Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Why waste money marketing to organisations that will never be major customers. Get your marketing and sales working together to target your time and money to the audiences likely to generate the biggest returns. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a technique that ensures your marketing budget is focussed on your target accounts, cutting wasted marketing spend and increasing your return on investment. ABM uses data and a wide range of marketing tactics to grow your sales with marketing that talks to your key audience.

B2B Technology ABM

Napier brings expertise in reaching the technical decision makers and executives in the companies that matter most to you. Engineers, IT professionals and the senior execs that have the biggest influence over whether a company chooses your products or services can be particularly difficult to reach. Our deep understanding of the needs of these professionals and our unique four-step process ensures Napier’s ABM service reaches these key decision makers.

Lead Generation and Customer Engagement

Napier’s ABM service will generate contacts and leads in the key accounts that matter to you, creating opportunities to acquire more customers. Our mix of outbound and inbound marketing techniques allow you to capture leads and build a complete picture of your target accounts. Once they become customers, ABM increases their engagement and loyalty delivering even more value to your business.

Integrated ABM Campaigns

We use data to identify contacts within your target accounts and understand where we can reach them most effectively. We mix inbound content marketing with outbound promotion to deliver a multi-channel, multi-touch campaign that has maximum impact.

How we deliver the service

Our four-step process provides a framework that ensures your ABM campaign delivers the best possible return on investment. We identify your goals, the target accounts and the job roles you want to target. We then build data-driven campaigns that reach into your accounts with precision. We continually enhance and focus the campaign by monitoring performance against your KPIs to ensure we have the right mix of marketing tactics to exceed your goals.

What makes us different

  • Deep knowledge of technical B2B decision makers.
  • Integrated campaigns that combine tactics to deliver the best ROI.
  • Expert analysis of data to target your key accounts precisely.