Using a Whitepaper to Gain Marketing-Qualified Leads


Client: Vicor

Objective: To gain new marketing-qualified leads by promoting the Vicor Zero Volt Switching whitepaper

Activities: The promotion of the whitepaper was initially focused on targeting European Power Engineers via a three-part email drip campaign sent to Vicor’s internal CRM list. From this we generated successful open and download rates, which led to us approaching an electronic publication to promote it further.

We chose to work with Electronic Specifier, using a whitepaper promotion package which included three months hosting on the website, daily newsletters and two custom emails.

Banner advertisements were also run on the Electronic Specifier website, and a custom newsletter was sent out with Bodo’s Power to help promote the white paper.

Results: So far from all our promotional efforts, there has been 350 downloads of the whitepaper and we’re only half way through our campaign duration. From this success, Vicor have decided to deploy the campaign in America and India too.