WEKA FACHMEDIEN has introduced a Matchmaker+ section to its elektroniknet.de website, which provides companies and suppliers with the opportunity to develop a Matchmaker+ profile, which will share information about products, content such as editorial articles, videos and presentations, and will also provide links to the companies website and social media platforms in one place.

To generate traffic to the specific company webpages, the Matchmaker+ profiles are linked via keywords in editorial content and via logo placements in elektroniknet.de’s newsletters. Readers will also be able to contact companies directly via an integrated form on the Matchmaker+ profile and the profiles will be highlighted in the supplier search.

The move to introduce Matchmaker+ profiles adds to previous digital offerings WEKA FACHMEDIEN has introduced, and it’s great to see that the investments in digital alternatives continue, to maximise the use of their websites to benefit both suppliers and readers.