Driving Leads Through Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Client: Vicor

Objective: Vicor Europe is focussing its sales activities around the customers and opportunities that have been identified as having the biggest impact on the sales and success within Europe. To support these activities, Napier recommended running an Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign. This campaign would utilise existing content and focus some of the marketing budget specifically on ensuring that the content reaches the key target accounts.

This campaign was aimed at the Power Design Engineers, Technical Managers, and Senior Executives within our target accounts.


The campaigns set goals were to:

    • Increase awareness of Power on Package (PoP) product in Europe for key targets utilising LinkedIn and AdRoll’s targeting features
    • Secure a meeting or phone call with a relevant contact at our target account
    • Drive 50 views of relevant PoP content from targeted accounts


Activities: This campaign started with the identification of other secondary companies that were relevant to our main target account to increase the targeting pool. Once the secondary accounts to target were chosen, Napier selected a piece of Vicor’s content that was both suited to this audience and would generate enquires via the Vicor website. Vicor’s article on Powering the Amazing Growth in AI Processing was chosen to be the promoted piece of content.

To source a list of relevant people at the chosen accounts we used LinkedIn’s search features to sort via Job Function, Industry, Region, and Organisation size. This list enabled us to use the CRM retargeting function on AdRoll and serve those contacts with our ads across the internet. These same contacts and organisations where targeted with sponsored posts on LinkedIn.


Results: The results from this campaign were exactly what we had set out for, within one week of the campaign running, we had a received a ‘Contact Us’ form-fill by our key target account. This way of directly focusing on the accounts that matter, while selecting the right content that resonates with our audience has proven successful because the target account chose to follow the sponsored content link on LinkedIn through to the Vicor page, before browsing on the site and then completing the ‘Contact Us’ form.

Since this form fill, Vicor can more easily approach their target account as a sales-qualified lead, with more details and registered interest in the product, rather than a ‘cold’ approach.