Marketing Challenges We Solve

Content Development

Developing content is one of the biggest challenges for B2B technology organisations today. Typically the subject matter experts are also responsible for product development, selling to clients or even take on both these roles. This leaves little time for them to create content. Our role as an agency is to make content creation a smooth, painless process that requires a minimum of client input.

Typical challenges when creating content are:

Getting subject matter experts to write technical content such as white papers

Our team of in-house and freelance writers bring vast experience and knowledge, allowing them to quickly understand your technologies, products and markets, producing high-value, in-depth technical writing such as white paper and application notes that help your customers choose your products

Needing the expertise to leverage video, motion graphics and other new media

Digital media is great for explaining products and concepts, but requires highly-skilled creatives to deliver the work. Our team includes animators, video editors, front-end developers and back-end coders, who will ensure you take advantage of the latest digital technology in your marketing.

Finding time to manage blogging or social media

Social media is increasingly important in the B2B technology space, but requires considerable time and expertise to manage. Our team writes blogs and creates sharable social content for a wide range of B2B tech companies, using industry-leading tools.

Content Distribution

Creating the content is only half the battle: it won’t drive the business unless you deliver it to you prospects. Our expertise in content distribution ensures that your target audience sees and engages with the content we create.

Typical challenges when distributing content are:

Reaching key target accounts

Everyone wants to reach the accounts that will really make a difference to their business. Whether they are particularly large, innovative or influential, your competitors also focus their marketing on the most important companies. We understand how to get to senior executives in these key accounts, and our account-based marketing campaigns ensure that your marketing reaches the people that matter most.

Getting more media coverage

PR and media relations are a crucial part of raising awareness. We help you identify the most influential publications and journalists, craft a story that grabs their attention and build lasting relationships that mean journalists come to you when they need information.

Operating complex marketing technology tools

Today’s marketing technology tools offer incredible capabilities, but are almost always under-used because of their complexity. Whether you are trying to automate a campaign in a tool like Marketo, report results in Google Data Studio or simply ensure data is synchronised between systems, we have probably solved the challenge already and have experts who will help you get maximum benefit from your tools.

Choosing the right tactics and marketing channels

Today there are a huge variety of channels and tactics to reach your audience. Our experience across hundreds of campaigns for world-class clients means we know what works and what doesn’t in almost any situation. We build campaigns to your budget and measure RoI to ensure that your marketing campaigns deliver results.