Increasing SEO Value and Traffic with Content


Client: Farnell element14

Objective: Increase SEO value and traffic to the IoT Hub website, and PR coverage

Activities: We built an IoT calculator that was designed to help engineers to calculate battery life in IoT applications, the creation of this informative piece of content was designed to increase SEO value and bring traffic to the new IoT Hub website, the calculator also helped to increased PR coverage within the media.

“The calculator really transformed a simple feature on battery life into something much more interesting that got us both SEO value and PR coverage.Konstantina Papaioannou, SEO Analyst, Farnell element14

We wrote an article about IoT Battery Calculation, and created a simple tool that calculates the battery life for your IoT Application. You can read the article here

Results:  This campaign was a great success; the outcome was 32 different pieces of coverage spread out over 12 different countries which also generated over 900 visits to the calculator since page launch.