Using HubSpot to Send Personalised Multi-Language Emails to Increase Open Rate


Client: Farnell element14

Objective: To increase sales

Activities: By using HubSpot’s marketing automation software, we have been able to send personalised multi-language emails. The emails use dynamic content to pull in data directly from their CRM, meaning that we can make a template once and then the content for the emails are built automatically using customer data and there isn’t a need to create emails from scratch every time.

This allows the emails to incorporate product recommendations based on their purchase history, the emails include links directly to the customer’s product recommendations on the Farnell element14 site, driving more traffic to the transactional sites.

Results: These emails have increased open rates by 150% and successfully increased sales. Using HubSpot, we have been able to create drip campaigns and send emails to segmented lists based on the customer’s buying habits, while also engaging with customers that haven’t been active for a said amount of time by giving them money off vouchers to use online on products.