Franz Joachim Roßmann and Klaus Oertel, two experienced electronics and automotive editors, have worked together to pioneer a new path in the media landscape, with the development of the Information Hub AEEmobility.

Designed to target automotive electronic developers and e-mobility specialists, the hub provides readers with a unique way to gain knowledge and information, with all content categorized and tagged to support readers in finding information relevant to them.

The hub focuses on providing relevant content from the developer community, including a media review with summaries and evaluations of articles from companies and industry magazines, webinars, whitepapers, videos, technical books, podcasts, presentations, and blog posts.

Klaus Oertel, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder said: “We examine interesting and relevant publications and content for developers, whether in industry magazines, on company websites, conference presentations, or on social media. We write a summary and provide an evaluation of the content, linking to the original source. This saves the reader a lot of time and provides them with a quick orientation. This is a unique offering in the industry”.

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, Franz Joachim Roßmann added: “We deliberately avoid online advertising to ensure readability. Our readers appreciate that our pages are completely ad-free.”

Partnership packages are available for companies, and unique content is also being created and featured on the homepage of AEEmobility.

We always love to see a publication doing well, and it’s great to see that AEEmobility has grown since being founded a year ago. We look forward to seeing how AEEmobility will continue to evolve moving forward.