The Napier News policy on comments

The Napier News website operates the following policy regarding comments on stories:

  • All comments are held for moderation before being published
  • I will never edit part of a comment that has been submitted to the site
  • All relevant comments will be approved and published, provided they meet the other criteria below
  • Comments that simply advertise your publication will be considered irrelevant. I will, however, post comments that compare your publication with another
  • An automatic spam filter is used to remove most irrelevant comments
  • I will not publish any comment that I deem to be offensive. This includes the use of offensive language, personal attacks, or any other offensive post

Clearly this means that the comments may not represent my views – in fact I’d like to have as much variety of opinion as possible!

If a company or person complaints about a comment (made by someone other than myself) that refers to them, I will remove all the text in the comment and post a note that says the content has been deleted on request. Although I would prefer you to reply with another comment, and strongly encourage you to do so, I will always delete the comment if you ask me.

I hope these simple rules will help make the comments section both useful and positive. If you have any questions, please email me.