Creating a Global Campaign to Drive Traffic


Client: Premier Farnell

Objective: To increase awareness, generate PR opportunities, and to drive traffic to the transactional websites

Activities: Premier Farnell’s Change the World challenge for engineers, is a global campaign, which had to make a large impact with a small budget. The campaign engaged engineers around the world by exciting them with an opportunity to present their creative ideas, which would make a positive impact on the world.

This competition offered engineers, students, and design enthusiasts the challenge of selecting $1000 of Farnell’s products to create and achievable idea that would impact the world today.

Results: Expectations of both the client and the agency were exceeded. This was demonstrated by the number of engineers and makers that took the time required to provide detailed information about their idea.

The outreach generated 30,000 visitors to the website, from 171 different countries exceeding the objectives and reflective the truly global reach of the campaign.