Introduction to Turtl

Founded in 2014, Turtl delivers a new way of creating and publishing digital content. Used to develop online documents, the platform offers several ways to make its content extremely interactive and engaging.

From implementing simple dynamic elements like polls, videos, and CTA’s, the layout of Turtl documents are extremely mobile-friendly and easy to navigate for readers.

Uniquely combining psychology with interactive content creation and analytics capabilities, Turtl provides a format that gives audiences a superior online reading experience, whilst providing B2B marketers with in-depth data.

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The Turtl platform offers in-depth analytics. The analytics provide data such as clicks on CTA’s or views of videos (as well as time spent watching), which sections visitors are reading, and for how long they are on each page. This insight allows companies to make informed decisions of which parts of the content readers are engaging with, and what the weaker elements are.

With the option to link to an existing Google Analytics account, and integrate with marketing automation platforms like Pardot, it’s possible to gain insights into specific contacts and view their individual reader interactions, providing data that will guide your next campaign.

With Turtl’s known reader and chapter-level analytics, you can see which topics, products or pain points discussed in your content are of most interest to prospects and equip your sales team with the insights they need to close the sale.


Turtl allows content to be personalized and published at scale with a simple form fill.

It’s easy to create personalized versions of all kinds of documents from sales brochures to whitepapers, which users can do without editing the core content modules in master documents, avoiding errors and ensuring every document is on-brand and on-message.

All content distributors including account-based marketers, salespeople, and SDRs simply need to fill in a form to produce the tailored and personalized content they need for their prospect.

Marketers can also automate the content generation process through their CRM to truly scale content personalization efforts.

A Napier Webinar: Don’t Get Left Behind: Next Generation Content Tools

We share how Turtl can support B2B marketers by saying goodbye to traditional PDF’s, and generating engaging and compelling interactive content, which provides in-depth analytics on the performance of each content piece. Click the button below to watch our webinar on-demand and discover:

  • The importance of content marketing
  • Why today’s solutions don’t work
  • Why PDFs suck
  • The route to success with engaging formats and great analytics
  • Introduction to Turtl
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Example Turtl Documents

Interested in what a Turtl document looks like and what interactive elements are available? Check out Napier’s very own Turtl document ‘7 Lessons in Managing Content Marketing’ Tip Sheet.

Turtl Agency Partner

Napier is an agency partner of Turtl, and works closely with the Turtl team to optimize our client’s content marketing process.

When approaching marketing campaigns we believe strongly in considering both the ying and yang of modern marketing to cut through the noise: content generation and distribution.

The evolvement of our services to include Turtl means we can develop interactive content, that moves away from the PDF, and which provides first-party reader engagement insight, to allow our clients to optimize the value and distribution from their content to help power marketing campaigns that drive commercial success.

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