Engaging German Media


Client: Vicor

Objective: To engage with German media outside of trade shows without a significant announcement for a press conference.

Activities: Vicor was looking to engage German media without having a significant newsworthy press announcement.  To address this, Napier recommended setting up a media lunch for editors to attend, in a central location for the German media to easily get too. This resulted in the team choosing Munich, which was the most convenient location for the majority of editors.

The Napier team undertook research and handled the full process of booking the venue and planning the agenda for the day. Feedback was provided, alongside advice to Vicor on their company update presentation. On the day, a quick update on the business over coffee was followed by a short Q&A and then a sociable lunch.

Results: The media lunch was a great success, with activities and hiring of the venue secured within Vicor’s budget. Six different pieces of coverage were secured due to the conversations which took place during the lunch. This included coverage via podcasts, Q&A’s and interviews with top-tier media such as Electronic Design, Elektronik Automotive, Bodo’s Power and Elektronik Industrie.

The event acted as a catalyst for Vicor to strengthen its relationships with key media contacts in Germany.