Our Approach

To succeed in the rapidly-changing business-to-business environment needs a new approach. Speed, flexibility and continuous improvement are critical elements of successful campaigns. Napier helps clients gain a sustainable sales advantage by converting awareness to opportunity more quickly and effectively.

Our unique four-step approach allows us to rapidly deliver measurable return on investment, and to continually optimise our campaigns to take into account changes in our clients’ needs and the market environment:


Research, market insight and a ruthless focus on what matters builds in speed to our campaigns. We strip away the unimportant and identify the client’s strengths that can be used to achieve their business goals.


We understand the personas that matter and the motivators to target within the target audience, allowing us to identify the messages, channels and tactics that will drive prospects through the funnel more quickly.


Our broad range of PR and marketing expertise lets Napier integrate and amplify our marketing activities to achieve maximum impact. Our dashboards coordinate and optimise campaigns that reach across earned, owned, social and paid media to maximise the speed with which we generate opportunities.


We use business goals to measure the success of our campaigns, providing us with a clear view of the sales advantage we give to our clients. We continually refine the goals to continually improve the ROI we deliver, taking into account the rapid changes in the business and technology environment that quickly makes static goals obsolete.


Integrated PR and Marketing Service

We are an integrated agency that brings speed to all aspects of our clients’ campaigns, solving every communications problem. Find out more about our services that will move your prospects from awareness to opportunity faster.

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