotive industry is currently going through a fundamental change as the car changes, very simply said from a motorized sheet metal box to a computer on wheels with lightweight exterior and fast cloud connection. Therefore, our readers, the top level executives of the automotive electronics industry, need more information tailored exactly to their needs.”




Industry Electronics Congress Launched for 2019

German publisher Huthig has launched a new conference for 2019. The Industry Electronics Congress will provide executives and specialists within the industrial electronics industry, the opportunity to find out first hand which solutions and technologies will be in demand for the future of the microelectronics market.

Taking place in Munich from May 22nd-23rd, visitors will be able to attend presentations from top-speakers in the industry, who will provide deep insight into both the requirements and the possible solutions of the future. Key topics to be covered will include: Robotics and Control, Artificial Intelligence, Power and Drivetrain, Safety & Security, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart City, Obsolescence, Metrology and Communication, 3D Printing and Manufacturing as well as Big Data and Virtual Reality.

“European manufacturers are world leaders in the segment of industrial electronics”, explains Alfred Vollmer, editor-in-chief of Huthig’s electronics media department. “However, in order to maintain this pole position, the companies involved do not only need the appropriate technical know-how, skills and tools; sometimes they also have to have a look beyond their own horizons – and this is why we will run this unusual conference. Furthermore, we will provide numerous opportunities for intensive networking along the entire value chain.”

The Industry Electronics Congress will purposely stay away from technical standard product presentations, and instead will focus on the big picture identifying system approaches as well as potential problems from the perspective of the electronics design engineer.

“We intentionally decided against a public call for papers”, explains Hans Jaschinski, editor-in-chief of elektronik industrie. “Instead, our editorial team deliberately approached experts from its extensive network in order to attract the right speakers. The final program shows that we have really achieved our goal to provide a versatile program with very interesting topics.”

For more details about the conference or how to attend please click here. 

New Electronics’ Peter Ring Interview

We recently asked New Electronics’ Peter Ring to participate in an interview with Napier, to discuss the organisation of his events and the successful results he receives from all the hard work. Read the interview below to discover how many people Peter reaches through the events, and the reason why events such as the BEEAs and Embedded Design Show were formed.

How long have you been running events alongside New Electronics?
Since 2013 when we launched the Electronics Design Show. This year we added a one-day roadshow on PCB Design and Manufacturing which was well received, and it’s running again on May 9th 2019 at Silverstone.

Why did you start running events? What are the goals for the events today?
We felt there was a gap in the market for a design focussed event, as publishers of both New Electronics and Eureka we are in an ideal position to deliver the audience which is often the biggest challenge. Each year we get around 4,000 designers to attend over the two days. Adding shows/events to our channels to market has given New Electronics a much higher level of visibility.

How is revenue/profit split at New Electronics between the publication, the database and events?
Online revenues account for a third of New Electronics revenues with print, inserts, projects and PCB making up two thirds. The EDS revenue sits in MA Exhibitions a separate company to MA Business who publish New Electronics. EDS turned over £1.2k million in 2018.

Do you have a specialist team running the events? How much time do the events take from the editorial team?
We do have dedicated marketing teams for EDS and PCB, Neil puts a lot of effort into creating and running the EDS Conference content, but it creates good content for the magazine too as well as helping attract the audience for EDS.

How many people do you reach through your events?
4,000 plus visit EDS and 1,000 came to PCB Design which is co located with FAST an adhesive event and Engineering Materials Live.

How does this compare to the readership of New Electronics?
We send out 15,000 copies of New Electronics reaching the universe of UK electronics designers which is 53,914.

How do you judge the success of each event?
Year on year visitor increases plus we track the rebook during the Shows, at EDS 2018 we had an 80% on site rebook

Why do you run the BEEAs separately from the Engineering Design Show?
We prefer our Awards to be a daytime business event. BEEAs celebrates their 10th anniversary in 2019 and London offers a lot of choice on venues. We were in County Hall this year, taking it to Coventry to run alongside EDS is not in our current thinking.

What is the most fun for you: the show, the awards or the publication?
Actually we really enjoy all of it but EDS gives us all a lot of pleasure. Meeting readers that appreciate New Electronics creating a platform for them to meet 220 exhibitors in one day, plus exhibitors returning year after year as they get great leads from EDS is very satisfying.

Napier Listed as One of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in London

We are thrilled to announce that HubSpot has listed Napier as one of the top digital marketing agencies in London. With fierce competition, this is a great achievement that demonstrates Napier's consistently high standards and accomplishments.

Mike Maynard Managing Director says" As a HubSpot agency partner, it's fantastic for the Napier team to receive recognition after all our hard work this year, and we look forward to maintaining this momentum and achieving even more success in 2019!"