everything PE is a new website that has been launched to address the power electronics industry. Developed by the creators of everything RF, the new everything PE website sits within the network of publications such as the PCB Directory, the EMC Directory and GoPhotonics. 

Developed to meet the growing demands of the power electronics industry, everything PE will aim to help solve the problems that engineers are facing, and will provide updates via the latest news, products, whitepapers and upcoming events in the industry. All content will be tagged with relevant keywords to make it easier and simpler to search on the website.

everything PE also features a parametric search tool, enabling engineers to find products from leading manufacturers in each category based on their requirements. Currently, the search tool features 15 categories, which allows users to see detailed product specifications, download datasheets, compare products and get pricing or request a quotation. The products are sorted by relevance and launch date allowing users to view the latest and the most up-to-date products that meet the requirements, and any inquiries generated via everything PE are directly routed to the sales contact at the relevant company and their distributors.

At Napier, we are always pleased when a new website is launched to address growth within the industry, and we look forward to seeing the content the new site will provide.

To find out more about the new everything PE site, please click here.