Electronics Weekly Celebrate its 60th Birthday

Congratulations to the team at Electronics Weekly who are celebrating their 60th year.

Founded in 1960, Electronics Weekly has released a special supplement to celebrate this occasion, including the very first edition of Electronics Weekly which was published on 7th September 1960.

Sixty years on, the Electronics Weekly's editorial team has not lost sight of the intentions set out when the publication was founded, with the ambition still in place to support and inform the electronics industry, by sharing the broad developments across the world of electronics, with an emphasis on outstanding developments, applications and trends.

We wish Electronics Weekly the best for the future, and may its success continue for another 60 years and more!





Napier Named as 'The Most Outstanding PR Agency' at The Electronics Industry Awards 2020

We are delighted to share that Napier was named as the winner of 'The Most Outstanding PR Agency' category at the Electronics Industry Awards 2020. 

Announced via a virtual ceremony which took place on Thursday 24th September, the Electronics Industry Awards are based on a public vote, with the whole electronics industry coming together to recognise the outstanding performers, and we feel privileged to have been recognised by the industry.

Mike Maynard, Managing Director at Napier, commented on Napier's success: "We are thrilled to be named as the ‘The Most Outstanding PR Agency’ at The Electronics Industry Awards. In what can be described as a turbulent year, this award is a great reflection of our hard work, and I'm extremely grateful to our amazing team and wonderful clients."

Congratulations to the whole Napier team!


The E&T Innovation Awards 2020 Goes Virtual

The E&T Innovation awards has announced its move to a virtual online event, joining the long list of award ceremonies who have decided to take the virtual approach.

Celebrating the very best in new innovation across science, engineering and technology, these awards showcase the latest and greatest ideas from every corner of the industry.

Taking place at 4pm on Thursday 19th November, the E&T Innovation awards are open to all, offering more people the opportunity to see some of the incredible achievements recognised by the awards.

For more information, and to register for your free place at the virtual ceremony, please click here. 

Great Success for Electronic Specifier Expo

We wrote about Electronic Specifier's Expo back in June this year, and so we were delighted to hear the news that the event had gone well.

Having taken place on Monday 1st September, the expo featured a significant number of key industry players sharing their product, solutions and expertise across show booths and the virtual exhibition’s webinar content.

With 400 electronics engineers, students and industry experts joining the event, and 56% of registrations attending the expo live; interactive content covered the automotive, medical, industrial and IoT sectors. The webinar sessions featured intuitive content such as COVID-19’s long term impact on medical equipment design, cutting through the self-driving hype, and how to create the connected factories of tomorrow.

With virtual shows taking place for the foreseeable future, it's great to see that that the Electronic Specifier Expo generated a huge amount of interest amongst attendees, who even without the physical element, still enjoyed their time at the show.

For anyone unable to attend the Electronic Specifier Expo, all content is available on-demand which you can access here. 


Napier Launches Virtual Trade Show Platform

Napier has launched its own virtual trade show platform – TheBoothCloud.com.

Designed specially for the B2B technology industry, Napier has created BoothCloud to specifically enable rapid deployment of virtual trade shows stands for technology companies.

Unlike normal trade shows, the platform delivers a booth specifically designed for each client with no content restrictions in place, enabling Napier to develop a reusable booth with a low development cost and cost of ownership.

“With the uncertain future of trade shows due to COVID-19, we identified an opportunity where we could help our clients engage with their customers” commented Mike Maynard, Managing Director of Napier. “By developing TheBoothCloud.com on open-source software, we provide our clients with a booth that can be re-used for multiple events, maximizing return on investment”.

With booths already successfully deployed for several of Napier’s clients, BoothCloud provides a fantastic solution for any B2B company looking for a highly customisable virtual trade show stand at a reasonable cost.

For further information please view our webpage at TheBoothCloud.com.


A Napier Podcast: Interview with Chris Dickey CEO of Visably

We are delighted to share the latest interview from Napier's Marketing B2B Technology Podcast.

In our latest episode, Mike, Managing Director of Napier, interviews Chris Dickey, PR veteran, founder and CEO of Visably, a new SaaS start-up. Chris shares his insights into the strategy of Search Engine Visibility, and how he helps his clients maximise the likelihood of discovery on the first page via brand visibility, media and leveraging other people’s websites.

To listen to the interview and to stay up to date when a new episode is live, please click here to subscribe. 










Elektra Awards Postponed to 2021

We were surprised to the hear news of the postponement of the Elektra 2020 awards. Breaking tradition of extending the deadline, organisers have made the decision to postpone the Elektra Awards night until 2021, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Existing entries will automatically be entered into the re-scheduled awards, and companies now also have the option to revise or modify existing entries, as well as add additional entries.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly presented several challenges to trade shows and award events. With many deciding to take the virtual event route, it was surprising that the Elektra's took the decision to postpone, especially after the entry deadline.

At Napier, we look forward to hearing about the great work that has emerged across the industry, and to hear of projects that have made a difference through these challenging times at the Elektra awards in 2021.

For more information on the awards, please view the website here. 


HubSpot's State of Marketing Report 2020

We were delighted to receive our copy of HubSpot's state of marketing report 2020, which surveyed over 3,400 global marketers, and were excited to delve in for an in-depth look at the latest decisions marketers are making, and the trends we should be seeing this year.

Read on for some great stats and insights into the marketing landscape.

Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy allows you to engage your buyer personas, tailor content for each stage of the funnel, as well as boost brand awareness. So we were surprised to learn that only 24% of marketers planned on increasing their investment in content marketing for 2020.

The report also revealed that video is the number one form of media used in a content strategy, with promotional videos and brand storytelling the most common video type created by marketers. As seen in the chart below, both blogs and infographics are surprisingly quite far behind video in popularity.


Digital Advertising Strategy

As organic channels continue to become more crowded, we've seen many of our clients turn to the paid advertising approach as an effective way to get content in front of the right people.

With 68% of marketers stating that paid advertising is 'very important' or 'extremely important', it's great to see that more marketers are understanding the benefits of a paid advertising approach. The stats also show a promising future of the right goals being put into place to achieve success, as 33% of marketers revealed they were using paid advertising to increase brand awareness, whilst 24% use advertising to impact direct sales.


Websites and SEO

Websites have become increasingly important in communicating with your audience, and the goal should be to create a concise and effective user experience; so it was great to learn that 68% of marketers would be investing in a website upgrade in 2020.

The report also provided insight into the tactics marketers have found to be the most beneficial in improving site performance and ranking, with optimizing mobile performance coming out on top. Other key stats also revealed an encouraging future for SEO, stating that:

  • 55% of marketers consider SEO either 'very important' or 'extremely important' to their overall marketing strategy
  • Over 52% of marketers are investing in technical SEO updates to their website
  • Roughly 50% of marketers consider their SEO tactics to be 'very effective' in helping them achieve marketing goals

Email Marketing

Email is still alive and well, and marketers are continuing to see some great results when implementing email marketing in their strategy, with a staggering 80% of marketers seeing an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months.

Interestingly, promotional emails are the most common email type that marketers are investing in, and message personalization is seen as the number one tactic to improve email performance, followed closely by mobile-friendly emails and email automation campaigns.


Additional Findings

The report also uncovered some interesting findings on different areas in marketing, revealing that the top priority for marketers in 2020 is “generating leads”, as 61% confirmed that their company is currently using ABM.

68% of marketers say their business uses automation in some way, but of those who are automating marketing, only a shocking 23% are automating their content delivery.

Although the report has revealed no major surprises, it's encouraging to learn that our thinking of the future of marketing aligns with the data. The use of video has continued to become more effective, and both ABM and marketing automation is on the rise with progress still need to be made in automating content. It's also great to see SEO being viewed as such an important tactic to assist with growth.

To read the full report, you can download your copy by clicking here.




New OScopes.info Platform Announced

OScopes.info is a new online platform, providing the latest news, articles and updates from the oscilloscopes industry.

The platform is a sister publication of All-about-Test and features an 'Oscilloscope KnowledgeBase', which provides readers with a comprehensive collection of whitepapers, application notes, YouTube videos, webinars and other application-oriented information. 

With more than 60 documents and videos already available, the KnowledgeBase provides users with in-depth information from several different oscilloscope suppliers. 

Here at Napier, we are always pleased to see a new platform being launched to inform the industry, and it's great to see that OScopes.info will be able to provide users with the latest information from several oscilloscope suppliers in one place.  

To view the website, and KnowledgeBase please click here. 

MachineBuilding.net Announces New Ownership

MachineBuilding.net has announced new ownership, with the online flagship site having recently been sold to The Engineering Network Ltd.

Launched back in 2007 by engineer Jonathan Severn and his business partner Geoff Lock, the website has established itself as an industry-leading site for thousands of machine builders across the UK, and its associated monthly newsletter is dispatched to more than 4,000 opted-in machine builders.

Moving forward, the platform will be handled by a new publisher and editor, Mark Newby, an engineer with almost 4 decades of experience in the engineering press field.

Commenting on the sale, Jon Severn said “I am delighted that MachineBuilding.net is in such good hands. The new owners know the publishing industry inside out and, most importantly, they also understand the engineering market. There is no doubt that MachineBuilding.net has a great future ahead of it with Mark Newby at the helm“.

“The MachineBuilding.net platform has commanded respect from the machine-building community and those who supply it from the day it was launched" added Mark Newby. "When I owned a leading engineering event, The FAST Exhibition, machinebuilding.net was always the biggest producer of quality visitors to the events, year after year. Few would argue that Machinebuilding.net has a first-class reputation amongst the audience it serves, and those who sell to them. Jon and I have known each other for a long time and it is a privilege to be continuing and building upon the excellent work he and Geoff have begun."

We look forward to seeing the direction Mark will take with the site, and wish both, Jonathan and Mark, the best in their new endeavours.

A Napier Study: The Impact of COVID-19 on B2B Technology Marketing Budgets

In May 2020, Napier conducted research to understand how the COVID-19 crisis was affecting B2B Technology companies' marketing plans, investigating the likely impact COVID-19 would have on budgets, as well as the changes in tactics that would need to be adopted in order to adapt to the crisis.

We are pleased to share with you our final report, which analyses our results and reveals surprising outcomes, such as the unexpected result that many marketers expect to increase their budget as a result of the crisis.

Our study also highlights the budget decisions B2B marketers are making for the second half of 2020 and provides insight into:

  • How B2B marketing budgets are being affected
  • Key changes in the allocation of budget
  • The move to focus on online activities

To download your copy of our report, please click here. 

Alternatively, you can also register for our on-demand webinar, which provides insight into what other B2B technology marketers are doing, in order to help you make better decisions.

If you have any questions on our results, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to provide answers to any queries you may have.

German Publication photonik Launches English Website

German publication photonik has announced the launch of its English language website, Laser and Photonics, which will cover topics such as optoelectronics, and opto-semiconductors including sensors and LEDs, machine vision, data communications, 3-D printing, PCB manufacturing and lithography.

Similar to its German sister site, the website aims to address development engineers and the users of photonic products throughout the industry and within science. A monthly newsletter is also being sent to users highlighting the latest events and innovative developments in the field of Optical Technologies, as well as upcoming events and new products.

With the optoelectronics market only featuring a small number of publications, it's great to see a big publication such as photonik make the decision to launch an English language website and expand its reach further outside of Germany.

A Napier Webinar: The 7 Marketing Automation Campaigns that Should get you Promoted

It’s no secret that when used right, marketing automation platforms can produce fantastic results; and the key to success is to implement campaigns that find the balance between only scratching the surface and over-engineering the activities for little or no additional return.

Without the right campaigns, marketing automation platforms can easily become overly complex and difficult to manage. But if you get the campaigns right, you will quickly see the fantastic results marketing automation platforms can deliver.

Napier recently held a webinar 'The 7 Marketing Automation Campaigns that Should get you Promoted', which provides a great overview of the campaigns you can implement for specific situations. We address:

  • Why simple campaigns are often the most effective
  • A walkthrough of 7 marketing automation campaigns that should get you promoted
  • An overview of some other great campaigns for specific situations
  • Why the campaigns you create, and not the tool you use, really matters

Register to view our webinar on demand by clicking here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know if our insight helped you.

Success for PCIM Europe Digital Days 2020

We were delighted to hear about the success of PCIM Digital Days, which recently took place as a replacement for PCIM Europe 2020.

The two-day online event saw over 4,506 suppliers and users participate on the online platform, with a total of 74 exhibitors, who were able to showcase their company profiles and product innovations while interacting with users.

The event featured a comprehensive lecture programme, and participants were invited to interact via matchmaking sessions, a business speed dating event, as well as via an after-work hour session with 25,700 conversations taking place in total.

"We are very pleased with the success of our “PCIM digital days”, commented Petra Haarburger, Managing Director of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH. "However, the personal encounter remains important and cannot be replaced digitally, which is why we look forward to PCIM Europe next year in Nuremberg, however, we are convinced that digital formats will continue to be a useful addition in the future".

Here at Napier, we think it's great that 'PCIM Digital Days' went ahead for 2020. Although interaction can not be replicated to the level you can achieve at a face-to-face trade show, 'PCIM Digital Days' offered the best alternative and was able to provide a platform that the power electronics industry could use to get updates and network with fellow professionals during the current pandemic.

PCIM Europe has confirmed that the 2021 event will be taking place as a real-life event from 4th-6th May 2021 in Nuremberg.

Latest Updates from German Publisher Huethig

We were delighted to receive several updates from German publisher Huethig, which has been busy extending its digital offering, as well as saying goodbye, and welcoming new members to its editorial team.

Editorial Updates

Huethig has welcomed Petra Gottwald to the team, as the new Editor-in-Chief of trade journal productronic. Petra joined the team earlier this year, replacing Marisa Robles who has moved on to a new job in the industry. Petra is an engineer, with more than a decade of experience in print and online publishing, and has a background in textile technology and mechanical engineering.

The publishing house has also recently said goodbye to Hans Jaschinski, who retired as Editor-in-Chief of elektronik industrie at the beginning of July this year. Hans has handed over his role to Alfred Vollmer, who has been working alongside Hans for the last few years and will now be responsible for the trade publication, with support from the editorial team.

We look forward to seeing the direction Petra, and Alfred take the publications in, and we wish the best of luck to Hans in his retirement.

Digital Versions Available of all Huethig Publications

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, Huethig launched digital versions of their publications including AUTOMOBIL-ELEKTRONIK, elektronik industrie, elektronik journal, emobility tec, IEE and productronic, which have been available to readers since March 2020.

With no requirement to register online for access to the magazines; here at Napier, we think it was great that Huethig were able to act so quickly, and were able to deliver a digital option to their readership from the beginning of lockdown. To view all digital versions of the publications, please click here. 

Launch of All-Electronics.de App

Huethig has also shared news of the launch of its all-electronics app. Available on both IOS and Andriod, the app has been designed as a digital extension to the all-electronics.de portal.

The app allows readers to access Huethig's digital magazine archive and features a search function with bookmarks as well as the opportunity to access videos, images and audio files. The user is able to download the magazine to read offline, and moving forward editorial articles in the magazines will be able to present further information via a page scan, which will provide direct access to other websites, PDF documents and videos.

For a direct link to download the app, please click here. 


A B2B Ignite Session: 6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Martech Stack

I was lucky enough to recently attend the B2B Marketing Ignite event over a period of 3 days, attending various sessions on topics including ABM, branding, data insights and the Martech stack.

One session that stuck out for me was a presentation by Kirsty Dawe, CEO at Webeo, who is a marketer turned vendor. Her presentation titled 'The 2020 Martech Stack', shared some fantastic insights in what marketers should really be considering when choosing their own Martech stack for the year. With 1000's of suppliers to choose from (you only need to look at the Martech 5000 to understand how many), it can be hard to narrow down which supplier is the best fit for your company.

CMO's currently spend 26% of their budget on their Martech stack, but with only 58% using it to their full potential, the right choices need to be made to ensure you not only get the best match for your company but that you also choose the technology that you are able to use to its full capabilities.

Here are the 6 top things you should consider when choosing your Martech stack:

Decide What is the Most Important 

It's important to map out what you are looking to achieve. For example, are webinars going to be a big focus? If yes, then you need to make sure you invest in a good webinar software. Is marketing automation a focus, or is it actually just email marketing you are looking to do? Make sure you understand the differences between a full marketing automation platform like Marketo, compared to Mailchimp which is all you would need for email marketing.

Use Specialists to Your Advantage
When choosing the technologies/platforms for your Martech stack, you should ensure you choose the platform that has the right specialist to help you. Take time to understand how the specialists can help, although you will want to learn the system, a good specialist will help train your team, while also taking responsibility for the most important parts. This is a great advantage into getting your system up and running quickly.

The Biggest Suppliers aren't Always the Best
Although it can be easy to pick the biggest suppliers, that doesn't always mean it is best for you. It's important to remember what is the problem you are looking to solve? Ask yourself who can solve this best? Often companies will go for the biggest supplier, but then will find 3 months down the line they aren't the best fit. Find out which suppliers have proven success with clients like yourself, and make sure they understand what you are looking to achieve.

Do you Have the Time to Commit?
Suppliers often believe that for companies to be successful, and get the platform up and running efficiently, they need to be able to commit to the first 45 days. Don't choose a platform that you don't have the time to invest in. Why spend the money, if you have to stop onboarding halfway through due to other priorities? Technology in your Martech stack can provide fantastic results, but only if you invest the time to get it working properly.

Always Have a Back-Up Technology Owner
You should always have more than one person in your team who understands how to work the technology. This will avoid any awkward situations, such as if a person leaves to move on to a new job, opening the potential risk of the system going unsued for several weeks or months, while someone new gets up to speed. Ensure you have a team big enough to include a 'back-up'; someone who knows enough to carry on the job and help avoid your company waste money on an unused platform.

Use Agencies to Your Advantage
Agencies can be great allies when dealing with suppliers. Look to choose a supplier that will be happy to work with your agency. This will be hugely beneficial to your company, as it will ensure that stuff gets done and can help take tasks off your plate when you get to busy.

EE World Online Welcomes Jeff Shepard as Lead for Power Electronics Vertical

We were surprised to hear the news that Jeff Shepard has joined the team at EE World online, as a contributing writer focusing on power electronics technical content for EE World's Power Electronic Tips site.

As the founder of The Darnell Group and Darnell Research, Inc., Jeff has extensive experience writing about power electronics, having launched the PowerPulse website in 1999, the first daily news website for the global power electronics engineering community. Additionally, he published The PowerPulseDaily newsletter, which covered the latest technology and industry developments in all aspects of power semiconductors and power electronics.

“Jeff is a highly recognized and respected industry source on power electronics technology,” commented Aimee Kalnoskas, Senior Editor, EE World. “He joins the ranks of other experienced EE World authors including Executive Editor, Lee Teschler, Senior Editor, Martin Rowe and contributing writer Bill Schweber, to develop content creation for our audience of electronics design engineers challenged with keeping pace with increasingly complicated power technologies.”

We understand Jeff's move relates to the news of PowerPulse having been sold to another publisher, and we will let you have more information when it is announced publicly.

We wish Jeff the best of luck in his new role and look forward to reading some of his content on the website in the near future.




Napier Launches Marketing Automation Naming Convention Tool

Here at Napier, we understand that there are various elements a company has to consider when onboarding to a new marketing automation platform, and often companies are so eager to get going that they don't stop to think about the simple tasks such as naming conventions.

Whether you are someone who has worked with marketing automation for a long time or someone who is new to automation, a common theme we often hear is that they wished they had taken the time to set up a naming convention from the beginning.

It's important to decide on an internal naming convention that the entire team will use. This will ensure organisation across the entire company and will provide a streamlined view of all your assets, allowing for quick filtering to find exactly what you are looking for.

As the system becomes more complex with further elements, your organised naming conventions will allow you to provide insightful reports, and clearly identify which asset is performing the best; as well as reducing the error of risk, if you are sending multiple emails in different languages.

Napier's Marketing Automation Naming Convention Tool provides a clear layout of what your naming convention could consist of. All you need to do is fill in the relevant data and watch the tool do the rest! Try it out now, and get it in touch to let us know if it has helped you.

You can view Napier's full range of online marketing tools here.

British Engineering Excellence Awards Rescheduled for 2021

Mark Allen Group has announced the decision to re-schedule the 2020 British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAS) to next year.

Now taking place on Friday 26th March 2021, the decision to re-schedule stems from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the wish to celebrate and reward the remarkable achievements in the industry at a more appropriate time.

Paul Fanning, Editorial Director of MA Business, commented: “Having celebrated the 10th anniversary of the BEEAs in 2019, it feels painful to know that we won’t be holding an event in 2020. However, this decision has been taken in the best interests of our guests, employees, and entrants and that has to be our priority. With that in mind, we found ourselves with little alternative other than to postpone. With the UK likely to have some disruptive social distancing measures in place for some time to come, our plan at Mark Allen Group is that by postponing the awards, we will give our industry the time it needs and create the ideal opportunity for us all to celebrate the achievements of engineering designers together next year."

This decision will be an unsurprising one for the industry. With the future of social distancing still uncertain, we are seeing more and more events postpone to next year, in the hope that we will be able to gather together once more and celebrate the fantastic achievements within the industry.

Entries for the awards are still open, with voting due to close on Friday 4th September 2020. To find out more about how you can enter, please click here. 

Power Systems Design Host Virtual PSD Power Panel

Power Systems Design (PSD) recently held a 'Virtual PSD Power Panel: Standing Out from the Crowd' webinar, which took a deeper look into GaN and SiC products; and focussed on a range of companies that detailed their own unique products and the benefits that they will bring to the next generation of power designs.

Key speakers included companies such as WolfSpeed, Analog Devices, and Infineon Technologies, with the webinar covering:

  • How driving GaN/SiC devices can be a challenge, and how to overcome it
  • An overview of applications powered by silicon carbide and the technology's capabilities
  • How advancements in SiC technology helped create the lowest on-resistance SiC FETs
  • How GaN can be amazingly robust to AC line swells, surges and fast transients

The webinar is now available on-demand, and you can register by clicking here. 

EETech Unveils 'Industry Tech Days' Virtual Conference

EETech media has unveiled its virtual conference 'Industry Tech Days', which will be the largest ever virtual trade show and conference for electrical engineers.

Due to be held from 31st August to 4th September 2020, the five-day event will transform the community-driven website All About Circuits into a digital expo floor, allowing attendees the opportunity to step into the traditional trade show environment from the comfort of their own home.

Exhibitors will have digital “booth” landing pages on which to showcase their content, and these booths will provide live interactions through which community members have the opportunity to learn about new products and pose questions in real-time to engineers at their preferred suppliers.

The event will feature 30 plus live sessions, spanning hundreds of topics across 15 premium event tracks which include cybersecurity, IoT Connectivity, Embedded Systems, and Test & Measure Innovations. The virtual platform will also offer participants the opportunity to participate in fireside chats, panel discussions, and specific product training courses.

“In-person events in the foreseeable future will be heavily reduced and limited,” commented Adam LaBarbera, co-founder and CEO of EETech. “Our goal is to replicate the traditional, in-person trade show experience in an internet-suitable format. We want our community to gain significant value from the experience and interaction.”

With a focus on providing content around 'hot' topics of interest for All About Circuits users, EETech's 'Industry Tech Days' will certainly be an extremely informative and community-driven event for the industry, with attendees able to discover and access the same high-quality and relevant content they could expect at a normal trade show.

To find out more information, and who you should contact to discuss exhibitor opportunities, please click here.

Elektronik World of Solutions Virtual Trade Fair Announced for July 2020

WEKA FACHMEDIEN publication's Elektronik and Elektronik Automotive, have announced Elektronik world of solutions a virtual trade fair due to take place from 20th-31st July 2020.

The fair aims to offer companies within the embedded industry a new opportunity to network and exchange information with fellow professionals. As an exhibitor, companies can set up their virtual stands to present product innovations, and visitors can use live chats to get in touch with exhibitors in real time.

The trade fair will also feature a digital exhibitor forum, where exhibitors are invited to share further information via a detailed presentation in a specific speaker slot.

Exhibitors will also receive all contact details of stand visitors, the participants from their speaker slot, and contacts from chat requests, all in compliance with GDPR.

As trade shows continue to be a thing of the past in this new COVID reality, we think its great to see further publications jumping on the virtual bandwagon, and we look forward to hearing the industry's viewpoint on the fair once it has taken place.

For more information and to find out how you can participate please click here. 


Editor-in-Chief Hans Jaschinski to Retire

We were sad to hear the news that Hans Jaschinski, Editor-in-Chief at elektronik industrie will be retiring after 35 years at the publication.

With two engineering courses in communications engineering and industrial engineering, Hans started his career at Siemens AG in Munich, before moving to the elektronik industrie publication in 1985.

Hans will be handing over his role to Alfred Vollmer, who has been working alongside Hans for the last few years and will now be responsible for the trade publication, with support from the editorial team.

Mike, Managing Director at Napier commented "Hans Jaschinski was one of the great gentlemen of the electronics industry. His expert knowledge and charming manner allowed him to ask great, and sometimes challenging questions to get to the bottom of a story while remaining one of the best-loved electronics journalists in Europe."

We wish Hans all the best for the future, and a happy retirement!

Electronic Specifier Reveals Virtual Trade Show for September

Electronic Specifier has revealed it will be hosting a virtual trade show 'Electronic Specifier Expo' which will showcase the latest products and technology trends from the industry.

Due to take place on September 1st from 9am-6pm, the virtual event will offer attendees the opportunity to hear from a wide range of industry experts who will be sharing the latest products, technologies, and solutions in the industry, as well as contributing to an informative programme of webinars and motivating talks.

The event will include a packed agenda, with a number of halls and webinars focussing on topics such as Industrial, IoT, Automotive, and Healthcare. Attendees will be able to look closely at the featured companies and products exhibited, and will also have the opportunity to view content from specific industries from the last 6 months.

Electronic Specifier is the latest to join a list of publications hosting their own virtual event. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, publications are doing their best to replace trade shows, and we look forward to hearing feedback on what we are sure will be a successful virtual event for Electronic Specifier.

WNIE Launches Open House

What's new in Electronics Online (WNIE) has announced the launch of its 'Open House' platform, introducing a new method for companies to reach key contacts and promote their businesses.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting usual working practices, the industry has had to adapt to a new way of sourcing new products and services; and to meet this need, WNIE has launched WNIE Open House, a virtual platform which showcase's companies expertise or products. With a series of fortnightly virtual showcases, the 'Open House' offers companies the opportunity to share content such as product launches, webinars, technical demonstrations, or technical articles.

Companies can choose when to go ‘live’ within the designated time and the slot is then promoted to the WNIE database via weekly newsletters; daily social media feeds and dedicated e-shots, with the content then hosted on the WNIE website after the showcase date.

WNIE is another great example of the industry adapting to the new current reality, and offering companies digital replacements to the opportunities they have lost in the absence of face to face meetings and trade shows.

For further information on the 'Open House' and how you can take part, please check out the website, or call +44 1428 609 382 to find out more.