Issues and Crisis Management

Whether it’s product failure, an accident or a pandemic, businesses must deal with many different crises. We now live in an age when prompt, empathetic and informed responses are essential to a successful outcome. Poor handling of a crisis not only results in bad press, but also long-term reputational damage that can harm your business years from now. Only by planning and executing the right strategies can organisations successfully navigate today’s unpredictable environment.

Crisis Communication

With around one sixth of the world’s population already exchanging views and engaging with brands through social networking sites, we can no longer just consider traditional media as the only source of critique.

The social media landscape changes constantly, as does public opinion. Customer satisfaction tracking and brand sentiment analysis in such a complex and diverse ecosystem presents many challenges and opportunities.

Crisis Management plan

We hope that the crisis management plan we develop for clients will never need to be activated, but being unprepared isn’t acceptable as the advanced communications network available to everyone today creates the potential for information to be distributed around the world in minutes. It is therefore essential for an organisation to be prepared for any threat that it could face.

“Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level.”
– Peter Drucker

Our crisis management services include:

  • Crisis & preparedness planning.
  • Response & dark site development.
  • Media training.
  • Media monitoring.

How we deliver the service

We build issue and crisis management into our PR campaigns, identifying possible risks and how we can mitigate them, as well as building plans in case the worst happens. Often it’s not major crises, but rather smaller issues that challenge our clients, and we help them plan to ensure that a small problem doesn’t become a massive headache.

What makes us different

  • B2B technology focussed service.
  • Deep understanding of the tech market.
  • Cost-effective planning and preparation to prevent issues growing.