Generating leads and positioning brand with a webinar


Client: Vicor


  • To promote the Vicor brand to European Power Designers and Engineers with the promotion of a webinar
  • To position Vicor as industry experts in power design, with specific knowledge in rail applications
  • To generate targeted prospects that Vicor can then nurture, and ultimately sell its products to

Activities: We worked with experts at Vicor to develop a structure to the webinar which would engage engineers and interest them enough to sign up to the webinar. Using this information, we created landing page content for Electronic Specifier which was then used to drive traffic to via email, and promotion via ads on the website.

We also created a series of internal emails that were sent to Vicor’s contacts over the period of four weeks leading up to the webinar.

Post-webinar, we sent follow up emails to the registrants, which contained a link to the live version and further information such as relevant blogs and products that could be of interest.

Results: We exceeded the client’s expectations, as the webinar gained 246 registrations and 136 unique attendees. Considering the rail industry is a niche segment within power design, the number of registrations was similar to previously-run, more wide-reaching campaigns. The webinar was a key part of Vicor’s promotional marketing plan for Q2 2018 and will be something they would like to replicate again in the future.