Providing Regular Interesting and Relevant Content to Drive Traffic


Client: Vicor

Objective: To provide a regular, interesting and relevant source of content to drive power engineers to the Vicor website via the Vicor PowerBlog

Activities: Napier regularly produces content for the Vicor PowerBlog; in 2017, it produced 68 blogs that provided content around the best and most innovative use of Vicor products and solutions. Written to support power engineers, Vicor’s blog includes useful interviews, checklists, webinars and whitepapers, to help with both the promotion of Vicor products and to educate engineers.

Results: The Vicor PowerBlog pages count for some of the highest page views on the Vicor site. This demonstrates that Vicor’s audience are finding value in the content that we produce, and that content marketing is making a valuable contribution to their overall marketing strategy.


Here are some of Vicor’s most popular blogs from 2017.