Increasing Engagement with a Selfie Competition

Client: Business Development for Napier

Objective: To create a campaign that would raise awareness and encourage our target audience to engage and interact with Napier.

Activities: Napier decided to create branded ‘selfie’ props that would be featured as a ‘sponsorship’ on the tables at the Electronics Industry Awards and would be a key element of our ‘Selfie’ Competition’. Our competition invited attendees of the awards to take a ‘selfie’ with the Napier props and either tweet or post their photo on Instagram by tagging @NapierPR, to have a chance to win a bottle of champagne.

Results: Through our Napier Prop selfie competition, we were pleased to receive over 20 entries from our target audience in the industry, which both increased engagement and established our presence at the awards with numerous mentions of our sponsorship throughout the night.

From this, we raised our own brand awareness by ensuring that competition entries are either fed through our Twitter or Instagram social media channels with the correct tagging. This extended the reach of the campaign, and raised awareness of Napier, as participants shared their competition entry photo to all contacts on their social media channels.

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