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Drives & Controls Release Brochure and Floorplan for 2020 Show

The Drives & Controls show has released its brochure and floorplan for 2020. Bringing together key suppliers of state-of-the art equipment, the…

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The Importance of SMART Goals for Long-Term Success

SMART objectives give people and businesses the ability to set and achieve goals. Goal setting gives us something to focus on, motivates and allows…

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Win a Copy of ASML’S Architects

Last month we shared a book review on the fabulous book by Rene Raaijmakers. Based on more than 300 hours of interviews, ASML’s Architects is an…

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CIM Lecture notes – Week 7 – Putting the marketing mix into context

  What did we cover? Following on from our session last week, where we explored the marketing mix and the factors we should consider when…

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Electronics Weekly Reveal Results for Adverting Effectiveness Study

In September 2018, Electronics Weekly completed an advertising effectiveness study to discover whether print really is a vital part of the media mix…

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Vehicle Electronics Celebrates its 5th Birthday

Congratulations to Vehicle Electronics which celebrates its 5th birthday in December. Founded in 2013, Vehicle Electronics released its pilot issue…

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What Truly Makes a HubSpot Lioness?

When my Managing Director Mike first suggested that I participated in the HubSpot ‘Sales Lion’ course I was unsure. As a newbie to sales I was…

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CIM Lecture notes – Week 6 – Outlining the marketing mix

What did we cover? It must be the MOST fundamental of all marketing concepts, behold... the marketing mix! I have touched on this in a previous blog,…

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How to use Google Analytics to track ALL of your Marketing Activities

Google Analytics is an important tool to use in digital marketing. It allows businesses to measure results of campaigns, compare data and a whole lot…

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Top 5 facts you need to know about Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

In many B2B organisations, Account-based marketing has become a big deal as it seems to be brought up at many conferences and in all strategic…

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