Developing High Value Content to Secure Coverage

Client: Vicor Europe

Objective: Vicor Europe reached out to Napier with the suggestion of producing content around one of their recent customers specialising in Antenna technology. Producing new content is never an easy task, and so we set out with the objective of achieving maximum exposure from one case study.

The campaign objectives were to:

  • Maximise coverage of one case study
  • Achieve coverage across all key regions

Activities: We set out to write one press release covering the collaboration between Vicor and Phasor, followed by an in-depth case study article that would later be placed with media outlets in key regions. Napier was responsible for hosting the initial sourcing calls with Vicor’s customer, developing the content briefs, and working with an experienced writer to produce the press release and article.

The brief was produced using our four-step process, providing us with the structure to deliver great content:

Step 1: Determine – The purpose of this article is to highlight why and how Phasor was attracted to using Vicor’s technology for their Antennas and how a factorised power architecture enables Phasor to produce revolutionise connectivity on the move.

Step 2: Focus – In this step, we focussed on who the target audience is for this piece of content and how we could make this piece of content more tailored to their needs/challenges as a power design engineer.

Step 3: Deliver – Executing and refining high-quality work that meets its purpose and resonates with the target audience.

Step 4: Enhance – We enhanced the article development by assigning metrics for success, discussing how we can maximise coverage across all key regions for Vicor, and what supporting materials we required to achieve this.

Once we had signed off on the article and press release, Napier sent under embargo pitches ahead of the press release distribution date to our key editors. This would later maximise exposure on the day of the announcement.

On the date of the announcement, we received the first round of coverage and successfully generated coverage in key regions. While the announcement was still timely, we began identifying suitable media outlets and pitching and placing the article across Europe through good editorial relationships. This secured us additional coverage in the UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Israel and Denmark.

Results: This campaign achieved contributed articles and mentions in every key region from one case study. A secondary highlight from this campaign is that we were able to help Vicor build stronger relationships with customers and using the relationship with Vicor and Phasor to benefit both businesses.

This joint promotion activity was named ‘Powering Innovation’ and because of its success, the strategy will now be rolled out globally. Since the first Phasor Powering Innovation story, all Regional Marketing Managers at Vicor are now working closely with customers in their area to produce customer case studies to be used in the same way.