Overcoming Marketing Challenges in the Pneumatic Sector: Expert Agency Solutions for Marketing Professionals 

Do you work as part of a marketing team in the pneumatics sector? How do you cope with the challenges of marketing a product or service in order for you to make significant impact in the face of a noisy competitive landscape?

Here at Napier, our specialism revolves around ensuring companies within the B2B industrial engineering space get heard. Pneumatics is the life blood of many businesses around the world, and we want to ensure that your slice of the fourth utility stands above the crowd. We will build creative, and compelling campaigns to ensure that the advances in pneumatics you are making gets its share of voice.

In this blog, we’ll look at five common hurdles that confront marketing professionals in the pneumatics sector and shine a light on insights and solutions that professional marketing consultants like Napier can deliver to ensure success in a challenging business climate.

1. Complexity of Technical Products

Pneumatic products can be a mystery to the uninitiated. Their increasing complexity can often overshadow the tangible benefits they bring and, with it, make it difficult to clearly communicate to target audiences how and why it works. We’ve seen this in many of the similar industries we’ve worked in over the years and take great pride in our ability to simplify technical jargon without dumbing it down. The beauty of demystifying without patronising is that it opens many new and diverse marketing channels that would not previously lend themselves to heavy technical explanations. These channels can include but are not limited to creative videos, informative infographics and easy-to-understand product demonstrations. It is far easier – and more fun – to impart knowledge that is digestible, and good agencies do that by crafting effective messages that are highly accessible and, most importantly, easy to understand by potential customers who may not possess – or need – the technical expertise to fairly evaluate the value of your offering.

2. Limited Market Awareness

Pneumatics marketing professionals frequently suffer from limited market awareness for their brands. Let’s face it, pneumatics is an incredibly broad (and therefore exciting) field, but its huge and growing range of applications in major sectors such as manufacturing, rail, medical and food can make them difficult to clearly define and, more importantly, sell. That’s where specialised professional marketing agencies can make all the difference. The good ones excel at facilitating brand education, market visibility and product comprehension. This is typically done by conducting in-depth market research and target audience analysis. Agencies then use this data to develop comprehensive marketing strategies and campaigns with a provable and unwavering focus on brand recognition. This can include targeted advertising, thought-leadership content and participation in industry-specific events to cite a few, all aimed at elevating a client’s profile and enhancing its credibility among potential customers.

3. Digital Transformation Hitches

It is perhaps ironic that the most effective marketing transition in a pneumatics world needs to be a digital one. Moving to the use digital platforms as a means of rapid, targeted and rewarding communication is essential for success. However, digital marketing in the pneumatics sector is perceived to be challenging because “mechanical” does not necessarily translate readily to “digital”. That said, specialised external agencies have long played a crucial role in installing, deploying and managing digital transformation journeys in ways that are not only non-disruptive, but are eventually highly rewarding in terms of brand awareness and profitability. By providing expert guidance in implementing robust digital marketing automation platforms; developing seamless online experiences; and leveraging emerging technologies such as AI and data analytics, agencies streamline marketing operations, optimise customer journeys and greatly enhance the overall customer experience. It’s something that specialist agencies have done many times before and have become very good at. So why not benefit from their experience?

4. Generating Qualified Leads

Apart from brand awareness, the ultimate aim for any marketing strategy is lead generation. Customers can’t buy from you if they don’t know about you. And even if they do find out about you, they won’t buy from you if they’re not convinced that you’re selling what they need. Companies in pneumatics and many other sectors often use traditional strategies to attract, nurture, convert and retain qualified leads, but they tend to be rather dated and unconvincing. Experienced external agencies, on the other hand, base their campaigns on data-driven insights that identify the most promising channels for lead acquisition, whether it be through targeted social media campaigns, search engine optimisation or content marketing. By implementing lead-nurturing tactics such as personalised emails and automated follow-ups, they lead potential customers through the sales funnel, and often straight to your door.

5. Regulatory Compliance Challenges

Pneumatics, particularly considering its complexity, can be subject to multiple regulatory pressures that require sensitivity, understanding and compliance to mitigate potential legal exposure from, for example, regional GDPR requirements. Once again, specialist agencies like Napier understand the complex regulations governing marketing practices in most world regions and can ensure that all marketing initiatives are compliant. Agencies review all marketing materials to ensure full conformity and, when necessary, may engage specialist legal counsel to ensure their interpretation is correct and unassailable. This focussed attention to compliance detail ensures peace of mind for marketing professionals by reducing the potential risks associated with marketing campaigns that will, in turn, protect their company’s reputation.


We are very aware of the challenges faced in the pneumatics industry. But they are not unlike the challenges faced in similar industrial sectors. The best way to overcome these barriers is to engage the services of an experienced, reliable marketing agency.

Such agencies simplify the technical, increase product awareness, facilitate digital transformations, generate qualified leads and ensure regulatory compliance. Leveraging the broad areas of expertise these agencies possess can provide meaningful (and demonstrable!) financial results, increase market share and differentiate a brand for long-term success in a highly competitive sector. Removing those hurdles and help you navigate an unobstructed path to the rewarding financial goal you’ve set.

Intrigued to find out how Napier can you support your marketing challenge. Get in touch.

Driving Demand in the Food and Beverage Industry

ABB Electrification partnered with Napier to raise awareness and generate demand for its products, services and expertise in the food and beverage industry.

Napier collaborated with experts to create eBooks highlighting ABB’s expertise in production continuity, safety, and sustainability. Content was delivered through interactive Turtl documents, followed by a campaign using Pardot landing pages to gate the eBook content behind forms for use in paid LinkedIn and Google Ad campaigns. An automated email flow nurtured leads, providing extra content, and prompting contact with ABB.

The campaign exceeded objectives,  achieving an average click-through rate considerably above the industry average, generating many high-quality leads. The success of the campaign resulted in the decision to roll out activities in multiple languages.

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Raising Awareness of Revolutionary Technology

Fluke teamed up with Napier to help maximise awareness of their revolutionary industrial acoustic imagers, the Fluke ii900 and ii910, which are capable of detecting leaks in pneumatics systems.

Napier launched a lead generation campaign for Fluke, developing multiple eBooks which were tailored with customised messaging to specifically engage the maintenance and energy target sectors. Using Eloqua, dedicated landing pages were created to host the content, this was followed by promoting targeted ad campaigns on LinkedIn and Google, both campaigns were run in English and German for wider reach and engagement.

Thorough research and audience targeting ensured that over 90% of clicks where from key job titles. The campaign surpassed target metrics, emphasised Fluke as the pioneer of the new technology and generated leads in key manufacturing sectors.

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