Developing Technical Content for Launch of New Quality Inspection Robot


Client: ABB Robotics

Objective: The client was looking for help to promote their new 3D quality inspection and control robot. The robot had initially been developed from a system originally used for checking the quality of components in automotive manufacturing applications and the client wanted to launch it to a wider market including heavy construction machinery, aerospace and textiles and footwear manufacture. They were also looking to launch the product’s brand name.

To support this activity, the client asked Napier for support in developing new collateral to help explain what the robot is, how it works and the benefits it offers over existing quality control methods.

Activities: Working with the client, we helped to develop the key messaging for the product, including its ability to perform 10 times faster than the Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) used by most automotive companies and to enable 100% of manufactured parts to be checked rather than just representative samples from each batch.

Using this messaging, we developed several pieces of collateral to showcase the benefits of the robot including:

  • Product news release
  • Brochure
  • Datasheet
  • Interactive ebook

Activities also included distributing the product news release to the trade press, and via social media channels.

Results: The client was extremely pleased with the end results which exceeded expectations and resulted in fantastic feedback specifically on the e-book which received the following response WOW…this is AMAZING, MAGNIFICIENT, INCREDIBLE. Congrats to you and your team.”

The collateral was also used to populate the product landing page on the client’s site, with the ebook, turned into a piece of added-value gated content to help generate contact with interested parties.