Napier’s Four-Step Process

Our unique four-step process takes the best research on effective ways to deliver great PR and marketing campaigns and distils it into four simple steps: DETERMINE, FOCUS, DELIVER and ENHANCE.

In the DETERMINE step, we build a deep understanding of the situation to work out how to outsmart your competition. We look at the client, their markets, products, technologies and competitors, using a combination of analysis tools, research and our experience to paint a detailed picture of the situation and the opportunities for our client to grow.

The FOCUS stage builds clear profiles of the audience we need to reach, the best channels to communicate with them and the messages that will resonate with their particular situation. We then DELIVER the work using the best tactics to achieve the campaign goals. Finally, we are continually measuring the campaign performance to ENHANCE it, making adjustments when optimisations come to light, rather than waiting for the end of the campaign to measure and report.

Our 4-step approach ensures we generate the best possible campaign to move your prospects from awareness to opportunity quickly and effectively. We are proud of our ability to enhancing our clients’ marketing efforts using the 4-step approach. It means we deliver campaigns that excite, engage and enthral. Whether it’s a local event or a pan-European campaign, our proven expertise ensures our efforts focus on getting the right results for our clients.

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