Using a Customer Case Study to Generate High Quality Content and Coverage Across Europe

Client: Vicor Europe

Objective: Vicor were looking for a new source of high-value content to raise awareness of how Vicor is powering innovation. Following a previous successful customer campaign with Phasor, we set out to highlight the innovation that Vicor brings to another customer, this became Vicor’s ‘Powering Innovation’ case study series.

Activities: Together we reached out to one of their customers, CCell, leaders in providing high-tech and sustainable solutions to protecting coastlines across the globe. We had a great story that we wanted to reach engineers across Europe, our aim was to maximise exposure from a single-story while achieving pan-European coverage.

We set out to write one press release announcing the collaboration with Vicor and CCell on this amazing project on combating coastal erosion and enhancing marine ecosystems by restoring damaged coral reefs and growing new ones. The press release was to be closely followed by an in-depth article with more content and imagery that we would offer to key media outlets for publication.

Napier managed the briefing and sourcing calls with the CCell and content writers, our unique briefing method using the four-step process ensured we asked all the right questions to produce an interesting unique story that covered every aspect of what issues CCell were solving and what role Vicor’s power modules had in the project.

  • Step 1: Determine – The purpose of this article is to highlight how Vicor’s power modules enable CCell to build an innovative solution to coastal erosion.
  • Step 2: Focus – We focussed on who the target audience is for this piece of content and how we could make this piece of content more tailored to their needs/challenges as a power design engineer.
  • Step 3: Deliver – Executing and refining high-quality work that meets its purpose and resonates with the target audience.
  • Step 4: Enhance – We enhanced the article development by assigning metrics for success, discussing how we can maximise coverage across all key regions for Vicor, and what supporting materials we required to achieve this.

Results: We generated some of the highest results in terms of media coverage and interest from the editors, by focussing on the customer’s innovation we were able to highlight what Vicor’s products can achieve without being self-promotional. There were 30+ items of coverage from the initial press release, followed by seven Pan-European article placements that we individually placed and translated for suitable publications.

One of the aims of this campaign was to utilise one story more than once for maximum exposure, at the end of the campaign we had created a press release, an in-depth article and a new case study on the Vicor website.

After we finished this campaign, we later received an update from CCell regarding a new project in Mexico that they have been working on, this will be another excellent way we can update and re-use the story. While the primary goal of this campaign was to highlight innovations in power, we have also developed a stronger long-lasting relationship with CCell.


  • Will Bateman, CEO at CCell – “This is incredible. Really amazing coverage. I am utterly blown away with how well this has been received. Massive thanks for including us in this marketing program.”
  • Will Bateman, CEO at CCell – “It is really amazing work that you’ve done and the wide range of magazine that have picked up on this story and continue to do so.”
  • Electronics World (UK) – “What a wonderful story! Thank you for sending it across (not enough of them around)!”