International Campaigns

Today achieving success in one country is not enough for most organisations. Globalisation means campaigns need to deliver results around the world. Our tailor-made international B2B PR and marketing campaigns will meet your business requirements. As a technology PR agency, we are equally at home working as part of a client’s existing roster of international PR agencies or taking the lead agency role working with our own network of international PR specialists, delivering economies of scale through centralised campaign management.

Speaking the same language

We also offer a comprehensive translation and localisation service. This ensures you communicate effectively with all your international customers and deliver your marketing materials in a format that meets the needs of the recipient, whether they are a CIO in Germany, an engineering manager in Finland or a journalist in France. With our help and support, you will never get lost in translation!

“It is not worth my while to manufacture in three countries only; but I can find it very worthwhile to make it for the whole world.”
– James Watt

Our International Campaign Management Services Include:

  • Single point of contact for effective management of technical PR campaigns across multiple countries with local knowledge and expertise.
  • Centralised PR and social media campaign content creation.
  • Global business media handling.
  • Centralised online reporting and evaluation dashboard to demonstrate value and justify PR spend
  • Coordination of international press tours, events and product launches

Europe: A Diverse Continent

If you are planning a single, overarching EU PR campaign then STOP! A single campaign won’t make the cut in a diverse continent like Europe. With numerous languages, cultures and time zones, running a single campaign in Europe is setting oneself up for failure. A successful PR campaign in Europe requires relevancy, market insight and diversity.

Don’t assume that campaign techniques and trends adopted in America will work in Europe, and don’t imagine that translation doesn’t help. Although your audience may understand English, using the local language is key to getting your message heard. Plan thoroughly and tailor your content. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

How we deliver the service

We have a network of translators and partners that ensure we understand all of the countries in Europe. Our approach is built on facts and research: we don’t listen to stereotypes, we know your audience in each country and what they want.

Napier helps you understand how to allocate budget to ensure maximum return and sufficient reach, while avoiding unnecessary costs that can make pan-European marketing expensive. Our four-step planning process ensures your budget is spent where it will have the biggest impact, wherever that might be in Europe.

What makes us different

  • Local translators and partners ensure we really understand every country.
  • 30 years of working across Europe, including being one of the first Western Tech Agencies to work in Eastern Europe.
  • A roster of clients that trust Napier to deliver great campaigns in many different countries and languages.