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Read our thoughts and opinions about PR and marketing in the world of B2B technology marketing. What’s new? What works? What’s next? Alternatively find out more about the latest changes in the European electronics media with Napier News – the best source of information for marketing managers in the electronics component industry since 2004.

A Napier Podcast Interview with Rob May – BrandGuard

Staying within brand guidelines can be a challenge, and as the use of AI in marketing rises, this will become increasingly difficult. Rob May,…

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B2B Marketing Predictions for 2024

We’re often asked to give our take on the latest trends in marketing. As an agency, we are constantly analysing what has happened, and look at future…

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Electronics Weekly Introduces Advertising Targeting Executives 

Electronics Weekly has introduced advertising opportunities around the influential 'Mannerisms' blog for electronics companies looking to target…

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Elektor Acquires European Business Press

Elektor International Media BV (Elektor) has announced the acquisition of the European Business Press (EBP), a leading publisher in the B2B…

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Christmas Charity Donations From Napier

For the last few Christmases, Napier has made charitable donations rather than sending client gifts. From a select three, we invite our clients to…

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A Napier Podcast Interview with Sara Madison – Outbrain

Sara Madison, Global Head of Product Marketing at Outbrain, an advertising platform, sat down with Mike to talk all things advertising. She discusses…

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Flash Memory Summit Announces Rebrand

Flash Memory Summit (FMS) has rebranded to reflect the ever-evolving landscape of memory and storage technologies. Relaunching as FMS: the Future of…

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Budapest Olympic Centre to Host InnoElectro 2024

This year, the publisher of ELEKTRONET will organise InnoElectro 2024 alongside the National Electronics Society of Hungary. The event will take…

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Next Mobility and ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS Announce New Editor

Next Mobility and ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS has welcomed Stefanie Eckardt as its new Editor. Stefanie is no stranger to the industry, and is an extremely…

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New Semiconductor Publication To Launch Q1 2024

A new semiconductor magazine has been announced for 2024, titled Global Fabs. Due to launch in Q1 of this year, Global Fabs will be a new global…

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