If you are not producing video content, you won’t be noticed. Whether you’re looking to capture executive presentations, webinars, product overviews or case studies, we deliver video project that engage your audience. From the first draft of the script to generating online views, we help clients get their message across. Whether it is a glossy corporate video or an engineer presenting on a technical topic, our internal team and specialist partners produce, edit and distribute videos that educate and enthral.

Videos that Demand Attention

Our videos support PR, direct marketing and social media campaigns, adding more high-value material to the marketing mix. Video is a popular medium and makes your messages easy for prospects to digest. Adding video marketing to your strategy is a great way to reach your audience in a fast and memorable way.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
– Albert Einstein

Our Work

Our team have produced and edited over 400 videos, so if you’re considering video marketing you are in safe hands. We create video concepts and storyboards that are both compelling and on-brand, and bring in partners for specialist expertise from cameramen to 3D animators to realise your idea. Our video production and editing experience spans across numerous clients and our projects have included:

  • Client Newscasts
  • Corporate Overviews
  • Product Videos
  • Animated Explainers
  • Visual Snippets
  • Exhibition Presentations
  • Video Translations
  • Webinar Re-purposing

From Animated Explainers to Live Interviews

There are many formats of B2B marketing video, and Napier has experience of delivering them all. Whether you would like an animated video to explain the benefits of your products, or an interview with a subject matter expert, we have probably done a similar project for other clients. We work with professional cameramen, partner with animators and use industry-standard tools to deliver your video in broadcast quality.

How we deliver the service

We can help you throughout the process of creating video: from storyboarding and scripting to distribution and promotion. For inexperienced spokespeople we offer training, to ensure their first video is as good as an experienced interviewee.

Our partnerships with the best companies and freelancers give us access to the best cameramen, lighting technicians, sound engineers, animators and video editors. Our in-house team ensures the project is delivered on-time and on-budget whether we run the entire project in-house or partner with several other agencies. Got your own favourite cameraman or animator? That’s not a problem as we’re happy to create the concept and storyboard and then work with your preferred suppliers, or even hand over the recording and editing process to them entirely.

Our video services include hosting on standard platforms and promotion of the video on channels such as your website, in the trade media or with social media. We help you generate great content and then ensure your target audience find and view the video.

What makes us different

  • Compelling scriptwriting to engage a technical audience
  • Development of engaging storyboards to ensure the project delivers exactly what you want
  • Direction of both live action and animations
  • Efficient and effective project management
  • Network of partners to ensure you have the best talent available to work on your videos
  • Ability to generate complex technical explainer videos
  • Fast and cost-effective service to ensure great ROI