ETN Magazine launches ETNdigi

ETN has announced the launch of their digital magazine ETNdigi. The magazine will be distributed in a pdf format, consisting of news, technical articles, event reports and columns; as well as containing active links to technical papers and presentations.

The first issue of ETNdigi will be published in June in partnership with Arrow, and will be distributed not only to ETN’s subscription database, but also Arrow Finland’s customer base and Arrow’s IoT summit visitors.
With the first issue to focus on different IoT network technologies, their testing, building blocks and applications, ETNdigi is already promising readers a magazine they would regret missing.
ETN are aiming to distribute 2-3 issues of ETNdigi per year to be based around industry specific themes or events.

For any further questions or to find out how you can advertise with ETNdigi, please contact Editor-in-Chief Veijo Ojanperä.

Clarion Events acquire PennWell to Expand North American Presence

Clarion Events, one of the oldest independent event organizers in the UK, has acquired PennWell Corporation – a private B2B media, conference and exhibition company. The acquisition brings together two of the industry’s most respected companies, as it enables Clarion events to expand its North American operations, as they form one of the largest event companies in the world.

PennWell previously organised more than 40 exhibitions and conferences around the world. They also handled 130 media properties for many industries, including: oil and gas, electronic power generation and delivery, hydropower, renewable energy, fiber-optics and cable and aerospace. In the electronics sector they are particularly known for the title Military & Aerospace Electronics.

The acquisition will clearly benefit both sides of the table, as PennWell’s roster of market-leading events will enhance Clarion Events' portfolio whilst Clarion’s global network and depth of resources will no doubt strengthen PennWell’s offerings.

With an impressive presence across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Clarion Events' has the reach to enhance PennWell’s offers to worldwide customers, including their diversified portfolio of events, such as the POWER-GEN series, DistribuTECH for electricity distribution, as well as media brands such as the Oil & Gas Journal.

PennWell is the latest in a series of global acquisitions by Clarion, who purchased Urban Expositions back in 2015, and announced in February the acquisition of Hong Kong based Global Sources, a leading events organiser and online B2B marketplace operator.

It is interesting to see Clarion Events' making moves across the globe as they reinforce themselves as a widely established company in the industry. Their latest acquisition of PennWell presents their commitment to building a strong and competitive presence in North America as they continue to build their portfolio and the innovative events within it.

Napier continues to grow with 2 New Client Wins

Napier continues to prove itself as a successful B2B PR and Marketing agency with 2 new clients wins – Redis Labs and NetSpeed Systems.

Redis Labs, a leading computer software company, has appointed Napier to help them increase their Brand Awareness through PR activities in the UK. Using Napier’s technical expertise and relevant experience, they will secure coverage for Redis Labs in a diverse range of vertical markets.

Napier has also been appointed by NetSpeed Systems, a company that provides scalable, coherent on-chip network IPs to SoC designers. Napier has been selected to run a pan-European PR campaign to increase the awareness and preference of NetSpeed Systems in Europe.

Napier are excited to be working with two such innovative companies and look forward to promoting their brands through high quality PR activities.

Our Latest Competition - Winner Revealed!

Congratulations to Jacki Elwell from Vicor, who is the winner of our 'Tell us What the Teddy Bears are Saying' competition.

See below for Jacki's Winning entry:

A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know Media Analyst Rachael Penfold

In our ‘Napier Nine’ video series we have been getting to know the Napier Team. In this installment we interview Media Analyst, Rachael Penfold.

Discover Rachael’s first concert she ever attended, her strongest quality and the fictional place she would most like to visit as she answers her nine questions…


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Electronic Specifier Launches New Startups Magazine

Electronic Specifier has announced the launch of their new magazine Startups, a publication that will be aimed at the startup community and will cover the latest project news and stories in the sector.

Following the Hardware Pioneers event held in London, it’s clear to see that an active startup community currently exists within the UK, especially within the technology sector. The event saw startups, entrepreneurs and investors gather to share ideas and to help get tech projects off the ground. With recent research stating that the number of new technology companies launched in the UK last year rose by almost 60%, Electronic Specifier has targeted a sector that is truly thriving and in need of a magazine dedicated to their community.

The Startups magazine will be a quarterly print and digital publication, covering the latest project news and stories in the sector, as well as insight from investors, accelerators, incubators and industry experts, who will be able to offer advice and guidance on how to take an idea and make it a success.

The debut issue of the magazine is now available and gives good insight into the great content we can expect to see in the future.

It’s great to see Electronic Specifier expand their horizon and fill a gap in the industry. We look forward to reading future issues and learning about the startups community and the leaps of faith they take to make their vision of technology a reality.


Could Google’s New Rules Mean Death of the Welcome and Pop-Up Ads?

Google has implemented new ad blocking rules on its Chrome browser, in a move to improve what they think is an acceptable ‘ad experience’.

Chrome’s built-in ad blocker means that all advertising on websites that serve ‘annoying’ ads, such as autoplay videos with sound, full page pop-ups and some welcome ads will be blocked. This means Google won’t block all ads, just those that don’t conform with the Better Ads Guidelines.

Although this is a welcome improvement for users of the browser, it is understandable to see why online publishers are fretting about this move as they are the most affected by this change.

Many publishers use the Doubleclick for Publishers system (DFP) to display their advertising. As the system is owned by Google publishers are in a tight corner, as Google has the control to practically ‘dictate’ what ads can be run on their site.

If you run adverts that break the rules and cause a ‘Google ad violation’, this could result in Chrome blocking all advertising featured on the given site. This is potentially a huge penalty to any publisher.

Although the new ad blocking rules are currently only affecting USA and Canada, they are already affecting European publications who expect Europe to follow suit with Chrome’s built-in ad blocker.

Electronics Weekly, is already one key publication that is being affected by these new rules; they say they have no choice but to remove their use of ‘pop-ups’ that are no longer allowed by Google and ‘Welcome Ads’, which are now restricted in how they operate.  The publication has alre+ady removed these types of ads from their advertising in USA and Canada, and will eventually remove ‘Pop-up’ and ‘Welcome’ ads from their standard inventory altogether.

Although it is clear to see why publishers are worried about this change, there has to be positives to improving the user experience. The big question is whether the new standard not only decreases the number of readers using ad blockers, but if it will improve the experience of website users to such a degree that the effectiveness of “better” adverts is improved.

The IET Innovation Awards 2018 Open for Entries

The IET Innovation Awards for 2018 are now open for entries. The IET’S annual award ceremony celebrates the very best in new innovations across science, engineering and technology, presenting entries from all around the world.

With 13 categories to enter, including Power and Energy, Manufacturing Technology, Start-up and Young Innovators, the IET ensures that everyone from the industry has the opportunity to reveal their latest innovations; whether this be a creative new design or a revolutionary product.

The IET Innovations Awards are highly regarded as they offer a place for the best in the industry to be celebrated, and raise their profile by sharing their ideas with a wider audience.

The awards are free to enter and the winners will gain a 12-month ‘Conference Pass’, as well as being invited to showcase their innovation in action at the awards ceremony.

For more information or to enter your innovation into the awards please click here.

A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know Account Director Janice Ashton

Janice Ashton, Account Director at Napier, is the latest to take part in our ‘Napier Nine’ series.

From Janice’s favourite saying, to the job title that reflects what she really does at Napier. Learn everything you need to know about the PR and Marketing expert as she answers her nine questions…



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EETech Announces New Partnership with Bodo’s Power System

EETech Media and Marketing has announced their new partnership with Bodo’s Power Systems, which makes EETech the exclusive North American sales channel for Bodo’s System Design.

Co-founder and CEO of EETech, Adam LaBarbera described the partnership as the next logical step to “bring our collective experience and audiences together”.

Bodo Arlt, founder and publishing editor at Bodo’s Power Systems reinforced this view stating “Partnering with EETech enables us both to grow our reach. Knowing that EETech understands the importance of quality, timely information for power engineers makes for a great partnership that we are very excited about”.

At Napier, we are always excited to hear about the latest magazine collaborations, and we are certain that the partnership of EETech and Bodo’s Power Systems can only bring benefits to the industry, as they work together to provide the best technical content for their readers.

New Editor in Chief at Selezione di Elettronica

Italian publication Selezione di Elettronica has announced an important change to their editorial team, as after 11 years as Editor in Chief, Laura Reggiani has decided to resign from her position to embark on a new adventure.

With almost 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, Laura has made the difficult decision to leave the electronics world behind and move her focus onto a new project. Although we are sad to see Laura leave, we were pleased to learn that Fabio Boiocchi will be taking over as editor in chief, with Pierantonio Palerma remaining Editorial Director for Selezione.

We wish Laura the best of luck for her future and look forward to seeing the direction Fabio will take Selezione di Elettronica in as the new Editor in Chief.

Techwatch acquire all shares of High Tech Institute

Techwatch, the publisher of Bits & Chips and Mechatronica & Machinebouw, has become the sole owner of High Tech Institute after acquiring all shares.

Formerly known as the Philips Centre for Technical Training, researchers and scientists of High Tech Institute have spent years developing technical training with their leading-edge knowledge; making them available for the people within High Tech Institute’s product divisions, and then eventually available for the whole high-tech ecosystem in the Netherlands.

René Raaijmaker owner and managing director of Techwatch and High-Tech Institute, explained how “The training institute fits with the mission of Techwatch as supplier of independent information and knowledge”.

It’s no secret that this is a clever move for Techwatch, as the post-academic trainings of High Tech Institute fit perfectly within Bits & Chips and Mechatronica & Machinebouw target audience of engineers and technical managers in electronics, mechatronics, optics and software.

It is impressive to see Techwatch take this leap of faith and make this move, as it shows that at least one publisher in the industry is thinking creatively about their business. This is definitely an opportunity that further publishers can take advantage of in the future, and with a clear fit between training and publishing, it would good to see more publishers making similar moves to Techwatch.

A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know Marketing Specialist Emily Serna

Emily Serna, Marketing Specialist at Napier, is the second person to take part in our ‘Napier Nine’ series.

This time round we introduce you to the individual behind the Marketing Specialist; learn what fictional place Emily would most like to visit, what she would spend her last £20 on and the Napier project she is most proud of.



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MMG Publishing Announce the Launch of EBOM

Mark Leary Publisher and Founder of MMG Publishing, has announced the launch of a global information source for engineers and professionals working within the electronics industry.

The site will provide engineers, R&D, procurement and manufacturing and test professionals with the latest new products, industry news and innovations; which will be based on research generated from professionals working within the global electronics industry.

EBOM will also include Authorised, a live component comparison tool which provides a component search function for the authorised distributors, in combination with the ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association). will run besides EBOM LIVE, a virtual trade show, which is the industry’s first digital exhibition platform covering visitor’s requirements from R&D through to finished production. The show will feature live RSS feeds, video content, latest literature and exhibitor profiles; while categorized halls visitors can even request further information from exhibitors. With over 100 companies already exhibiting at the show at time of launch, this is proving to be a popular choice for many in the industry.

We look forward to seeing what will provide to the industry.

Launch of New Magazine Connected Technology Solutions

Mark Venables editor of Plant Engineer, is launching a new magazine called Connected Technology Solutions (CTS). The magazine will concentrate on the convergence of IT/IOT/Comms and software, and how this is delivering a new operating platform for the industry.

CTS will focus on utilising trends such as IoT, Industry 4.0, Big Data, AI, and Automation; alongside cloud and edge computing, advanced analytics, high speed communications networks and software driven ecosystems.

IT managers, operations managers and C-level executives will be the main target audience for the publication, with the first print magazine to be published in late May.

The CTS website is due to go live in mid-April, with the monthly newsletters to begin soon after in late April.

As a well-experienced publisher, editor, and writer we’re looking forward to seeing Mark’s latest project and his take on the industry.

New Electronics Celebrate 50 Years

Congratulations to New Electronics, who will be celebrating their 50th year anniversary this coming June.

To mark the event, the magazine will be publishing a special issue on the 26th June, which will look back at how the electronics industry has changed, highlighting key dates and the main technological developments that have shaped the electronics market.

As part of their special issue, New Electronics are inviting professionals and experts from across the electronics industry to share stories about their history and vision for moving forward in the industry.

It’s great to see such a significant magazine in the industry celebrating their success and highlighting how far the industry has come.

If you have something you would like to participate for this special issue, then please contact Peter Ring or James Creber for more information.

MagPi Magazine to Publish in Dutch and French

Elektor International Media has recently signed an agreement to publish Dutch and French editions of the MagPi magazine in association with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

MagPi’s first magazine edition was recently published with a print run of 10,000 Dutch copies and 18,000 French copies, and is available in book and magazine stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the Elektor store.

Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation has expressed his delight in Elektor working with them “to disseminate and strengthen the ideas of the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the Netherlands and France” as the “objective of the Foundation is to introduce as many people as possible to digital, computer technologies and programming in an accessible way”.

As a key international platform for electronics and computer technology it is great to see Elektor help key projects be brought to light, while also raising the profile of MagPi magazine.

Signing of the Elektor and MagPi agreement



Incisive Works Reveal Insight into B2B Tech Marketing for 2018

Incisive Works has released a report which provides valuable insight into IT decision-makers and the tech marketing that they respond to. Titled ‘B2B Tech Marketing: Are Tech Marketers Delivering What Decision-Makers really want?’, the report gains information from surveying 181 IT buyers, 153 business technology marketers and interviewing specially-selected IT buyers and marketers.

With opinions differing from across the industry on the best tactics to make IT decision-makers respond, this report has produced a definitive picture of the current state of the market, challenging previous perceptions of the industry that marketers may have held.

Probably one of the most surprising reveals in the report was the change within the buyer’s journey. In 2018, IT decision-makers will not focus on the features of the technology, but will direct their attention to how products help them achieve their goals to improve business effectiveness.

The report reveals that business drivers are now the key force in motivating IT decision makers, with 21% of respondents stating cost savings as one of their key reasons to be investing in new tech.

IT Tech buyers said that professionals, peer-level contacts and product websites are their main information sources, with buyers claiming that when they are interested in a product, they want to see cold, hard facts on what the specific technology can do, rather than a long drawn-out less than informative conversation.

A notable change in the industry is the importance of influencers in the decision-making unit. IT buyers commented that often marketers fail to be successful because they always approach the top of the chain, when many rely on their team around them to provide the information and research first before making any decisions. 55% of respondents disclosed that they were involved in the decision-making process, from inputting their opinions to contributing background information and research on the tech in question.

Although surprising, it seems that there are now layers to the decision-making process, and often this will start on the lower half of the business chain with some interviewees commenting that they will always hand their team the opportunity to research the tech, and will listen to their advice before making a final decision.

The report also features research on marketing tools which found that many tech marketers were now using marketing automation. 20% of respondents are using HubSpot, and 17% are using Marketo. This is not surprising considering how much marketing has changed in the last few years, with a firm focus on lead generation, conversion and revenue.

Although there is the worry that the customer is forgotten due to technology, there is no denying that IT buyers can benefit from these marketing automation platforms.

It is obvious to see that the industry is undergoing a change, and this report offers a window for tech marketers to seize opportunities and update their tech marketing to reflect the current state of the IT market.

To read the full report and find out more about the results please click here.

Have you read our ‘How Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Make IT Purchasing Decisions’ White Paper? Download it here.

New Editor in Chief for Computer&AUTOMATION

Congratulations to Günter Herkommer who has recently taken over the role of Editor-In-Chief at Computer&AUTOMATION. Günter’s new responsibilities will include handling the Computer&AUTOMATION magazine and website, as well as events such as the TSN / A-Conference and Forum Mensch Roboter. He will also handle the official daily newspaper at the sps ipc drives fair in Nuremberg.

Günter is replacing former Editor-In-Chief Meinrad Happacher, who will not be leaving the Computer&AUTOMATION team. Instead we are happy to announce that Meinrad has been promoted to a new role as Editor at Large, and will focus on efficiently growing the Computer&AUTOMATION brand in print, online and with regards to events.

We wish them both the best of luck in their new roles!

Meinrad – Editor at Large
Günter – Editor in Chief









The Digital Transformation of Things Column

Elettronica In and Open Electronics are collaborating with EMBEDDED IOT, the leading Italian event on digital transformation of things, to launch a new column dedicated to the ecosystem of the IoT.

The first issue will explore IoT platforms, cybersecurity,  and what’s new in IoT applications and products.

The column will be published on the Elettronica In and Open Electronics websites, as well as being included in the paper magazines which will be distributed freely during the IOTHINGS events in Rome and Milan.

It is great to see publishers and event organizers within the electronics industry working together towards a common goal as they provide a source of information on one of the hottest topics in the industry.

Elektronik Magazine Announces Elektronik Neo

Elektronik magazine has revealed the plans for their new magazine Elektronik neo, which will be launched in November 2018.

Elektronik neo will target the younger generation in the electronics industry. From start-up founders and employees, young professionals and electronics and information technology students; Elektronik neo will be a platform for them to learn from.

The Elektronik team are positioning Elektronik neo as ‘new, young, different’, whilst also being unusual and revolutionary. As the first magazine in the German market to write about electronic industry topics specifically for a young professional audience, Elektronik has stood out as one of the first magazines to truly think about the future professionals in the electronics industry.

Content for Elektronik neo will include trends in the electronics industry, fundamentals and overviews of technical developments, profiles of companies and start-ups who are of interest as employers, and information on building a career within electronics.

Elektronik neo will also include interviews, reports,  technical contributions, as well as the promise of “witty columns”.

By providing a platform for the younger generation within electronics, the Elektronik editorial team are working hard to encourage graduates and young professionals alike to advance within the electronics industry career ladder.

Companies have sometimes found it hard to make a career in electronics appealing to the younger generation. Elektronik neo will provide encouragementto this generation, as it focuses on engaging topics such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Energy Harvesting and Cyber Security.

I am sure that Elektronik neo will be important in shaping the next generation of engineers, as the editorial team encourages their readers to attend conferences, career start-up shows and learn everything they need to know to advance with an electronics career.

ELE Times Magazine Partner with ELECRAMA 2018

ELE Times magazine, India’s leading publication in the electronics and technology sector, will be the exclusive media partner of ELECRAMA 2018.

ELECRAMA 2018 is the largest trade show of the electric and electronic industry in India and will be held from 10-14th March at Great Noida, India.

This year’s event is set to be the biggest yet, focusing on ‘what the future of power beholds’. The show will feature the new business areas that are redefining the electricity space, the key components of renewable energy, and the digitalisation of electricity through IoT, AI and Electric transportation opportunities.

ELE Times say they are “redefining the modern electronics media company” in India, and the partnership with ELECRAMA 2018 is one step in achieving that goal.