Building Strategic Messaging in EMEA and USA

Client: Kinara Inc.

Objective: Kinara Inc. aimed to showcase their latest and greatest Edge AI capabilities in collaboration with partner platforms such as NXP, Arcturus, ENERZAi, Awiros, and AMD/Xilinx. The primary objective was to increase awareness and demonstrate the value of Kinara’s AI processors, modules, and software solutions in various industries, including retail, industry 4.0, automotive, and smart cities.

The campaign’s set goals were to:

  1. Generate press exposure across EMEA and the USA.
  2. Achieve high engagement rates for the monthly eNewsletter, surpassing industry averages for click and open rates.
  3. Drive active participation and thought leadership on social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn.
  4. Support the CEO’s contributions to Forbes through blog posts and content generation.
  5. Implement Account Based Marketing (ABM) elements to maximize impact on the targeted audience.

Activities: Napier assisted the Kinara team in building strategic messaging based on SEO and website audits. The campaign involved the following activities:

  • Integrated media outreach focused on thought leadership content and press releases.
  • Implementation of digital marketing strategies, including email automation and social media campaigns.
  • Utilization of Account Based Marketing (ABM) techniques to specifically target the desired audience.
  • Creation of engaging content for the CEO’s contributions to Forbes, managed by Napier.

Results: Press exposure across EMEA and USA has consistently met Kinara’s expectations. The monthly eNewsletter performance stats have surpassed the industry average for both click and open rates. Social media has also performed extremely well with a LinkedIn engagement rate of 8%. Kinara’s CEO has been active on Forbes with Napier being responsible for the blogs and content generation. Our goal was to help Kinara show off their latest and greatest Edge AI capabilities with their partner platforms such as NXP, Arcturus, ENERZAi, Awiros, AMD/Xilinx.