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A Napier Podcast: Interview with Indrek Vainu – AlphaBlues

In our latest episode, on Napier’s Marketing B2B Technology Podcast, Mike, Managing Director of Napier, interviews Indrek Vainu, co-founder of…

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ABM – Where Are We Now?

It’s safe to say that Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) is now an embedded strategy in the B2B space and that it isn’t going anywhere. ABM likes to shift…

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Power Systems Design Increases Issues for 2021

We were delighted to hear the news that Power Systems Design (PSD)  will be moving to 12 issues for 2021. Traditionally they have had a combined…

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eCommerce Marketing Podcast Interview: B2B Requirements

The eCommerce Marketing Podcast, hosted by Arlen Robinson, provides listeners with advice on strategies from inbound marketing to paid advertising,…

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Svet Elektronike to Publish 300th Issue October 2021

Svet Elektronike has begun preparing a special edition of the magazine, ready to be distributed in October 2021 to mark the celebration of its 300th…

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The Client Catching Podcast Interview: How to Win High Value Clients with ABM

The Client Catching Podcast, hosted by Adam King, provides listeners with actionable business development and marketing strategies, ideas and tactics…

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Elektra Awards Confirms Virtual Event for March 2021

We recently wrote about the surprise postponement of the Elektra Awards 2020, which announced that the event would be moved to 2021. Organisers have…

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6 Key Things we Learnt from Eurocom’s Worldwide COVID-19 Survey

Napier is a proud member of Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network for B2B and technology. The Eurocom network gives us access to some of the best…

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5 Effective Ways you can use Personalization with ABM

In B2B, companies are often faced with a team of decision makers, and a long sales cycle where it is vital to keep a prospect engaged. Account-Based…

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Arnaud Pavlik Replaces Didier Girault at ElectroniqueS

Arnaud Pavlik has been appointed as Editor of ElectroniqueS, specifically for the subcontracting and distribution sections of the magazine, replacing…

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