Running Email Campaigns for Lead Generation

Penn Engineering Case Study Banner Image

Client: Penn Engineering

Objective: Penn Engineering wanted to capture leads from list rental HTML email by using dedicated landing pages and offering a compelling value exchange for customer details to enable future lead nurturing.

Activities: Penn Engineering made a simple CNAME change to their website to enable Unbounce, a simple landing page hosting site, to produce a relevant sub-domain name. Napier created the HTML for the list rental emailer, designed a landing page and a ‘Thank you’ page in Unbounce and hosted the content (in this instance, it was a whitepaper). The emailer was then distributed and we followed up by exporting weekly lead reports for the client to input into their CRM for their sales team to follow up.

Results: Penn Engineering now benefit from dedicated German, French and English landing pages created by Napier, which are one of their main lead generation tools. A recent report from Eloqua stated that the industry average is less than 10% conversion rate but the Penn landing pages achieved outstanding conversion rates (ratio of leads generated to clicks to the page) that average in excess of 20%.


Ideas for B2B Lead Generation