Napier Named at ‘The Most Outstanding PR Agency’ at The Electronics Industry Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Napier was named as ‘The Most Outstanding PR Agency’ at The Electronics Industry Awards hosted in Birmingham last month.

The Electronics Industry Awards are based on a public vote, with the whole electronics industry coming together to recognise the outstanding performers. It’s great that everyone’s hard work has been rewarded, and we feel privileged to have been recognised by the industry.

Mike Maynard, Manging Director at Napier, commented on Napier’s success: “We are thrilled to be named as the ‘The Most Outstanding PR Agency’ at The Electronics Industry Awards. This is a great reflection of our hard work, and I’m extremely grateful to our amazing team and wonderful clients for making this such a fabulous year”.

We would also like to congratulate our clients Farnell and Microchip Technology, who also went home with an award. Farnell for distributor of the year, and Microchip Technology for Engineering Development/Design Tool of the year, with their MPLAB® PICKIT™ 4.


About The Electronics Industry Awards

2018 was the first year of this exciting new Awards scheme organised by Datateam Business Media in association with CIE Magazine, Electronics magazine and ecsn.

The Electronics Industry Awards is the first and only event in the electronics industry that hands the power back to the people. The groundbreaking format will reflect the unique and vibrant nature of the sector by allowing you – the industry – to pick the winners and shine a spotlight on your outstanding people, distributors and manufacturers.

Huthig Welcomes a New Member to Their Team

Martin Probst is the latest member to the join the team at publishing house Huthig, whose key areas will include Sensors/Sensor-ICs, Optoelectronics, Analog-Mixed-Singal-ICs, Power (Supply), Inverter and Battery-Technologies.

Here at Napier, we thought it would be great to learn a little bit more about Huthig's latest editor and Martin kindly agreed to participate in a interview with us. We were thrilled to receive his responses telling us a little bit more about himself:

  • How long have you been working within the electronics industry?

I’m quite new to electronics. I started volunteering in October 2016 at Hüthig and its electronic magazines. Volunteering is somewhat like an apprenticeship for journalists that lasts around two years. However, I became a full time editor at Hüthig since August 2018.

  • Why did you decide on a career within electronics?

Well, I wasn’t looking for a career within electronics, rather was I looking for a career within the media. I wanted to work for print or online and so I found the job offer from Hüthig. I hardly had any background with electronics back then, but I said to myself that I can do it and I have to at least try. The challenge was exciting. Two years later I am still here and still as excited as I was on my first day.

  • What are your key areas of interest within the industry?

I think sensors are super interesting. They are in a way the senses for a lot of electronic systems. They see, they smell, they feel, they hear. They also enable a lot of the current trends like autonomous driving or smart applications.

  • Do you have a favourite electronic gadget?

I guess my smartphone, if you consider it a gadget. It’s just fascinating how far they’ve come in the last decade or so. Nowadays you can do so much stuff on them like watching movies, reading newspapers, sending news out to millions of people and so on. And it looks like the technology will just keep getting better.

electronica India and productronica India welcome over 500 exhibitors from 27 countries

electronica India and productronica India have welcomed over 500 exhibitors from 27 countries as they take place from the 26th-28th September. Held at the Bangalore International Exhibition centre in Bengaluru, the trade fairs are showcasing a range of electronic technologies; focusing on components, systems, applications and innovative electronics production technology.

With a rapidly growing interest in the Indian electronics industry electronica India and productronica India will likely benefit, with Messe Muenchen India organising the biggest ever edition of the show, while IPCA Expo will be co-located with the trade fairs for the first time.

This year the trade fairs feature new topics and discussions at co-located supporting programs. This includes the PCB Tech conference which will focus on the importance of a robust supply chain and value addition to strengthen the PCB sector in India; as well as the CEO ‘vision for quadrupling to a US$ 400 billion electronics industry’ forum.

2018 marks the biggest edition of electronica India and productronica India seen so far, and we look forward to hearing the best moments from the electronica India and productronica India trade fairs this year.

Electronic Notes Launch Supplier Directory Listing

Electronic Notes have launched their supplier directory listing to provide a helpful overview of the main suppliers within the electronics industry.

The directory consists of entries from distributors, test equipment manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, microwave & RF companies, as well as power product and component manufacturers. Each supplier provides an overview of their company, as well as a feed of their latest news.

We think it’s great to see Electronic Notes providing the industry with such a helpful platform, as they deliver everything you need to know about the main suppliers within the electronics industry.

To see the directory’s latest updates and additions please click here.

ecsn Driving Innovation with ‘Powering Innovation Workshop’

The Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) have invited members to the ‘Powering Innovation Workshop’, in an effort to help them investigate how they position their organisation for innovation and revenue growth.

Presented by Dr Dave Richards, the workshop is designed to inspire members, and provide a framework to embracing a more strategic approach when leading innovation within their organisation. Aimed at the leadership teams of ecsn, the workshop will investigate some of the latest thinking and practise on innovation and how it may be practically applied to their organisation.

Dr Dave Richards is a globally recognised and published thought and practise leader, who has previously helped organizations achieve their full potential for all kinds of innovation; including new product development, technology applications, business improvement, customer engagement and open innovation.

It is encouraging to see that the ecsn association is providing support to their members, by trying to help them drive innovation within their organizations. With the workshop due to take place on the 29th November 2018, I look forward to hearing the positive feedback the workshop is sure to receive.

Benelux RF Conference to be held on the 28th November for 2018

The Benelux RF Conference (previously known as the Dutch RF Conference) is back for 2018. Due to be held on the 28th November at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen; the Benelux RF Conference targets Belgian and Dutch high-tech professionals and companies involved in high-end RF development and RF applications.

Organised by Techwatch in partnership with Novio Tech campus and the city of Nijmegen, the conference focuses on helping engineers, technical managers, product developers and innovation managers.

The conference offers in-depth sessions highlighting trends such as RF energy and RF power, as well as sessions on product-specific applications with a focus on innovative solutions in combination with advanced wireless technology.

For more information on the conference and how to attend please click here.

Napier Competition - Can you Name this Industry Figure? - Winner Revealed!

Congratulations to Todd Bria, who is the winner of our competition 'Can you Name this Industry Figure?'

We can reveal that our industry figure is in fact a younger version of Johnny Waddell. Congratulations to Todd who guessed correctly!

Napier Welcomes Jennifer Deroche as Account Manager

Jennifer joins the Chichester team bringing a wealth of experience from France and the United Kingdom, having developed her PR and Marketing skills in both agency and in-house. Her expertise includes public relations, strategic marketing, email campaigns and events. Jennifer’s previous experience covers a range of different industries, from academic publishing to agriculture. This year, Jennifer was awarded the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Professional Marketing.

”Jennifer is a fantastic addition to the Napier team,” commented Mike Maynard, managing director of Napier. “Our clients will value her international experience and deep knowledge of PR and marketing. The growth of Napier is driven by our talented team, and bringing in experts such as Jennifer will help the agency continue to expand.”

New Exhibition Director for productronica

A new exhibition director has been announced for productronica, the leading trade fair for electronics development and production.

Caroline Pannier has filled the role effective immediately, with the next productronica to take place in Munich from November 12th-15th 2019.

With a degree in Business Administration and Technology Law, Caroline has worked for Messe Munchen for the last six years. She has also previously worked as a spokesperson for electronica.

Caroline has spoken about her new position, explaining how she would like to make the trade show even more successful in the coming years with her knowledge and numerous ideas.

We think it is great to see a woman heading up such a significant role in the trade fair industry, and we look forward to seeing the new ideas Caroline brings to productronica.

Napier’s Toolbox

As a marketer you are often faced with a combination of problems that are your responsibility to fix. The marketing world is filled with tips and tools that all promise to solve your problem instantly; but at Napier we know this is often not the case.

It can be overwhelming when faced with advice from several sources that all tell you different ways on how to improve your SEO or the things you must include when creating a persona. But what happens if you are given access to tools that allow you to find the solution for yourselves?

Napier’s Toolbox - a collection of the most important marketing tools is the answer to your problems.

We’ve created the best tools to help you in all aspects of marketing. From your website, to your ROI and even your MQL’s, we’ve got your covered.  Our toolbox includes:

Napier’s Marketing ROI Calculator

ROI is often a marketer’s top priority, and when creating a campaign, it is one of the most important outcomes to calculate. Our ROI calculator allows you to calculate the potential increase in profit and ROI for a campaign where you can estimate its impact on the sales funnel.

For three simple steps on how to use the calculator it to its full potential read our blog.

SEO Audit and Reporting Tool

SEO. The one word that is constantly mentioned, and usually attached to several questions. What am I am doing wrong with SEO? How can I improve my keywords? What are my competitors doing that I’m not?

The Napier SEO Tool allows you to review your own website and analyse areas such as your keyword frequency; page title and meta description, page speed and mobile optimisation, as well as further insights and in-depth technical analysis. The tool will quickly identify problematic areas that need attention and provide recommendations on how to improve them.

The SEO tool also allows you to review your competitor’s SEO and compare results in an easy to digest format.

Read our blog to learn more about our SEO tool and what it can do for you.

B2B Persona Creator Tool

As customers continue to grow and change, it can be hard for marketers to pinpoint exactly who they want to target. A persona is so important because it allows you to create a targeted campaign, with the right content and the right approach; ensuring the most successful possible outcome.

Our B2B Persona Creator Tool allows you to develop B2B personas for a specific campaign, and truly understand your target audience from the beginning. All you need to do is answer the questions provided, sit back and watch the tool do the work for you.

To understand about the value of personas, read our post ‘Buyer Persona’s – Why are they so Important?’

MQL and SQL Definition Tool

As a marketer it can often be hard to determine the difference between a MQL and a SQL, with the biggest question often being asked ‘when should I hand over to sales?’ With so many different versions of a MQL and a SQL, it can be hard to know what these terms mean for your company.

Our MQL and SQL definition tool allows you to identify what information and behaviour qualifies your leads for either marketing or sales.  The tool will then provide an easy to read breakdown of what information determines whether they are a MQL or a SQL.

For more information on how use the tool to its full potential, read our blog.

Understand the difference between MQLs and SQLs with Napier’s Definition Tool

In today’s world of modern marketing, it can be hard to understand what behaviour determines a lead as a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Unfortunately, there is no one universal answer that states if a lead behaves a certain way then it is almost certainly a MQL or SQL.

Item Media define MQL’s as a “lead that definitely has value” and has been identified as a likely customer in the future. In comparison they describe an SQL as someone who has “clear and qualified buying intent” and is often already or nearly at the buying or decision stage of the funnel.

But how do you piece together what behaviour qualifies a MQL or a SQL for your company? At Napier, we have the answer with our MQL and SQL definition tool.  We know it can be hard to identify what type of a lead you have, and when working closely with sales, it can be difficult to know when to hand your lead over to the sales experts.

Our MQL and SQL definition tool allows you to personally identify what information and behaviour qualifies your leads for either marketing or sales.  The tool achieves this through asking select questions for each section, and then providing an easy to read breakdown of your information; which successfully defines the behavioural features you look for in a MQL and a SQL.

Try out our MQL and SQL definition tool now, and get in touch to let us know if our tool has helped you!

Buyer Personas - Why are They So Important?

It is clear to see that the marketing world has evolved over the years, with online platforms now playing a significant part in targeting customers. But with so many options, marketers can often struggle to break free from the crowd and target the right audience successfully.

The solution? A buyer persona.

As a fictional representation of a company’s typical customer, a buyer persona is applied in the early stages of campaign planning to help marketers pinpoint exactly who they want to target. A persona provides a detailed background on a specific target customer; including their age, education level, skills in terms of using the internet and their understanding of the product, as well as a set goal or objective that they are trying to complete when visiting the website. These elements create personas that are representative for a business’ larger target audience, as well as providing the team with shared understanding of customers in terms of goals and capabilities.

An important purpose of personas is the ability to develop solutions, products and services based upon the needs and goals of your customer. This allows you create a targeted campaign, with the right content and the right approach; ensuring a successful outcome.

At Napier, we know how important a persona is to your campaign, but also how time-consuming it can be to create one. This is why we’ve built Napier’s very own B2B Persona Creator Tool.  Our tool allows you to develop B2B personas for a specific campaign, and truly understand your target audience from the beginning. All you need to do is answer the questions provided, sit back and watch the tool do the work for you.

In an easy to read format, the B2B Persona Creator Tool will then generate a report of your persona detailing all the information you need to create a successful targeted campaign.  You can then create multiple personas and easily compare their similarities and differences and work out how to best target their needs.

Why not try out the tool today? And let us know how it helped you!

Finalist’s Revealed for The Electronics Industry Awards!

Following the online vote within the industry, The Electronics Industry Awards has revealed the finalists for 2018, and we are happy to announce that our clients Microchip Technology, Farnell element14 and Anritsu  have all been shortlisted as potential winners in the following categories:

  •  MPLAB X IDE, Microchip Technology - Engineering Development/Design Tool of the Year
  • Anritsu - Test, Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year
  • Farnell element14 - Distributor of the Year
  • Farnell element14 - Environmental Leadership
  • Microchip Technology - Academic Support

We are also delighted to say that Napier has been shortlisted for the Most Outstanding PR Agency category.

The winners will be announced at the Electronics Industry Awards ceremony on Tuesday 25th September 2018, at Birmingham’s National Conference Centre.

Good luck to all our clients, and we look forward to spending a fun-filled night at the awards!

Publisher ACSL Announces for Sale

Publishing house ACSL, has announced its decision to put the website up for sale. has been the leading website for the storage market since 1998, and the decision to sell has been made as part of a planned transition due to founder and Editor-in-Chief Zsolt Kereke’s retirement.

The website will cease all web advertising commitments and be frozen from 25th December 2018 until a new owner is found to take over the website operation in 2019.

Zsolt has spoken out about his time as editor at stating, “In my 40-year career in the electronics industry, the past 20 years at have been the most rewarding and enjoyable. And I have been carried on the shoulders of my wonderful readers who have inspired me and instilled their trust."

As a highly-respected and accredited publication in the industry, it will be interesting to see who will make the move to buy and the direction they will decide to take the website in.

To find out more information and stay up to date with the latest sale process take a look at the website.

1ST IKTEM Conference Declared a Huge Success

The first IKTEM Conference, organised by Svet elektronike & Svet mehatronike magazines, has been declared a huge success for 2018.

With over 140 registered participants, IKTEM 2018 was held in the Kranjska Gora, Venue Ramada Resort from May 31st to June 1st. After the first day of presentations participants were taken to Planica ski centre where they participated in the world's tallest ZIP Line from Planica ski jumping platform.

IKTEM 2018 has gained great interest from the industry, especially in Slovenia, achieving recognition from the Faculty for Electronics in Ljubljana, as well as by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and the Slovenian Craft Chamber.

The conference was carefully crafted for engineers, with presentations being non-commercial and instead technical and practical a crucial element to pleasing participating engineers.

Organiser of the conference Jurij Mikel revealed how, “having very good feedback from both participants and sponsors we see a bright perspective for IKTEM conference in the following years”.

After many years without industry conferences in Slovenia, we previously discussed our delight in Jurij’s decision to launch IKTEM 2018 and it is great to see the industry responding so positively. We look forward to seeing how the IKTEM Conference will grow in the future, and continue to make a positive impact on the industry in Slovenia.

Electronics Industry Awards – Voting Now Open!

We are happy to announce that Napier has been shortlisted for the Outstanding PR Agency category in the Electronics Industry Awards.

We have a great team here at Napier and love the work we do for our clients which is why we are spreading the word and asking you to vote for us as the Outstanding PR Agency.

Support from the industry and our clients is always appreciated, so please take the time to cast your vote now!

A 'Napier Nine' Video... Get to Know Director Dave Ingle

In the latest installment of our 'Napier Nine' video series, we learn all about Dave Ingle, Director at Napier.

Watch Dave's video below to find out the Napier project he is most proud of, what he would spend his last £20 on, and the job title that really reflects what he does at Napier, as he answers his nine questions...

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PCIM Europe has a Record Year for 2018

PCIM Europe 2018 the leading international event for Power Electronics, has seen a record number of visitors on its 40th year anniversary.

Over three days the event was attended by over 11,000 visitors who used PCIM as a platform to gain new knowledge and network with fellow experts in the field. There was a total of 506 exhibitors and 88 represented companies showcasing new trends and innovations from various fields of power electronics. With a 7% increase in visitors from last year, it is clear to see why PCIM Europe 2018 is already being declared such a success.

Lisette Hausser, Vice President at Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH and responsible for the PCIM Europe and PCIM Asia, described how they were “particularly pleased to welcome more than 500 exhibitors for the first time in the history of the event” as “the continued increase in visitor numbers demonstrates that in the 40th year of its existence, PCIM Europe is a central meeting point for the international power electronics industry.”

This year PCIM Europe also saw a rise in conference attendees, with more than 800 participants attending over 300 lectures and poster presentations. The conferences provided information on innovative developments in both industry and academia.

Visitors have been quick to praise PCIM Europe this year, and we look forward to seeing the direction PCIM Europe will take with the power electronics industry over the next few years.

Date 2019 Call for Papers Now Open

The Date 2019 conference has officially launched its Call for Papers, inviting experts from across the design, automation and test industries to get involved.

The conference will take place from the 25th - 29th March 2019 at Firenze Fiera, Fortezza da Basso, in Florence, Italy and covers four key topics including: Design Methods and Tools, Application Design, Test and Dependability and Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Two days of the conference will address particularly challenging areas for the system design community, focussing on ‘Embedded meets Hyperscale and HPC’ and ‘Model-Based Design of Intelligent Systems’. The conference will also cover hardware and embedded software design issues, as well as the design requirements and new architectures for challenging application fields such as IoT, multimedia, healthcare, smart energy and automotive systems.

Date 2019 welcomes all paper submissions for standard oral and interactive presentations. As well as encouraging proposals for Special Sessions, Friday Workshops, the University booth, European Projects and the PhD forum.

For more information and to find out how to submit your paper, please click here.

A ‘Napier Nine’ Video… Get to Know Accountant Stacey Peskett

In our ‘Napier Nine’ video series we have been getting to know the Napier team. In this installment, we introduce you to Stacey Peskett, Accountant at Napier.

Watch Stacey’s video below to find out the 4 words she would use to describe herself, the first concert she ever attended and her secret skill, as she answers her nine questions…

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