Generating Leads and Increasing Awareness With a Webinar


OBJECTIVE: In light of COVID-19, with the majority of businesses working remotely and events being cancelled for the foreseeable future, Vicor Europe made the strategtic decision to reinvest their seminar budget into webinar activities. This reallocation of the budget will provide engineers with the resources they need to grow their knowledge from the comfort of their own home. This campaign was to promote the PCB Layout webinar to both known and new contacts.

The goal of this webinar was to:

  • Maintain communication between Vicor and customers during unprecedented times
  • Provide educational content to Design Engineers in Europe
  • Achieve a total of 300 webinar registrants
  • Generate new leads for nurturing in the Vicor CRM

ACTIVITIES: To maximise the reach of this campaign we set out to use a range of promotion channels, this would ensure that we have effectively reached the Design Engineer network in Europe.

Emails to Vicor’s database were distributed in the lead up to the webinar to promote the event to existing contacts and provide them with new educational content. We ran a series of four emails that focused on different aspects of the webinar including ‘about the presenter’ and an email to share the link of where people can access the rebroadcasted webinar in case they were unable to attend the webinar on the day.

A series of third party emails with Vicor’s core publications including Electronic Specifier and Power Electronics Europe ran for several weeks ahead of the webinar; and digital advertising including online banners and email newsletter banners ran for one month before the webinar. Both of these tactics were used to capture new contacts in Europe.

LinkedIn continues to be an effective method for promoting webinars to new Design Engineers in Europe, and Napier’s recommendations were sponsored posts and LinkedIn InMails as these are our most successful tactics for generating webinar registrants.

RESULTS: Webinar promotion was a huge success, we exceeded the initial target and generated over 590 registrants from pre-webinar activities. 150 of registrants were new contacts that were not previously known to Vicor.

97 new contacts were generated by publications combined, 48 new contacts were from LinkedIn promotion and an additional 5 new contacts were from other sources.