Editor Quotes

I deal with PRs worldwide. Napier is one of a select handful of European agencies which made it onto my list of PR Agencies which are “Editor Proven” to be effective.
-Zsolt Kerekes, Editor, StorageSearch.com

One of the advantages of working with Napier is that unlike the larger agencies they are very focused on helping me get the right people to talk to instead of just fobbing me off with marketing teams. In addition, when I need product data, product images or even people images these are with me before the meeting so anything that is super newsworthy can be posted right away instead of waiting hours for a response.
-Ian Murphy, Editor, Data Centre Times

As one of the few professional and reliable press agencies, I enjoy working closely with Napier. Feature articles and related materials are always delivered on time and their press releases provide all the necessary information without exception.
-Holger Heller, Ex-Editor, Elektronik Praxis

Consistent, responsive… and friendly!
-Sergio Lorenzi, Editor-in-Chief, Mundo Electronico & Productronica

I have known the Napier team for many years and always found each and every one to be professional and easy to work with as well as warm and personable. They have a sound understanding of the needs of editors on business to business titles and an understanding of the electronics industry. The creative department complements the high quality of written material produced, combining strong technical stories with good visuals for extra impact. Over the years we have had some candid and insightful exchanges into the electronics industry which has always been appreciated and helped to strengthen the two-way communication between the magazine and Napier, benefitting both parties.
-Caroline Hayes, Editor-in-Chief, EPN

Research into the perceptions of the European distribution market is thin on the ground. So hats off to Mike Maynard, the managing director of Napier, the UK-based public relations and marketing company.
-Mick Elliott, Distribution and Test Editor, EPN

In my many years of working with Napier, they have always understood the importance of the Danish market and have helped many clients run effective campaigns to reach Danish engineers.
-Rolf Sylvester-Hvid, Editor-in-Chief, Aktuel Elektronik

Napier is a reliable agency, always meeting deadlines throughout our 20-year relationship. They provide great text, of just the right length, with high-quality, interesting images. They are always professional, and their kind approach builds strong relationships.
-Siegfried Best, Editor-in-Chief, Elektronik Industrie

The backbone of IT and the world we know sits within the data centre industry. This industry is growing exponentially, yet the community driving it is still relatively small. This makes messaging vital. The importance of a pro-active PR agency who can create and deliver your message through relevant, targeted channels swiftly and regularly will have a huge impact on building your awareness and credibility. As a media platform within this sector, I cannot recommend the team at Napier enough.
-Rudi Keyser, Owner, thedatachain.com

Napier is one of our best foreign partners and we can fully recommend working with them.
-Pavel Pravosudov, Managing Director at Media C&T

I’ve been working with Napier for more than two decades. Our cooperation has always been professional, reliable and friendly.
-Gerhard Stelzer, Editor in Chief at Elektronik

Napier is a very professional and productive agency and it’s a pleasure working in cooperation with you and your team.
-Liat Gur-Arie, COO at New Tech Magazine

I unhesitatingly recommend Napier agency as an effective bridge between technology companies and professional journalists.
-Francois Gauthier, Publisher at L-Embarque