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About Napier

Napier is a B2B PR and marketing agency based in the heart of Chichester, West Sussex. Launched in 1984, we were one of the first agencies in Europe to specialize in the electronics market and growing to help clients in a range of B2B tech sectors.

Our unique four-step approach designs and continually optimises campaigns that convert awareness to opportunity more quickly. We offer PR, marketing and design experience to help clients in industries such as Electronics, IT and Industrial Technology.

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If you’re looking to generate leads, increase awareness or engage contacts go on our ‘What we do’ page to find out what we offer along with a number of client case studies and related blogs.


Some of Our Top Case Studies:


Some of Our Top Blogs:



Our resources page has a selection of tip sheets, whitepapers, eBooks and videos to give you some insight of our effective campaigns covering a range of topics.


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