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Data Analysis: The Role of Marketers vs AI

With AI supporting more and more everyday marketing activities, there is a risk of becoming too reliant on the technology and the data it produces.…

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EEPower Introduces First EEPower Day

This May, EETech will run its first-ever annual EEPower Day, a conference designed for power engineers. Taking place on May 2nd, EEPower Day is a…

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A Napier Webinar: Media Training 101

Are you getting your messages across effectively when speaking to the media? Or worrying about saying the wrong thing? Do you know how to engage…

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Ignite Your Influence: Advice for Starting a Career in Marketing

We all know that there is a global skills shortage, which intensifies the competition for talent between all manner of businesses for all manner of…

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Alfred Vollmer: Editor in Chief and Freelancer for Bodo’s Power System

Alfred Vollmer, a well-known and respected journalist within the industry, has announced his new role as Editor-in-Chief at Bodo's Power Systems.…

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PowerUP 2024: Aspencore and Tecno’s New Partnership

AspenCore and Tecno, have announced their partnership as organisers for the PowerUP and Fortronic Conference and Exhibition, which will take place…

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A Napier Podcast Interview with Inge Boubez – Moz

Inge Boubez, Director of Enterprise Marketing at Moz, is the latest guest to join the Marketing B2B Technology podcast. Inge explains how, although…

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Championing Brand Consistency: A Strategic Imperative for B2B Marketers

Brand consistency is an integral component of success for marketing professionals. If you are at all a strategic-minded marketer (and I assume you…

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Producing Emails for Maximum Impact

Spam complaints can harm the reputation and delivery of your email marketing campaigns. The average email spam complaint rate across the B2B space is…

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