Analyst Relations

Analysts are the people your customers trust to tell them about your organisation. Without their recommendations, customers will be reluctant to engage, as nearly every audience with which an organisation communicates will be a consumer of intelligence produced by industry analysts. From end users and vendors to procurement departments and government bodies, business analysts play a key role in defining markets and educating buyers.

The Value of B2B Analyst relations

Analyst relations (AR) should be a key element of any B2B technology PR campaign. We work with clients to identify and track the most influential and relevant industry analysts and advise on communications strategies for their engagement to build B2B analyst relations. Building these strong and strategic relationships boosts your business by moving your product or service forward faster, by getting in front of the right people.

Our services include

We help clients build relationships with, and influence analysts with:

    • Global, regional or country-specific AR campaigns.
    • Integrated AR and PR.
    • Briefing tours.
    • Analyst report tracking and submissions.
    • Analyst summits and roundtable inclusion.
    • Executive coaching.
    • Analyst presentation development.

We advise on how best to invest an analyst relations budget, to create a powerful mix of briefing and sponsored industry analyst activities that support improved awareness, understanding and sales.

Analyst Relations as Part of Your PR Campaign

B2B Analyst relations is usually conducted as part of a PR campaign, complementing the media relations elements. Journalists often look to analysts to confirm trends, deliver insights or add credibility to their reporting. Analyst relations programmes therefore have an impact through the media as well as directly with clients.

How we deliver the service

How We Deliver Analyst Relations:
Our analyst relations campaigns are an element of our PR activities, helping to communicate and build credibility for our clients’ technologies, products and view of their market. By integrating analyst relations into our other activities, we ensure that clients’ messages are reinforced by the analyst community.

What makes us different

  • Our in-house engineering expertise gives us greater credibility when communicating with analysts.
  • The Napier four-step process ensures our analyst outreach is always aligned with our clients’ business goals.
  • We craft compelling stories that clearly and effectively position our clients to analysts.