Acquiring Leads and Product Data Through a Survey


Client: Farnell


Objectives: To design a survey targeting professional design engineers and makers/ hobbyists, to acquire data about the end use of the RaspberryPi board. The survey also set out to generate leads for Farnell by incorporating a prize draw which anyone who took the survey would be eligible to enter.  The survey could be filled in anonymously but contact details were required in exchange for being entered into the draw, and the chance of winning a €500 amazon voucher.


Activities: Farnell approached Napier with specific questions about the RaspberryPi board that they wanted to identify the answers for, and so we developed a set of questions for the survey. The questions where split into those targeted at design engineers, and those targeted at makers; the survey utilised ‘skip question logic’ in order for it to only ask questions that were specifically related to the persona filling out the survey at the time.

The survey helped Farnell understand how people use the RaspberryPi, what customers like about it, what customers need/want from a RaspberryPi, and how important the price was when buying. Napier created the survey in English and German and coordinated promotional emails with Electronic Specifier to both English and German audiences.


Results: Results from the campaign exceeded original client expectations; we received almost 600 responses from makers and professional engineers. The survey achieved its goals of providing insight into the reasons buyers choose the RaspberryPi board over other single board computers in the market.

At the end of the survey we included a question to ask the recipients if they would like to be included in a Farnell Raspberry Pi mailing list, so they now have over 300 contacts that agreed to be kept in touch with.