Passionate about B2B Technology from A to Z

Why are we running a campaign that talks about our passion for B2B technology? At Napier we believe that if an agency is going to generate enthusiasm and engagement amongst journalists and potential customers they have to be excited about your company and its products. As a specialist agency, our team are not only experts on business-to-business PR and marketing, but they’ve chosen to focus on B2B technology: we believe that persuading other businesses to buy your product is the most thrilling, fascinating challenge for marketing professionals like us.

The A to Z of B2B Technology PRWhen we created the campaign, we had to find a technology for each letter of the alphabet. This wasn’t a problem; in fact I saw account managers arguing about which technologies should be included, and complaining that their favourite had to be left out because we could only have one technology per letter. This enthusiasm and interest means our team is able to quickly get up-to-speed on new technologies and devise creative and innovative ways to communicate marketing messages about complex technology quickly and effectively.

Whether your company’s technology is on our list or not, we’d love to talk to you. Whilst Napier brings a wealth of experience from working with clients in many different technologies, our core strength is the ability to create B2B campaigns that deliver fantastic results. We deliver clear creative communications for technology-driven clients that help them achieve their business goals. Why don’t you let us help you achieve your goals?

Best Regards

Mike Maynard
Managing Director