Elektronik World of Solutions Virtual Trade Fair Announced for July 2020

WEKA FACHMEDIEN publication's Elektronik and Elektronik Automotive, have announced Elektronik world of solutions a virtual trade fair due to take place from 20th-31st July 2020.

The fair aims to offer companies within the embedded industry a new opportunity to network and exchange information with fellow professionals. As an exhibitor, companies can set up their virtual stands to present product innovations, and visitors can use live chats to get in touch with exhibitors in real time.

The trade fair will also feature a digital exhibitor forum, where exhibitors are invited to share further information via a detailed presentation in a specific speaker slot.

Exhibitors will also receive all contact details of stand visitors, the participants from their speaker slot, and contacts from chat requests, all in compliance with GDPR.

As trade shows continue to be a thing of the past in this new COVID reality, we think its great to see further publications jumping on the virtual bandwagon, and we look forward to hearing the industry's viewpoint on the fair once it has taken place.

For more information and to find out how you can participate please click here. 


Editor-in-Chief Hans Jaschinski to Retire

We were sad to hear the news that Hans Jaschinski, Editor-in-Chief at elektronik industrie will be retiring after 35 years at the publication.

With two engineering courses in communications engineering and industrial engineering, Hans started his career at Siemens AG in Munich, before moving to the elektronik industrie publication in 1985.

Hans will be handing over his role to Alfred Vollmer, who has been working alongside Hans for the last few years and will now be responsible for the trade publication, with support from the editorial team.

Mike, Managing Director at Napier commented "Hans Jaschinski was one of the great gentlemen of the electronics industry. His expert knowledge and charming manner allowed him to ask great, and sometimes challenging questions to get to the bottom of a story while remaining one of the best-loved electronics journalists in Europe."

We wish Hans all the best for the future, and a happy retirement!

Electronic Specifier Reveals Virtual Trade Show for September

Electronic Specifier has revealed it will be hosting a virtual trade show 'Electronic Specifier Expo' which will showcase the latest products and technology trends from the industry.

Due to take place on September 1st from 9am-6pm, the virtual event will offer attendees the opportunity to hear from a wide range of industry experts who will be sharing the latest products, technologies, and solutions in the industry, as well as contributing to an informative programme of webinars and motivating talks.

The event will include a packed agenda, with a number of halls and webinars focussing on topics such as Industrial, IoT, Automotive, and Healthcare. Attendees will be able to look closely at the featured companies and products exhibited, and will also have the opportunity to view content from specific industries from the last 6 months.

Electronic Specifier is the latest to join a list of publications hosting their own virtual event. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, publications are doing their best to replace trade shows, and we look forward to hearing feedback on what we are sure will be a successful virtual event for Electronic Specifier.

WNIE Launches Open House

What's new in Electronics Online (WNIE) has announced the launch of its 'Open House' platform, introducing a new method for companies to reach key contacts and promote their businesses.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting usual working practices, the industry has had to adapt to a new way of sourcing new products and services; and to meet this need, WNIE has launched WNIE Open House, a virtual platform which showcase's companies expertise or products. With a series of fortnightly virtual showcases, the 'Open House' offers companies the opportunity to share content such as product launches, webinars, technical demonstrations, or technical articles.

Companies can choose when to go ‘live’ within the designated time and the slot is then promoted to the WNIE database via weekly newsletters; daily social media feeds and dedicated e-shots, with the content then hosted on the WNIE website after the showcase date.

WNIE is another great example of the industry adapting to the new current reality, and offering companies digital replacements to the opportunities they have lost in the absence of face to face meetings and trade shows.

For further information on the 'Open House' and how you can take part, please check out the website, or call +44 1428 609 382 to find out more.



PCIM Europe Confirms 'PCIM Europe Digital Days'

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that due to the COVID-19 situation, PCIM Europe would be unable to take place as planned, and would be replaced by a digital alternative. 

PCIM Europe has now confirmed that 'The PCIM Europe Digital Days' will be taking place as a virtual event from 7th-8th July 2020. The event will cover the latest innovations and developments in the field of power electronics, with a total of more than 250 video-on-demand presentations and interactive live discussions available free of charge.

Over the two days, the virtual event will offer suppliers and users the opportunity to expand their knowledge and professional network, with an online conference program, featuring presentations from international experts from industry and academia, covering key development trends in power electronics.

Taking part in the 'PCIM Europe Digital Days' is free of charge for users and companies can participate in the form of a digital exhibitor profile, through sponsoring or by providing a presentation on-demand. More than 50 companies have already confirmed their participation, including Infineon, Rohm Semiconductor, Mitsubishi Electric, Varta, and Wolfspeed.

The agenda features three main keynotes including Robert Plikat, Head of Subdepartment Power Electronics at Volkswagen in Germany, who will present 'Trends in Automotive Power Electronics Discussed at Audi's first full Electric Drive Train'; as well as Ahmed Elasser from the GE Global Research Center in the USA who will present 'Battery Energy Storage Systems: Past, Present, and Future', and “Innovative Data Center Power Solutions” by Roland Hümpfner from Huawei Technologies in Germany.

The Industry forum will cover research and development topics such as 'EV/HEV Cost vs. Performance Trade off: A Battle on Multiple Fronts for Power Electronics', whilst the virtual E-Mobility forum offers exclusive insights into the latest product innovations in the field of power electronics for electric mobility.

With the virtual event devised to be interactive, users have the opportunity to ask questions, take part in voting, or join live discussions via video chat. Participants will also be able to contact each other via the matchmaking function of the Talque digital event tool. This is possible both for participants with each other and with speakers and representatives of participating companies.

It's great to see that PCIM Europe will be able to go ahead in the best way possible for 2020. With EETech's 'Industry Tech Days' also due to go ahead in September as a potential replacement to PCIM, virtual events are able to offer attendees the opportunity to learn the latest in the developments of the industry and still network with fellow professionals.

We look forward to hearing feedback from users, on what we are sure will be a successful event for 2020.

For further information on the event and how you can register, please click here. 

Electronic Specifier Announces New Podcast Series

Electronic Specifier has announced a new podcast series, 'Electronic Specifier Insights', which provides listeners with a quick but detailed update about the current progress of the electronics industry, in this current COVID-19 climate.

The podcasts cover a wide range of content, including a look into the current technologies shaping the new world, reviews from all the top electronics show, and the latest product releases.

With 8 episodes already live from the series, listeners can access the podcast via all major streaming services, or via their website.

Podcasts are a tactic we have seen several publications start to use since lockdown has begun, and it's great to see Electronic Specifier using their platform to provide updates on different areas within the electronics industry, which will surely be an interesting listen for readers.



New Publication ELETTRONICA-TECH Launched

We were delighted to receive the news of a new publication ELETTRONICA-TECH, which has been launched following the recent acquisition of ELETTRONICA AV, and aims to create a community dedicated to the digital transformation of four pillars: Innovation, Electronics, Communication, and Security.

The ELETTRONICA-TECH website will provide solutions, insights, and updates for electronic designers, system integrators, and general technicians; whilst the community approach will allow readers to interact with the editors directly, and each registered user will be notified every time an article is published on the site.

The website will offer specific marketing automation features, with an 'Active lead generation' and 'Passive lead generation' approach. Both lead generation approaches will score visitors upon registering on the website and will monitor the number of visits, as well as interactions with the articles including comments and reviews.

The 'Active lead generation' approach will include an interactive pop-up that will show after being on a specific page for 30 seconds, asking the reader for further information. The sponsor of the page/article will then receive the qualified lead's details, including name, email, score information, and if they require any further details on the product or company.

In contrast, the 'Passive lead generation' approach will not include a pop-up but will store the activity of registered visitors, and the sponsor will again receive lead information including name, email, and score details based on who clicked on the specific article.

With plans for the magazine to be developed and produced by industry professionals, ELETTRONICA-TECH will work alongside ELETTRONICA AV under publisher FW Communication, to cover the entire market from economic, financial, methodological, and business issues, to thematic insights on technology. This will enable the magazines to reach and assist with the needs of two different target audiences: managers and designers.

We think it's great to see a new publication being launched in these unusual times, with a unique and interesting perspective to provide results via automated lead generation tactics. We look forward to seeing the direction the publication will take moving forward.

WNIE Launches WNIE Radio

What's New in Electronics (WNIE), has launched WNIE Radio, inviting companies to participate in an interview and discuss the latest updates or news in a pre-recorded podcast/radio discussion.

The podcast is promoted via WNIE's website, newsletter and social media channels, and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. The first podcast is already live, featuring an interview with Kaitlyn Dotson, Vice President at CalcuQuote.

At Napier, we think it's great to see WNIE launching its own podcast. With WNIE TV already established, but unable to take place due to COVID restrictions, the launch of their podcast seems to be the perfect replacement, allowing them to continue providing new content to their readers in a safe way. We look forward to listening to future episodes, as the podcast continues to grow.


IET Innovation Awards Now E&T Innovation Awards

The IET Innovation awards has announced its rebrand to the E&T Innovation awards for 2020.

The re-branding stems from IET's award-winning monthly magazine E&T, which covers all areas of engineering and technology through exclusive news, features, analysis, and announcements. The move aims to align the E&T magazine, with the innovation awards, in order to further showcase the fantastic innovations happening around the world.

The deadline for entries is the 3rd of July, and the categories available to enter can be found on its website here.

Good luck to everyone entering, and we look forward to seeing who makes the shortlist when it is announced in September later this year.



Napier's Webinar: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for LinkedIn

Social media continues to play an increasingly important role in communicating with customers, especially in the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the B2B industry, LinkedIn is arguably the most vital platform to connect and engage with your audience; yet we often hear marketers ask how do I market successfully on LinkedIn?

Napier recently held a webinar 'Tips, Tricks and Best practices for LinkedIn', which covers what you can do to be successful on the platform. We address:

  • How to get results from your LinkedIn profile
  • Optimising your company page
  • The top 5 tips, tricks and ideas for LinkedIn

Register to view our webinar on demand by clicking here, and don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know if our tips helped you!

DPA Introduces Essential Suppliers List

Design, Products, and Applications (DPA) has introduced an essential suppliers list, which features companies who have confirmed they are business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The directory is designed to inform DPA's readers about companies supplying essential components and provide important information that will enable readers to continue their day-to-day operations through these uncertain times.

The supplier's list is free to join, and companies can enquire about being included by contacting andrew.quenault@imlgroup.co.uk.

To view the suppliers' list, please click here. 

elektroniknet.de Announces New Direct Link Program

As publications have begun to adapt to these challenging times, we were delighted to hear the news about elektroniknet.de's new direct link program, which has been introduced as part of an effort to enlarge its digital advertisement offerings.

The program has been introduced alongside e-papers, and digital trade fairs, and offers the opportunity for clients to 'book' keywords, which will be linked from articles published on elektroniknet.de to a landing page of their choice. The client has the option to book any keyword including the companies name, and are offered a prominent placement in the editorial content.

At Napier, we think its great to see such an innovative approach being taken by elektroniknet.de, who have shown they are willing to adapt to the current new reality and offer clients something a bit different. We look forward to seeing the great results this program will deliver.

For further information on this program, please visit elektroniknet.de's website, and contact a member of the editorial team.

Process Industry Informer Launches Podcast Series

Process Industry Informer has recently launched its own podcast series, which will discuss the latest technologies and future insights throughout the manufacturing process industries.

Hosted by expert Dave Howell, the first three episodes are now live, featuring interviews with Steve Leech, Business Manager for Process Control Systems at Siemens, Jamie Clayton, Operations Manager at Freeman Technology, and Fréderick Motte, VP Customer Success at TrendMiner.

We've started to see more and more publications launching their own podcast, and with current circumstances, this is a great way for Process Industry Informer to engage and inform their readers in an alternative way.

To subscribe or listen to the podcasts, please click here.



Napier Launches Podcast Channel

Here at Napier, we often talk about the importance of staying up to date with trends, even going as far as to put together quarterly trends presentations for our clients, to ensure they stay up to date with the latest in the B2B technology industry. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of Napier’s podcast channel – The Marketing B2B Technology Podcast.

Aimed at anyone who works in marketing, PR or communications within the B2B technology sector, our podcast will cover the latest trends and tactics, covering topics from media relations to marketing automation.

Check out our first couple of podcasts here, and why not get in touch to tell us your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

Aspencore Announces Virtual Power Conference & Exhibition for 2020

Aspencore has announced the launch of a virtual conference and exhibition, focussing on power electronics, due to take place from June 16th-18th 2020.

The PowerUP Virtual Expo is a three-day virtual event and is planned to work in a similar format as a live exhibition and conference would. It will feature a fairground, an exhibition hall, as well as a conference area. Exhibitors will be able to present their products and solutions, and chat rooms will allow direct communication between visitors and exhibitors.

With power electronics playing an increasingly important role in various markets such as automotive, industrial, and consumer; as well as enabling technology for a wide range of new functions that enhance automotive and smart grid performance, safety, and functionality; the PowerUP Virtual Conference will be open 24 hours a day with live presentations from 14.30-17.30 CEST (8.30-11.30 EST)  Key topics of the conference include:

  • Motor control solutions
  • Wide-band gap semiconductors
  • Smart/renewable energy

Virtual trade shows and webinars have become a clear trend since the COVID-19 outbreak, and it's great to see Aspencore use this tactic as an opportunity to provide valuable insight into the power industry, during a time where physical trade shows are an impossibility.

To view the full agenda and find out further information, please click here. 

EETech Introduces 'Story First' Format to New Engineering Podcast

EETech has announced the launch of its new media podcast, Moore's Lobby; an electrical engineering podcast that shines a light on the electronics industry's most pressing technical issues, from the rise of simulation to the role of analog design.

The podcast will bring a 'Story First' content mentality through 30-minute narratives and will be hosted by David Finch, a New York Times bestselling author and 20-year veteran of the electronics industry.

“We’re thrilled to launch the podcast as a new media type for our readers to enjoy as they work, tinker, or relax,” said Kate Smith, Director of Digital Content for EETech. “While the format is new, our dedication remains the same as we pursue excellence in technical accuracy, thought-provoking conversation, and a clear representation of the experiences and challenges EEs face.”

“Moore’s Lobby brings real value to our community by featuring stories about successful EE peers, inspiring them with new ideas for their projects,” added Adam LaBarbera, co-founder and CEO of EETech.

With the first episode due to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on design engineers around the globe and what they are doing to adjust, we are excited by EETech's new approach to engage with their readers during this uncertain time and look forward to hearing what we are sure will be positive reviews about the podcast.

The first episode of Moore’s Lobby will go live Thursday, April 30th, and episodes will be released biweekly on all preferred podcast platforms (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and more). You can listen and subscribe to the podcast here. 

Guest Blog Post - Ian Poole - Keep Flexible and Keep an Eye on Your Stats In Times of Disruption

We were delighted to receive a guest blog post from Ian Poole, Editor of Electronics Notes, who explores how in this unprecedented time companies can stay flexible and use stats to understand what their readers are looking for.

Keep Flexible and Keep an Eye on Your Stats In Times of Disruption

We have all been experiencing disruption as a result of the current pandemic, and it has affected every business in one way or another.

One of the things we have been noticing at Electronics Notes is how quickly things have changed over the last month or so with regard to traffic and what people are looking for from our website.

One of the ways of gaining both more visitors and more reputation for the website is to respond to these needs as quickly as possible. Flexibility is the name of the game as a slight change in direction may be needed.

These concepts can be applied to websites and all businesses in a variety of ways. From our experience, I think there are two lessons we have learned:

  • Try to anticipate the needs and what people are looking for
  • Keep a very good eye on the website stats and trends to see what is happening and what trends are appearing

Although it is not possible to react to both instantly, responding to them as best you can enables you to respond to the needs of the moment, receive more traffic, build authority for the website, and extend the visitor or customer base. All of these help build the site or business for the longer term, as well as providing very useful resources for the short term.

Anticipating the needs

Shortly after the pandemic broke, we can all remember the request for people to work from home. This placed a significant extra strain on home broadband and Wi-Fi networks. The existing set-ups in many homes might have been good enough for most domestic usage, but once it needed to be pressed into use for business, it might have been put under strain. With other family members possibly using it for additional video streaming, etc at the same time, deficiencies could often be noticed.

To help answer some of the questions, we enhanced our section on Wi-Fi with some useful articles on how to install the best Wi-Fi, and also another one on how to use your existing Wi-Fi to the best effect, and make enhancements where appropriate. We also added a section on working from home to the careers section of the website. These served a good amount of traffic whilst also, hopefully being of use to the readers.

We are also looking at other articles that might be useful as we start to come out of the lockdown. Preparing and launching them in advance means that Google will have started to rank them and over time their ranking should improve sufficiently for them to gain good levels of views and be really useful later.

Anticipating what people might need and want ahead of the requirement can help ensure the website or business has the necessary material when it is needed.

Responding to trends

It is not always easy to anticipate all the forthcoming trends. Because of this, it is necessary to keep a good eye on your website, or other stats to see what is happening, and respond to this quickly.

One example of this is that, for years our best performing video has been one on phase-locked loops and how they work - it has now been viewed over 225k times. Although not associated with professional electronics, we have a section of our website devoted to ham radio (a lot of radio hams are engineers and this section brings a lot of good traffic from North America). I noticed that another video on our YouTube channel about learning Morse code was becoming very popular. It has come from being one of the lower or average performing ones to the top, with over 500 views a day.

Obviously people have been using the lockdown to learn new skills and in this case Morse code. The video sounded out the different letters with visual reinforcement, and I had long intended to produce a similar video for the Morse code numbers. This has now been launched, and further videos, as well as some pages on the website, are planned so that we can have a complete beginners course which I hope to complete over the next week or so.

Obviously, we don't want to be seen to take advantage of the current situation in a selfish way, but we can still see what people are looking for and change accordingly.

By being flexible and responding to the needs of people in various ways, not only can we provide a useful service to people now, but also build the business of the website for the future.

UK Embedded Show Postponed to 2021

We recently wrote a blog announcing the new UK Embedded Show, due to take place on the 14th May at the Windmill Village Best Western Plus in Coventry.

We were unsurprised to hear that the organizers have made the decision to postpone the show. Now taking place on 13th May 2021, the event invites the close-knit community of Embedded professionals and engineers to come together and explore new ideas and technological advances.

Tanya Jane, Marketing Manager at Hitex, commented "I took the decision to move UK Embedded back by a complete 12 months for several reasons. One was the lack of space in the calendar for the final portion of the year. With many other events in the same boat, I did not want UKEmbedded to get lost in a saturated event marketplace, with everyone clamouring for the same audience. However, the bigger reason behind the move brings me back full circle to where my thought process for the conference started from – the first half of the calendar year is empty in terms of embedded-focussed events. The embedded industry needs focus all year round, not just in one 3 month window in Q3 and 4.”

Here at Napier, we were pleased to hear that the event had been postponed rather than cancelled, and we look forward to hearing all about the event and the great feedback we are sure it will receive when it is able to take place next year.



WEKA FACHMEDIEN Unveils WEKA Online Campus

Publishing house WEKA FACHMEDIEN has unveiled its WEKA online campus, a platform that features online events and webinars in the fields of electronics, automation and ICT.

The platform, which is completely free of charge, offers visitors the opportunity to register for a mixture of webinars. Webinar theme days are often held covering topics such as working at home, and recordings of past webinars can be streamed at any time.

With interaction and discussion a key component, WEKA offers a valuable platform where members of the industry can learn and discuss with qualified industry experts.

To find out more about the online campus, and the webinars it has to offer, please click here. 

Electronic Component Show Rescheduled for 2021

The Electronic Component Show (ECS) has announced that this year's show will be rescheduled to 2021, following the escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United Kingdom.

Now due to take place on Thursday 20th May 2021, the organiser's decision to move the event back a full year stems from a large number of shows already being postponed until late Q3 and Q4 of 2020. In what is already a busy time of the year for shows, and with the health and safety of visitors and exhibitors the number one priority, the postponement of the show by a year will ensure safety and give the industry time to deal with these unprecedented circumstances.

All pre-registrations and exhibitors will automatically be transferred over to the 2021 event; and in June, the show will be providing a tabloid ECS edition containing written presentations of the seminars that were due to take place and information about the exhibitors. If you are a registered reader of Electronics Sourcing UK or you were pre-registered for the event, you will receive a free copy.

The Electronic Component Show is the latest in a long line of events to postpone to 2021. With the uncertainty of the future and the long-lasting effects of the UK lockdown, it's no doubt that this is a wise decision, and we look forward to seeing the success of the show in 2021.


Digital Alternative Planned for PCIM Europe 2020

It was recently announced that due to the continual spread of COVID-19 in Europe, PCIM Europe 2020 would be unable to take place as planned.

Organisers have now announced that this year's power exhibition and conference will instead offer the power electronics community a digital alternative; with digital formats currently being developed with which exhibitors and speakers can exchange views on product innovations and the latest research topics with visitors and participants virtually. This will also include an online conference with live and on-demand solutions for interactive presentations.

Although further details are yet to be confirmed, we can assume PCIM will implement a similar format to the PowerUP Virtual expo.

Taking place from 7th-8th July 2020, this digital alternative seems like the next best step to still allow exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to exchange knowledge and insight; and we look forward to hearing feedback on what visitors and exhibitors thought of this approach.


DFA Media Introduces Re-direction Service for Home Addresses

DFA Media has introduced a re-direction service for its publications, offering the opportunity for readers to have their monthly copy re-directed temporarily to their home address. The opportunity to receive a digital copy is also available and the request can be submitted here. 

We've recently heard about the problem of magazines getting to readers due to the global effects of COVID-19; so it's great to see publishing houses adapt to the current climate and provide readers with options to still receive the monthly copies of their magazines.

Readers can follow the instructions below to take advantage of the re-direction service, or visit a DFA Media publication website to find out more:

Setup delivery to your home address:

  1. Visit: dfamedia.my-subs.co.uk and login
o    Your login will be your email address.

o    If you have forgotten your password you can click
'Forgot Password?' on the login page to reset it.

  1. Click on 'My Delivery Address'.
  2. Answer 'No' to the question "Are all of these details correct?".
  3. Answer 'I want this delivered to my home address'
    to the question "Why is your address not correct?".
  4. Enter your new delivery address, and save at the bottom.

Elektronik Welcomes Birgit Fischer to Sales Team

Elektronik has welcomed a new member, as Birgit Fischer joins the Elektronik sales team. Birgit replaces Jeanette Rober who left the publication back in December 2019.

We wish Birgit the best of luck in her new role!



Entries Now Open for British Engineering Excellence Awards 2020

Entries are now open for the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) 2020. Taking place on Friday 23rd October at the prestigious Landmark Hotel, London, this year's event features a total of 11 categories to enter, with winners also being entered into the 2020 Grand Prix award.

The BEEAs, now in their 11th year, provide the industry with an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the most innovative design engineers in the UK. Entries for the awards are free, and companies are able to enter as many categories and products as they wish.

Here at Napier, as always we support any awards that celebrate the hard-workers in the industry, and we wish the best of luck to all entrants!

To find out more about the categories and how you can enter, please click here.

Alix Paultre Moves to Evaluation Engineering

Congratulations to Alix Paultre who has recently announced his move from Embedded Computing Design to Editor of Evaluation Engineering at Endeavor Business Media.

We wish him the best of luck in his new role!