Delivering Consistent Branding with Website Development


Client: IronCAD

Objective: Deliver consistent branding across reseller websites around the world

Activities: IronCAD sells 3D and 2D CAD software globally through resellers around the world. In the past, each reseller had their own website tailored to advertise their products. The problem that IronCAD faced was that each website looked different and didn’t convey the same look, feel or message, so there were few similarities with the main global site.

Napier created a plugin that allowed IronCAD to roll out websites with the same look and feel of the American version, but with the flexibility for resellers around the world to include their own products, their own contact information and also localise and translate the text where appropriate.

This plugin not only meant IronCAD could deliver consistent brand messaging across individual country sites, as it also automatically provides the markup to indicate that each website is targeted to the reseller’s country, which improves SEO for all sites around the world.

Results: Websites with the correct branding have now successfully been rolled to out to resellers in Germany, Spain, Taiwan, South Africa, Sweden, Belgium and the UK; not only has this improved SEO and increased leads, but it also means a clear and consistent image and message for IronCAD.